Question Best Android Phones with Removable Battery (medium Priced)?

Aug 21, 2021

NOTE - please read my full list before posting - thank you

I'm looking for a list of the best Brand New (Definitely Not Secondhand) Android phones with Removable Batteries. BTW this is for Australia if that matters.
I really really would prefer Removable Batteries - but if that's almost impossible these days - feel free to include some NON Removable Battery options too but please label them clearly as such!

Price - I don't need it as an expensive status symbol! It's just a useful daily workhorse.

I'd like something affordable to Nice eg not dodgy but don't want to overspend for no reason. Value and functionality and some future proofing.
I had spent US $275 / AUD $385; 4.5 years ago to buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 on special.

I'm told you could get something equivalent or better now for maybe US $70-140 / AUD $100-200? Is that true?
If possible I'd prefer to spend the same as I did before or ideally much less if it's not necessary now?

So give me a cheaper and a middle/top priced option if you can.
I will only consider spending a bit more this time Only if there's a really good reason.

If you can suggest the cheapest you can get a specific model that would be cool.
Any suggestions on the best places to get it would be great too?

PLEASE list the CURRENCY for whatever prices you write down ok

I don't need it for games, I mainly do heavy browsing (a lot of tabs/windows), streaming TV/Chromecast to 4KTV etc, take photos/video, listen to podcasts/audiobooks.

It would be nice if it got pretty loud/sounded pretty good for listening to audiobooks on speaker sometimes in my pocket while around the house?

I listen to music so must have headphone plug or other way to do so eg USB-C (not sure about that?)
BTW I have a Windows PC with USB 3 only - but suppose I can get a hub for USB-C if it came up?
I'm not an Apple person ok.

Will not be ROOTING it - so need a phone that can function properly even with all the Bloatware (uninstall/rRoll back as much as I can).
If you can list the actual internal storage excluding Bloatware that would be cool?

Would prefer a lot of optional storage on SD card etc to install apps and store loads of music/audiobooks/photos etc.

Must be Android 6 or higher I assume? What minimum would you suggest for that?

I like the size of the S5 - ideally prefer a new phone that's a similar size - really don't want to get much bigger/thicker than that "if I can help it"?
But I know I might be right out of luck there from what I've hear? Especially if I add a case which I've never done.

I use a prepaid SIM, so prefer unlocked phone. Dual SIM's would be nice but not essential.
Prefer 1080p, rear camera at least as good as S5. NFC and other funky tech?
I Plan on buying and using the hell out of Tasker etc (eg maybe with NFC)?

So basically I'd like something at least as good as the S5 specs wise - but doesn't necessarily have to be that much better if at all.

BTW what are the new technologies/formats I should get in a new phone like this?
Eg back then it was NFC, and what's the minimum Bluetooth you should get?

I'm out of the loop for the last 4.5 years of Android advancements (actually way before that) so please fill me in on the goodies and toys I might want [IMG]

Oh and what's the best options for Wireless Charging for a new phone in this price range?
QI? if not QI - what tech standards are they now?

Never tried it wireless charging - but want to!
Last I heard - you put a Price Tag looking piece of paper looking thin charging pad in the back of the phone over the battery and use that to charge if the phone didn't come natively with wireless charging capacity.
Is that the best option still - others too?

Is Quick Charging still a bad idea/damage battery?

Any recommendations on Wireless Docks vs Pads etc for above?
And car accessories too for Charging Wireless or otherwise?

What storage type do they use now?
What's a good price for what size?

Suggestions for Protective Cases and toughened glass/porcelain or whatever screen protectors?
Again - affordable but quality? Prefer not too thick/heavy, not mess up touch sensitivity.

Best websites to look up phone info and places to buy online/bricks and mortar? Any to avoid?

Anything I've missed? Any interesting, good or bad things to think about or things/scams to avoid?

Thanks for your help - I appreciate your time!

Dylan Beckett


Mar 10, 2016
I'm a bit out of date on Android phones as well, but I'll try to answer your questions as I see that no one else has.

First of all, unfortunately not many phones exist in the market today with a removable battery. Even LG stopped making phones with removable batteries.

For your purposes, I think RAM will be the most important factor- Especially with Android. The camera will probably be used a lot as well, but I can't tell the difference of picture quality anymore. Just numbers.

To me a micro-SD card slot is a must. I would never suggest getting a phone without one.

Android 6 is out-of-date. Security is also important- You'll want an OS that will be supported for a while. Android 11 is the current OS. Also, apps stop supporting older versions of Android after a while.

I also prefer wired headphones- I've always had phones with an AUX port for them. But the alternative, if the phone has no AUX port, is using wireless headphones.

Phone screens seem to be getting bigger all the time. But, luckily for you, the smaller screens are cheaper. The downside is the specs go with the screen. Bigger screen, higher specs, and the opposite.

I've always enjoyed using Otterbox cases. But that's just me.

Amazon was always a safe place to buy for me. The reviews are especially helpful to find out about common issues that official reviews never mention for some reason.

Wireless chargers are still using Qi technology. Quick charging is useful, but harmful to the battery due to the heat.

I can't find any new phones with a removable battery, but I hope this information helps. I think that Xiaomi makes great bang for buck phones. Again, I'm not up to date so I can't make any recommendations myself. Here's something I found from Android Central: Best Android phone with removable battery 2021 | Android Central - But note that these are not new phones.


If you want something in the same size as the S5, that would be a small size phone now. Probably the best unlocked phone with no bloat on it is the Pixel 4a.

iPhone SE is also a good choice if you don't care about apple vs android and it will work with your carrier.
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