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Oct 12, 2017
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So I previously owned a very powerful laptop that clocked at like 4.0 and had an nvidia gpu etc. but sadly it was very old and just stopped working, pretty sure the motherboard is fried. So I am in need of a new cheap laptop, maybe even refurbished. I keeping finding the Dell Latitude. Its very cheap costing 100$ refurbished.

Are these any good? Note that I know I wont get the same powerful laptop that I originally had. I need a laptop for school, specifically to program large programs and write essays etc not for gaming.


Hmm. What would your maximum budget be? These are okay, but they are quite old models, and they might not last all that long.

Lately I've been drawing the line at 4th generation hardware, since it was the last of the DDR3 boards and the 22nm process when they got the voltages down on the CPUs and memory. A lot more efficient. 2nd and 3rd gen use a lot more battery up.

Here would by recommendation for a refurb:

I've been recommending this for a few days to people on a budget.

$379, brand new 8th i5 U class processor (similar to the old m class processors of old, but with way more cores), Optane cache, and a 1TB hard drive. If you subtract the OS it is $279 worth of nearly top of the line hardware. (Laptops like these usually cost about $500-600)


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