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  1. P

    how i played fullscsreen on my netbook s110? my resolution 1024x600

    i want play fullscreen
  2. C

    Acer - Model - AOD257 - HDMI port ???

    Acer - Model - AOD257 Netbook Does this model have an HDMI port ?? Netbook to be used to connect to tv to watch Netflix Thxs
  3. M

    how to fix arrow up of acer aspire netbook

    please help me to solve my problem because I cannot use my arrow up in my acer aspire netbook.
  4. J

    I tried to download windows 10 now my netbook won't restart it has oxc000000f coming up and says that it has failed because o

    Windows on my net book has been locked out after trying to download windows 10 it's asking for a disc but my netbook didn't have 1
  5. pepslight

    Which used laptop ??

    Hi guys, I´m on holidays in Switzerland and I was thinking of taking an used laptop. I won´t play any games, but i would like to do some photo and play some HD videos :D I saw two offers which seem really good machines but I don´t know which one would be better: there is offcourse the processor...
  6. G

    Is it worth upgrading old Samsung N150 netbook

    Hello, I have an old, but pretty good looking (not in performance perspective) Samsung NP-N150 netbook. I mean, it's a real pain to browse the internet on a so called "netbook". But whatever, it's specs are: Intel Atom 1.66GHz CPU (1 core, Hyperthreaded) 1GB DDR2 667MHz RAM Hitachi 160GB HDD...
  7. M

    Looking for the best value laptop that isn't total garbage.

    What is the most inexpensive/best value laptop or netbook with at least 4gb of RAM and a solid state hard drive that runs Windows? I don't want to spend over $500 and all of the options seem to have some serious cons. Anyone have any recommendations?
  8. C

    how to fix asus netbook startup problem, my netbook is not opening???

    sir, i have a asus netbook, but it is not opening, after start up, it shows nothing, what we can can see is only black background. can u help me sir?????????
  9. J

    question about chargers

    hi guys , i bought a new netbook charger yesterday , 19v 1.58a and my original is 19v 2.1a , can i ask which is better . and if i use my new charger it will harm my device because of different amp ?
  10. F

    BRICKED!! Toshiba Netbook NB520

    Hi! I have a Toshiba Netbook NB520.It upgraded itself to Windows 10 recently for some reason. After the upgrade I realized the built-in webcam isn't working. I tried upgrading drivers, uninstalling the detected USB error etc. Until I read from a forum at the Toshiba website to try and upgrade...
  11. J

    How do I move the BIOS password from a Samsung netbook?

    How do I remove the BIOS password from a Samsung netbook? When I turn on the Samsung Netbook, ENTER PASSWORD comes up in a blue square . I don't know the password.
  12. I

    Buying a cheap laptop

    I want to buy a laptop/netbook for about £200. I'd like it to have HDMI out. Can somebody give me a link preferably one from Amazon (UK based).
  13. B

    Maximum RAM upgrade for Gateway LT2106u netbook

    Hello: Can anyone tell me if the Gateway LT2106u netbook can be upgraded to 4gb RAM? I realize this is an old machine, but I just installed an SSD with Windows 10, and it's very snappy and useable for my needs. I read somewhere that the motherboard does support 4gb, I'm just wondering if...
  14. P

    Small Writing Laptop with Specific Requests

    Hi! I would like to have some recommendations for a laptop that can handle 1-2 chrome tabs and a window of Office open simultaneously. I just want a secondary laptop that I can use comfortably for long typing sessions. Preferably, I'd like a 10.1 inch laptop, but it seems that its hard to find...
  15. D

    AO531H power button and ribbon cable

    I have not been able to find a replacement power button and ribbon cable for a acer AO531H netbook. A previous post: would have been useful if the site given still existed, but sadly it does not. Any help is greatly apreciated...
  16. P

    best netbook that runs Linux for the price?

    I'm looking into a netbook I can do simple internet browsing, 365 applications, and that's it. I want a linux operating system with it too
  17. J

    Blank blue screen

    Hi all, So I bought this netbook 2 years ago and when I open it, this blue blank screen pops up.... Please watch my video guys for full details (sorry for my bad English) Link: Thanks :)
  18. A

    Thinkpad x220t Vs Other in 2016?

