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  1. C

    Laptop for programming in latest unreal engine

    I'm looking to get into programming in the latest Unreal Engine. My current laptop does not have a graphics card that can support. Things I'm looking for in a laptop 1. Video card that can support Unreal Engine 2. At least 17" screen 3. SSD 4. Backlit Keyboard 5. Mechanical Keyboard I'd like...
  2. C

    Solved! Sony wega engine

    I have a TV Sony wega engine I'm trying to connect my fire stick I can see it in the TV but I can not hear it what kind of cable to do I need. If someone can please help me.
  3. S

    Solved! Is their any Android smart TV which has Content discovery engine?

    I am interested to buy a android smart TV which shows suggestions based on my interest like YouTube does.
  4. P

    Solved! AORUS Graphics Engine doesen't open

    So, I have an RX 580 8GB AORUS, and I wanted to use the aorus Graphics Engine to change the colors of the leds on the card and change It to overclock mode, to get to 1380 MHz. So, I installed the 1.4 version of the software, but when I click to open the app after It was installed, nothing...
  5. S

    sound blaster 720 acoustic engine problem

    i bought a new gigabyte z370 gaming 7 with lot of expectations.but one thing make me very sad "sound" i connected to 5.1 to this board i checked all speakers are working using realtek (everything is right).but the acoustic engine provide less provides.if i get a base a particular profile some...
  6. Y

    Toshiba laptop coming on but reves up then shuts down

    When I turn on the laptop, it comes on, yhen reves up ( lije a car engine) then shuts down
  7. woahwoahwilly

    Programming: Which engine should I use? (UE4/SOURCE/UNITY)

    I am 13 years old, and handling 3 games. One i already now what engine to use, but the other I need to figure out. Which engine should I use for programming? I don't know much on programming (not at all actually) but I know a friend who does know a lot and was willing to help. Games in detail...
  8. L

    Fixd - Can I unplug and plug in another vehicle

    FixD. I have 2 vehicles, one I drive maybe once a week. can I plug in the Fixd if the Check Engine light comes on on the vehicle I don't use much and see what the problem is?
  9. J

    Solved! Subs not working

    My subs work great but after about 10 minutes or so my amp turns off. It’s not blowing a fuse but the power wire where it goes from the engine bay to the inside of the car needs wiggled before it hits again. What is the problem and solution?
  10. I

    Does headset software conflict with a sound card?

    I'm looking at perhaps getting the Arctis Pro (without DAC) headset, but saw that you'd need to use the SteelSeries Engine software. Would using such software be compatible with a Soundblaster Zx Card? Could I just leave the SteelSeries Engine software settings on flat / default and then...
  11. A

    Unreal engine requirements

    I want to download unreal engine. But i am afraid that it won't work because of my specs. Biostar g41d3c ddr3 Intel dual core e5700 Dynet 2gb ddr3 Gigabyte Nvidia gt 730
  12. M

    Arctis 7 Engine "Connect via USB" Issue

    When I installed the Arctis 7 Engine 3.11.11 I was prompted with 2 updates. one critical firmware the other additional needed updates. I was able to do the additional updates but not the firmware. I can connect my transmitter and it shows it is connected but for the headset I have it connected...
  13. S

    How do I get any url's beside the default apps on my element not so smart tv. I want to load a google search engine or reasona

    I can't get anything except the default apps. I want to have WAY more than a 7 app monitor
  14. M

    MSI engine fan

    hello, i got a MSI GL627QF,just started to do some work then when i open turbo boost fan the fan on the right side started to blow like an engine but on the left side it blows up smoothly...
  15. C

    does cheat engine cause viruses

    hi i wanted to check if it causes viruses
  16. T

    Looking for a gaming laptop!

    Im looking for a laptop that will be able to run unreal engine. I'm torn on getting a laptop with a GTX 1050ti or 1060. I have a desktop with a i5 and a gtx1060 so I'm just torn between which one I should get.
  17. O

    Is cheat engine a virus?

    I want to know if cheat engine is a virus
  18. K

    How to download cheat engine witch eset nod 32 antivirus (It says website blocked)

    bit.43/Trojan32/jj/CleFF and it says close can help?
  19. D

    Weird engine noise?

    Urm, yesterday, when I turned on my laptop, it immediately started making a very loud noise, kinda sounds like a motorcycle, honestly It hasn't done anything like this before, it just started But when I have the laptop on for a couple minutes, the noise disappears It doesn't sound healthy at...
  20. S

    Sound lowers bass and audio at higher volumes?

