Toshiba Satellite wifi replace card help


Jun 4, 2016
I have a friends Laptop, I sold this to her a couple of years ago. <g> Now the problem is the dreaded Intel 4965 AGN nic card. Intel stopped support for this card in Windows 10 which is on this laptop. I've tried some time yesterday and today, I just decided to connect to my router. Well that worked and tons of Windows updates came downloading. Some good, some not-so-good. I was not dedicated to sitting here watching so I went to do something in the kitchen and came back later. It said it needed to reboot. So I clicked on restart and went to answer my door. When I came back & I checked on the update history, it had installed and updated The Creators Update.

Now there is no networking at all, no wifi (nothing new there) but also no ethernet, neither one shows up in networking and both the Intel 4965AGN and the Realtek Family have red x's in device manager. I tried deleting and installing a few older drivers etc. and cannot get anything to cooperate now.

So here's my question: I would really like to put another mini PCI card in the laptop but how on earth do I find a compatible one or is it simply size of the card I have to get?

Yes, I could do a usb dongle but I'd rather insert a card. Iif I cannot find a card then can I buy any usb dongle or does it have to be a certain one? I've never gotten into knowing much about them.

This is a Toshiba Satellite P205-6257 64bit processor running Windows 10 32bit Operating sys
Current unsupported and probably shot wifi is an Intel 4965 agn nic. Right now, no networking available of any kind.

I thank you for any thoughts or help you can offer.