    Hi everyone, I am using an Inspiron 14z laptop with an i3 3227u (1.9 GHz), 6gb ram, and a 500gb 5400rpm hdd. However, I have been using it for some video editing with PowerDirector 13 and emulation gaming (since I can't really play any actual games with decent settings lol) lately, for which it...
  19. H

    Using a netbook as a secondary monitor?

    So I'm getting a new desk to declutter my apartment and I won't be able to use my second monitor. My question is if I use a netbook as a display, will it use processing power? if it does I do have another one, just thought it would be nice to have a smaller one not taking up so much space. Not...
  20. M

    Bluetooth and WiFi PCI card for Toshiba NB 550D

    Dear Friends, I'm looking for advice on a certain matter concerning WiFi as well as Bluetooth for laptops/netbooks. My Cousin's netbook and my netbook are almost the same; except that mine runs on Intel Atom N570 Processor and His runs on AMD C50 Processor. His Laptop has both WiFi and...
  21. S

    Help with driver problem

    So recently, I got a notebook I have had to get running because I got a VGA cord to connect it to my TV, due to the fact that the screen on the notebook being smashed. The problem that I'm facing is that when ever I try to run the notebook with the graphic drivers enabled, it will not boot into...
  22. P

    Netbook, no boot

    Hey, I've been given this old samsung netbook n145 plus to fix, and it will not boot. It locks up on this: Whether I boot from recovery sector, normal, start up repair. Even when loading from an USB. Also freezes on loading .sys files when attempting safe mode boot. Since it locks up from...
  23. E

    BIOS question for ASUS Q550LF users

    My BIOS version is most likely the default one the laptop shipped with(205). I was wondering if anyone who has had this laptop updated the BIOS from the ASUS website and had any problems solved. Was the integration between Nvidia and Intel any better? Did your games run any better? Were there...
  24. M

    Sony Vaio Netbook Will Not Boot

    Hi guys, I have a wee Sony Vaio VPCW126AG that I was given a while ago with a HDD problem so I took my external apart and put the HDD in and it booted just fine, loaded Windows 7 on it, etc.... After a couple of days I removed the HDD and put it back in my external case and waited on the...
  25. JamesAndersonJr

    What is the most light-weight ( in terms of RAM/CPU Usage) anti-virus for Windows XP?

    A client of mine asked me to fix her netbook, because she felt she had many viruses on it. Well...She was right! I found a plethora of viruses, root-kits etc. on it, and her system clock was set back to the year 2002! Now, I've cleaned the laptop off [mostly] with a combination of Malwarebytes...
  26. K

    Stuck on startup password

    I have a MSI netbook windows 7 my problem is I started up it asked me for password I cannot remember the password I've tried everything I can think of I can not remember it and I want to be able to go in to run a new setup hey the Bias run the whole thing completely over again I just wipe it...
  27. I

    Any barebones laptops??

    Hi, I currently have 3 solid state drives and lots of memory from old laptops and am looking for laptops. I was wondering if anybody know sites or people who sell decent barebones laptops. Im looking mainly for intel, dual channel ddr3 ram, good battery life, light and portable, no need for...
  28. I

    Advisable netbook or laptop for general use

    Hello all, I want to buy a netbook/laptop at a reasonable, affordable price with the following features: -Must have SSD (doesn't have to have large space, a minimal space of 32GB is adequate) -HDMI to output to TV (I have a large television to which I'll output films from my netbook/laptop)...
  29. DanDickinson

    How do I fix ASUS 1225/R252 Series, specifically the ASUS 1225B netbook WILL NOT POWER ON?

    PLEASE HELP a skint student I need my netbook for study!!! ASUS Eee PC 1225B AMD E-450 1.65GHz Netbook 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD, 11.6in Windows7 My ASUS 1225B netbook won't power on. First the 15 pin D-Sub monitor output started being temperamental, then the blue light on the power button started...
  30. C

    netbook for basic song recording?