    I have Audio Engine A2+ speakers hooked up to my pc via usb. I have an 8 inch acoustic audio subwoofer hooked into my speakers via RCA cable. (The problem might be that sub is hooked into my speakers) When bass drops are combined with high volume levels both the speakers and my sub compensate...
  21. D

    How do I change single key color? MSI Steelseries Engine 3 or Dragon Center

    I am trying to figure out how to change the led color of just the a,d,w, and x keys to make them stand out using Steelseries Engine 3 or MSI Dragon Center. Does anyone know how to do this? Thank you
  22. M

    Intel Management Engine Components Driver Question/Issue

    I have a Dell XPS 13 9350 and can't get Dell's driver to install. I always get a fatal error message. In Device Manager I see a Management Engine Interface entry though. I've given up trying to figure out how to get the Dell software to install. I've seen that there are two versions of the...
  23. A

    problem with music system

    Hi, I want to ask something My problem is that the wire which is coming from amp & is connected to Bass Tube touched each other due to which a loud humming sound has started coming out from the speakers when engine starts its working fine when engine is off. Can you tell what is the problem...
  24. A

    Adobe Photoshop Text Engine Error

    Hi there. This is just a quick question that hopefully I can get a quick answer for. I have Adobe Photoshop CS6, and recently, this issue that has happened in the past has come back once again. Whenever I attempt to use the Text Tool, this error, "Could not complete your request because...
  25. P

    Steelseries engine, Built in keyboard can't be found

    I wiped my laptop because i wanted to clear space of my MSI Ghost Pro GS60 2QE Laptop running on a Win10x64 and when it booted back up after the wipe i got an error when i started the steelseries engine saying "Driver not available, application will exit". so I used...
  26. C

    Does CryEngine's "Pay what you want" system actually work?

    I noticed on their website, https://www.cryengine.com/get-cryengine that CryEngine was offering a "pay what you want" system. I need a free game engine to develop something in my spare time and was looking at Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4. Then, I found out that CryEngine will let me choose to pay...
  27. S

    Intel management engine interface error (code 10)

    msi gt80 titan running windows 10 x64 in device managers have a ! next to intel manage engine interface. description code 10, device has failed to start, status device power failure ive tried updating, un/reinstalling, the ! goes away for about a minute and then comes back. i tried looking up...
  28. I

    HP Pavilion g6 fan noise is LOUD like a jet engine

    Well, maybe not a jet engine, but it is loud. Loud enough that the laptop, which is generally in a bedroom of a detached house, can be heard even on the main level. It has been like this since I bought it, and the retailer I bought it from said 'oh, it's normal'. No it's not. The sound...
  29. ItZzSora

    Lenovo z565 IdeaPad driver problem

    So I recently updated my AMD Drivers from Catalyst to AMD VISION Engine Control Center, and when I launch this program it freezes my computer completely, causing me to have to hard restart my laptop. Can I manually download the AMD Catalyst Driver? AMD Phenom N660 Dual-core processor, AMD...
  30. G

    critical engine not working

    i have asus laptop K53E and am repeatedly getting this message. How do i solve it? please bear in mind I am old age pensioner so not to clever with technology unless its in plain english!
  31. A

    Does Iobit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8.1 + Iobit Malware Fighter Pro provide complete protection?

    Does Iobit Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 8.1 + Iobit Malware Fighter Pro provide complete protection? Both uses the lowest of resources but how good are they compared to the Antiviruses in 2015.... Advanced systemcare ultimate uses bitdefender detection engine but is it enough protection as...
  32. K

    Laptop for Unreal Engine + 3D modelling

    G'day mates. My name is Leto. I am looking for a powerful mobile work station for 3D modelling and Unreal Engine 4. High complexity work to be performed. As 3d modelling and graphics cpu's are two opposite things - what would you recommend? I dont care about design, weight, size, battery life...
  33. A

    new go kart clutch on new engine

    I went to install a new centrifugal clutch on a new engine and I noticed there were keys in both keyways. Do I remove the key from the driveshaft or the clutch?
  34. S

    Is the requirements for Ryse Son of Rome very demanding?

    Are the system requirements of this game and Crysis 3 same? Will my laptop play it if it can play Crysis 3
  35. D

    Best free mobile game engine.

    Hello I am looking for a completely free game engine for ios and Android. I do not want to use Unity 3D because of the splash screen and other features it removes in the free version.
  36. F

    Car Stereo "Popping"

    So I'm a noob when it comes to sound, I have an Alpine bass engine stereo along with alpine speakers in my car, upon certain bass notes, the speakers stop playing my music and emit a popping sound, then after the bass note or notes, it goes back to normal and plays whatever I'm playing. Is...
  37. C

    {{{Help}}} Red lines and dots while playing Unreal Engine 3 games

    So, I was bored one day and decided to jump back into X-Com: Enemy Unknown. As soon as the Intro finished, I saw that at the main menu, there were red lines and dots on certain areas of the screen. I decided to restart the game and see If it would go away, it wouldn't. So I gave up and decided...
  38. Anti-UberForce

    Looking for new laptop

    Hello guys I'm currently in the market for a new laptop and looking between £500-£860 this is going to be for Uni work which is games design. I'm currently looking at Chassis & Display Optimus Series: 17.3" Matte Full HD LED Widescreen (1920x1080) Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i7 Quad Core...
  39. P

    Asus Essence STX and Audio Engine 2 speaker, best sound settings, help!

    Hi there My PC sound setup is Asus Essence STX and Audio Engine 2 speakers. I am not sure I have the best possible settings for sound output, or at least good settings. The sound somehow lacks 'excitement' or 'quality'. I am not sure what settings should be changed. Please help me identify...
  40. S

    300 dollar notebook for casual gaming?

