BRICKED!! Toshiba Netbook NB520


May 29, 2016
Hi! I have a Toshiba Netbook NB520.It upgraded itself to Windows 10 recently for some reason. After the upgrade I realized the built-in webcam isn't working. I tried upgrading drivers, uninstalling the detected USB error etc. Until I read from a forum at the Toshiba website to try and upgrade the BIOS. I downloaded the upgrade from the Official site and clicked it. It immediately run Winphlash and I tried to cancel but my laptop hanged with nothing working and the built-in fan running very strong. I left it and waited for some 30 minutes but nothing was happening so I turned it off and now It won't turn on again. No charging LED light. No fan. Nothing is working. I want to ask if there is still a solution that I could try on this without bringing it to the repair center. Thank you!