    Hi guys I am looking forward to buy a netbook(asus eeebook) for recording songs and guitar tracks via an audio interface( focusrite scarlett 212). Ill be using audacity or cubase as the recording software. Just wanted to know whether the netbook with intel atom quad core and 2 gb ram be able to...
  31. M

    Acer aspire one 725 boot manager failed

    Hey guys I bought a acer aspire one 725 it has no disk drive. BUT when it boots up it stays on the acer screen for a while then it says boot manager failed . Someone please help me fix this . I bought this for my son for Christmas . It won't do anything for me it has windows 8 on it . How can I...
  32. B

    Laptop or netbook $500-600

    1. What is your budget? 500-600 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? Portable labtop 5. How much battery life do you need? 6-7 hrs 6. Do you want to play games with your laptop? If so then please list the games that you want to with the settings that you want for these...
  33. celtic_warrior99

    Can I Install Windows on an EMMC Drive?

    Hi, i am getting a small netbook soon. It has a 32gb emmc card for storage. Usually, manafacturers load up heaps of bloatware so i was wanting to do a fresh install of windows, bu ti have heard that there is danger in doing this because of emmc drivers or something. Is this true? I dont want to...
  34. L

    Any OS recommendation for my Aspire One Netbook?

    I have an Acer Aspire One Netbook. I really love my Netbook however, Windows 8.1 and 10 caused my pc to slow down like heck. Do you have any recommendations for a good Os to be installed. Anything to make this pc run some movies, finish some homeworks?
  35. meeksdoteric

    Chromebook Kernel Panic

    Context Google sent me a Chromebook prototype several years ago for beta testing. The model is Cr48 "MARIO FISH 2330". Although I am more than comfortable on Windows and OS X, I am a Linux novice. Yesterday I decided to try installing Linux (specifically Lubuntu) on this Chromebook for the...
  36. T

    Acer Aspire One won't start

    I bought a Acer Aspire One (ZG5) 5 years ago (give or take a year) and it was running fine. I then didn't use it at all for a few weeks but i was storing it vertically on the side (i think that is why its broken). Now it will not start. This is what happens when i press the power button (with...
  37. jujumakuta

    Need sub $200 laptop/netbook for christmas present for writer

    Like the title says, I've just spent all afternoon researching netbooks, chromebooks, and budget laptops trying to find the most power, preformance, and general VALUE in a sub-200-dollar laptop/netbook/chromebook/etc.... It is a gift for a writer friend of mine, and a replacement to the Acer...
  38. Persheis

    1215B won't turn on / No LED lights

    Hello all! My beloved Asus 1215B fell in battle last year, after almost 3 years of service. I was browsing the net, and suddenly it shut off for no apparent reason. I turned it on again, only to be met by another shutdown soon after reaching the Windows 8.1 logo screen. I thought the issue...
  39. C

    Laptop replacement (SBC or PC Stick?)

    Hi, I have a tiny Netbook (Lenovo S-103 : 10 inches, CPU Atom) which is currently using. For Email, Normal WebSuring, Low Quality YouTube is good but for further little 720p or upper video ( Youtube or Video files) are so Slow. So I like to change to SBC or TV Stick but i don't know which...
  40. G

    m4600 vs 8560w vs w520 vs others / Laptop for development and photoshop

    Looking for recommendations on an affordable laptop w/ a decent display (1920 would be nice, but not totally essential - can always hook it up to an external monitor/tv). I mainly need this while I am away from my desktop and needs to be something that can handle decent multitasking and...
  41. W

    Can i play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood or Assassin's Creed 2 on Acer Aspire One D257?

    my Acer Aspire One D257 specs: OS : Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Version : 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601 Cpu : Intel Atom N570 (1.66 ghz ~ 1.87 ghz , 2 Cores , 4 Logical Processor) Memory : Ram = 2.1 GB . DDR3 Memory Storage : 320 GB System Type : X86-based pc Video Card : Intel(R) Graphics...
  42. G

    factory reset netbool

    I factory reset my netbook but now it wont come on? it says (an operating system wasn't found. try disconnecting any drives that don't contain an operating system. press ctrl+alt+del to restsrt ) but nothing happens except a high pitched sound?? please help??? thanks
  43. C

    keyboard malfunctioning for asus netbook

    Hi Guys, In Shane, Having a problem with my asus netbook. recently experiencing some error. when i try to type in the search box, the letters that i am tying is not showing instead just a hyphen special character showing then another window pop up . there are tab with element,network sources...
  44. S

    Asus manual plus

    Needed Asus netbook 1005HAB manual and 40 watt cord plus
  45. S

    gateway netbook tries to start but hard disk quits

    gateway netbook LT41po2h when pressing power button the netbook hard disk sounds like it wants to start then it quits
  46. C

    Broken laptop screen, can't access BiOS on boot.