    Does this seem fine for casual gaming (i.e. mount and blade, older total wars, source engine games)? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-15-6-laptop-amd-a6-series-4gb-memory-500gb-hard-drive-black-licorice/6534009.p?id=1219222472495&skuId=6534009 It seems to be about the same specs (if not better...
  41. Shadeslayer110

    Game Engine Questions

    Hi, I was looking forward to getting CryEngine for free, but now it requires a subscription. However, I saw that the SDK is free, but I do not know what that is. Is it a add-on to the CryEngine, or is it a type of game engine? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I would like to know and...
  42. Shadeslayer110

    Free Game Engine

    Hi, I want to use a game engine for my own use to download for free. I was going to download CryEngine, but now it requires membership. I saw that Unity is free, but I don't know how good that is. Can someone please recommend a good game engine?
  43. C

    PC to run 3Ds Max, Blender and Unity Engine

    Hello! I'm building a computer to work with the programs mentioned: 3Ds Max, Blender and Unity engine for the next 4 or 5 years. I have these two settings in mind. Which is more appropriate? (Remember: I want to play heavy games on PC too!) AMD: Processor: AMD FX 8320 Black Edition, 16MB...
  44. R

    Unreal Engine Demo not running

    Hello, I have been trying to run the Unreal Engine demo (Elemental) however any time I click on the exe file on my desktop, the programme creates a file on the desktop and does not run the actual demo. The name of the file is "unreal-v2053896-2014.05.12-17.30.32.dmp" which I presume is a dump...
  45. V

    Dragon speech engine for macs

    Can this be placed on an I pad?
  46. lewisaro1

    Please help! my PC is acting like its on a speedhack

    Every Game i play (including online ones) acts like its been sped up, i run really fast and shoot / attack faster and everything around me does aswell, ive not used any programs such as cheat engine so i really dont know what ive done to my pc?
  47. E

    Acer Ferrari One FO200 locate start up sound

    I have a Acer Ferrari one FO200 netbook running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and when Windows starts up there is a Ferrari engine sound clip that plays at the beginning. Does anybody know where the Ferrari engine start up sound clip is located in windows 7? I need to reinstall windows 7 and...
  48. tadej petric

    Best free game engine

    Anyone knows good free game engine to make games as good or better than GTA 3. Will not sell it for money; only for me, friends and if it works gr8 than Ill upload it on internet for free download. Not top priority but can you guys find one that doesnt need web connection to work (does cryengine...
  49. C

    How were SEGA games made?

    just wondering how sega games were created and what programmes did developers use to create the games? thinking of using a modern programme/software to create a game for phone apps. any advice will be appreciated thanks
  50. O

    change of windows vist\a business from german to engine

    how can i change my sony viao windows vista business from german to english
  51. exfileme

    Mozilla, Samsung Collaborating on New Browser Engine

    Mozilla and Samsung are working on a new Web browser engine based on Rust. Mozilla, Samsung Collaborating on New Browser Engine : Read more
  52. R

    Error: could not find or load main class Vehicle

    Hello, i am new at Java and i am trying to create a class called Vehicle but everytime i try to call it the error "could not find or load main class Vehicle" is shown. even though i try to find mistakes in my code i can not. The code is: public class Vehicle { String make; String color...
  53. R

    Best free 3D engine?

    Hi all, I am looking at creating my own first person 3D game and I was wondering whether you had any suggestions on which engine I should choose. The engine needs to be free and I would like to make a slender style game with it. I started using the unity 3d engine but when I start a new project...
  54. johndud

    Creating a game engine

    How hard is it to create a game engine? ive never done programming but im interested in computers and can put a computer together, i thought of a really good original idea for a game today and decided im gonna make it, idk the first steps to even doing something like this except learning about...
  55. exfileme

    RIM Enters Gaming Biz With Cross-Platform Engine

    RIM is actually working on an open-source, cross-platform gaming engine. RIM Enters Gaming Biz With Cross-Platform Engine : Read more
  56. exfileme

    Nintendo Wii U Might Not be Support Unreal Engine 4

    The Nintendo Wii U won't support Unreal Engine 4 after all... at least that's the latest rumor. Nintendo Wii U Might Not be Support Unreal Engine 4 : Read more
  57. G

    Microsoft Upgrades Bing With Social Sharing

    Microsoft's "little engine that could" has received a Facebook update. Microsoft Upgrades Bing With Social Sharing : Read more
  58. A

    Amd vision engine control center

    host application has stopped working.
  59. venom4u

    C++ 2D Game Engine

    I am using DevC++ and need a good 2D game engine for a few projects I have in mind. I am looking for something that is free (open source), easy to understand, has fast code implementation, backed by solid hardware acceleration (OpenGL preferably), and has good document / tutorials available. I...
  60. B

    Image search with specific parameters on seartch engine

    How can i search for images on a search engine without knowing the site or content? I know the date the image was taken, the location and can guess the upload date to within maybe a week or so. Can I search with only this info? Or is there any software that can search with scene recognition...