Question Laptop screen black after partial disassembly, works with HDMI cable

Jan 17, 2020

I have an old MSI GP72 Leopard laptop. Sadly I managed to spill a large amount of coffee on it, that left several brown spots in my laptop screen. In quite the impulsive manner, I decided to wring out a wet towel with some dish soap above the laptop screen, in hopes that it would somehow dissolve the brown stains that were present. In a very sad but nevertheless very predictable turn of events, it only aggravated the situation, causing several more spots and stripes to appear that resembled the soap. Note that after everything it had endured, my laptop screen was still working.

I then decided to dissamble the laptop in the hopes of being able to fix it. I first unscrewed the bottom part and took out my battery. With the help of some tutorials I managed to completely unscrew and unplug my LCD screen, which had some colorful sheets behind it that did have noticeable stains and marks present from the damage I had done. There was also a small amount of liquid left between the sheets. I managed to carefully clean each of the them as well as the screen itself.

Aside from unscrewing several bolts, there were two cables (A and B) I had to unplug in order to get to the screen. I have added two images I got from the tutorials I used that resemble the cables present in my laptop. After putting everything back into place I was able to get the laptop working again, but the screen did not turn on. I tried holding a light to my screen, but there is no image available whatsoever. After unscrewing the top of my laptop once more, I double checked to make sure both cables were in place and that the cable connecting the battery to the screen (or whatever it connects to) was not loose or skewed in any way. Both cables seemed to be put into place correctly. I read on this forum that the larger cable (A) does at times need to be put on backwards. However, the manufacturers put a small black dot on one side of the cable that aligned with another black spot on the other side, which makes me think I did put it in the right way.

As I stated in the title, my laptop works completely fine when I attach it to my TV, which is how I am communicating this to you now. I also don't think the initial water damage is what caused my laptop screen to stop working, seeing as it did work before I started screwing around with the thing.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be, and if there's anything I missed I can double check? As far as I know, I've used proper tools and haven't been too reckless with the dissassembly (aside from, you know, damaging the laptop in the first place and causing the screen to stop working after trying to repair it). Seeing as it's already an old laptop and it works fine with an HDMI cable, I have no intention of sending it to a repair shop, it's about time I started looking for a new one anyway. Still, I hope someone is able to help me make a step in the right direction. I will add some images in order to give a better illustration of the problem.

It's OK if there's nothing left to be done that could fix the problem. Thank you in advance!

Cable A + General outline of laptop:
Cable A from tutorial:
Cable B from tutorial:
Water damage (for those interested):

Temporary ''''solution''':
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Even if you put it back together correctly, that doesn't mean the display will work. The damage to it, after all of this, could have left it now unable to even start. It is also possible the cables or other connections are misaligned or got damaged. Once liquid sits in there a while, well the damage gets worse. Especially if it isn't clear plain water (and not tap water as that has stuff in it too).

Considering the cost to replace the part (if just one) or to have someone do the work, you are better off getting a new device.