Dell inspiron 910 mini Msata ssd change netbook wont power on


Nov 13, 2012

I had an issue with my ssd on dell inspiron Mini 910, i could only see the ssd in bios and Windows setup but i couldnt install anything on it, everytime i was trying to create a new space for Windows installation it was failing to create that space, so i bought another msata ssd, kingston 30GB, but here's the strange thing, when i installed the new ssd my netbook wouldnt turn on at all!i know this model its old but its there any difference from the 8GB msata ssd the netbook had and from the new one i bought?i didnt saw any difference on specs, both are msata, so why my netbook wouldnt turn on at all? might be a failure of the new ssd?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: When i press the power button, the light will turn on for 2-3 seconds and then light goes out and nothing happends.