Help me with putting a netbook MB back!


Aug 16, 2016
OK, I have come into possession of a 2008 n270 netbook laptop which is the sort of Citroen 2CV machine that interests me. I have successful replaced the hard drive but it required taking the whole motherboard out.

And now I can’t put it back. The video cables just will not plug into the MB! OK I am just using fingers but it just will not plug back. I am guessing I am missing a necessary tool – pliers is my guess. But this is my first time re-assembling a laptop.

How do you put the MB back in??

I have posted up an image of the cables and connectors on the MB.


The cables will not go back!!!

Please help because this is the only complicated part of restoring this laptop. Replacing the batteries and RAM is a doddle but these cables are leading to screaming fits here!

Many thanks.


Aug 16, 2016

I am not sure what you mean. I think you mean – where so the cables go? Answer: The monitor. It’s the cables from the monitor to the MB. That means everything is very close the cables and human fingers will not reach to plug the connects back in.

But methinks more pictures are needed. Images in the gallery below:

Does that help?

I am sure putting the connectors back is a simple matter because clearly it was done before – but how???!

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