Room Management Software (Programming Changes)

Oct 16, 2018
Hello geniuses,
My main area of expertise is in Networking and Hardware Support so I’ve never been much of a coder or programmer. I’m trying to get some insight on how involved of a project I’m facing in hopes to help one of my friends out with his hotel business.
Here’s what I have –

A very basic, old piece of homemade “Room Management” software that uses an old Access DB that contains all the tables (and presumably the programming/backbone of the software?)
Previously the only computer this software was running on almost died, so I was able to get all the source files needed to simply run the program inside a folder without any need of installation. The program runs great, and I’ve also been able to find a variety of scanners it works with to take in guest’s ID’s when they check into a room.

The main obstacle I’m facing is that my friend needs 2 main changes made to this software, and I’m not exactly sure on where to start making these changes myself (or if they are even possible)

1st change is that when a guest is checked in, the employee working the counter can easily “cancel booking” after the room is rented and pocket the cash. We need some type of pop-up window that will request the employee to contact the owner when a refund is requested on a room rental.

2nd change is that the “Reports” option wasn’t programmed to be very thorough. Is there any way to add something in that will allow us to see which guests pay with cash, check, or credit?
As you’ll see from the screenshots below, the “.exe” runs inside the parent folder and from there it can be used easily. It uses the Access DB in the directory. The “images” folder holds all the scans of guest’s driver’s licenses. The “Cancel Booking” button you see can be pushed and refunded from the room and there is no record or proof of the room ever being rented. Maybe I’m trying to go about resolving this the wrong way so any input would be highly appreciated.

Lastly, if I’m going to try and edit the way the “room layout” is can I do that using MS Access? Or I do I need something like Visual Basic to make programming changes in the manner I’m speaking of? Sorry for the dumb questions, thanks in advance to anyone who can help me! 

Oct 16, 2018

Forgive my ignorance here but I'm not understanding exactly where any source code would be if everything is coded inside the Access DB? If I can run everything inside that folder without installing anything, it automatically connects to that DB file from the 2nd screecap, and recognizes different scanners when they are connected then I assumed I had everything.

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