Jul 24, 2022
Hello, hope you all are in the best of your health.

This is my first time posting on any forum for help so in I am missing out on some critical details pleeeease point it out.

I got an msi gf65 thin recently 2nd hand(did all the checks before buying, it was in prestine condition), bought new ram and ssd, opened the back cover and installed them myself, checked for post and everything worked as it should, but before putting back the back cover my keys fell onto the open board and sparked it, and i removed the battery and power supply as fast as i could.

Image of burnt area:

I am shit scared, its not even 24hrs since i got this laptop. If anyone can help me atleast spot the faulty component so i can get it replaced, i will be very grateful.
Or please direct me to someone who can help.


I connected power, it turns on charging LED (white), even when i disconnected the battery. Its not responding to power button 😢, pressing reset button turns the charging light off for 5 secs and back on....

Please help anyone....
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Etrius vanRandr

May 11, 2022
Please help anyone....
He's dead, Jim.

You very likey killed the motherboard, a direct short to that has probably killed the battery, charging circuit, and anything else directly connected. You will need a new motherboard at the very least. Louis Rossman may be able to fix it but has a very loooooooong waiting list as he is an industry professional.

I would contact MSI and see what they say, but likely they'd want more for a new motherboard other than just buying one off ebay yourself.

I am a strong advocate for repairing things yourself but if you are not comfortable doing so there is no shame in having a professional look at it.
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