    I have an Asus Eee PC Netbook with a broken screen. I want to access the BiOS screen, or more importantly the System Restore screen on boot up as I want to restore the Netbook to factory defaults as if I just bought it, but I can't see any screen on my LCD TV until it gets to the Windows login...
  47. M

    aspire won't charge

    I currently bought a charger for my aspire one d257 netbook,because I thought it was the reason for my netbook not turning on. Sometimes if I wiggle the cord, it will turn on for a short while, but now it is doing nothing at all. Any suggestions as to what the problem could be or what I can do?
  48. R

    Asus EEE Flare 1025C Netbook won't turn on, potential boot issues

    Hi there newby here so i'm hoping this is the right place to post. I have recently come into some trouble with my Asus EEE Flare 1025C netbook ( In short the the netbook won't turn on, but when plugged in to the mains all lights on the laptop flash...
  49. D

    Best netbooks/laptops under 250$/euros

    Im on budget and i want a suggestion on a netbook only for school for projects or and also writing some emails,going to facebook and some light gaming (such as,minecraft or browser games) I have seen a netbook online which is Hp stream 13.3 on 240euros and im intrested buying it. But im not...
  50. S

    Hello, my sony vaio netbook show low disc space. Disc E shows 98.7 GB. Folders are SONY-VAIO and WindowsImagebackup. But when

    Hello, my sony vaio netbook show low disc space. Disc E shows 98.7 GB. Folders are SONY-VAIO and WindowsImagebackup. But when mouse is pointed, it shows no file
  51. R

    ASUS T100T not working after digitizer screen replacement

    Hi everyone, I hope you can help me because this thing is driving me nuts! I have an Asus T100T transformer and I cracked (I sat on it) the screen, which is also a touchscreen. After that, I was still able to use the laptop, but the touch was gone on half of the screen. So I ordered a new...
  52. W

    Looking for netbook with SSD and good graphics

    Hi everyone, im in the market for a new small notebook (13" or smaller) mostly for school but I have 2 requirements that i'm finding that everywhere i look, it's either/or... I would like to have a SSD, for faster load up and shock protection, 32gb is enough.. And i'd like it to have a...
  53. J

    External speakers not working with Acer ZG5 Netbook

    I bought speakers for this but they don't seem to be recognized as the internals are still working, nothing from the externals. I looked in the Audio icon for clues but didn't find anything to toggle, change, etc. Appreciate your help.
  54. RaidenMGR

    Dell inspiron 910 mini Msata ssd change netbook wont power on

    Hello. I had an issue with my ssd on dell inspiron Mini 910, i could only see the ssd in bios and Windows setup but i couldnt install anything on it, everytime i was trying to create a new space for Windows installation it was failing to create that space, so i bought another msata ssd...
  55. N

    Sylvania netbook worth

    I have a Sylvania netbook and I want to no what it's worth
  56. B

    Dell Inspiron mini 1018 some dumb questions

    Hi, I have some questions, about this old budget girlfriends netbook. 1) I disassembled this netbook with idea to remove old thermal paste, but I found something like thermal tape. Should I do something? 2) There is legal windows code on netbook, how to properly get installation cd, install and...
  57. J

    boot directly into splashtop?

    my netbook it essentially worthless.. its specs are really too old to run just about any operating system or updated software, so lately ive just been using splashtop to boot directly into my PC in my bedroom as i can run most software or visit most webpages much faster through splashtop than i...
  58. D

    Laptop still stuttering after formatting

    Hello all. A friend asked me for help with her laptop. It's a little low spec Benq netbook. The problem is that it was too slow. When i checked it i realized it had Win 7 Pro, when it had Win 7 Starter while new. It has been formatted only one time, and the guy put Win 7 Pro, according to the...
  59. P

    Best system for old laptop (netbook)

    Hello, my friend has an old netbook (he is still using it i dont get why), but performance is too low that even Windows XP is hard to run there. It has like 1GB ram and some realy shit processor. He asked me if i can do something about that. So I would like to ask you, is there any Linux...