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  1. K

    Solved! Headset with mic and audio together with computer with audio and headphone jacks

    So i built a PC recently and coming from Xbox, I already owned a Hyperx cloud alpha that has the audio and mic in 1 3.5mm jack whereas my PC has the audio and mic jacks separate. I havent been able to find a solution or a cable such as 3.5mm to usb ect to fix this just wanted to know if anyone...
  2. F

    Solved! USB C to Ethernet adapter not working (Acer A717-71G)

    Hey everyone, I've got this USB C to ethernet adapter for my laptop. The LEDs light up and it heats up over time but it doesn't seem to work at all. (neither Win10 / MacOS Mojave) The page shows it's plug and play and doesn't need any software. Can anyone help?
  3. L

    Solved! Inspiron 13 - Slow Network Speeds

    I have a Dell Inspiron 13 - 7368 running Windows 10. Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-6200U CPU @ 2.30 GHz 2.40 GHz / 8.00 GB (7.86 GB Usable) . I have a 100 Mbps x 10 Mbps broadband connection with Spectrum internet. The speeds out of my modem and Netgear Nighthawk router are near or over the 100 Mbps...
  4. H

    Solved! how to connect and use a WIndows XP AverMedia Volar Max TV antenna and usb adapter to Windows 10 Machine

    Live over-the-air TV using USB antenna and adapter
  5. M

    I want to play music in my adapter through PC

    I use to hear music from the USB adapter through the TV set but could not do so with my desktop comp. The computer does not recognised it.
  6. I

    Will a 3.5 jack to usb adapter worsen headset quality?

    Hey all! Im looking forward to buying a pair of plantronics headphones (Rig 600) I got a beast gaming pc but the headphone and mic jacks aren't exactly broken, but they make the sound screech when anything is connected, which is awful because i can't find a solution to fixing this. So i was...
  7. M

    How to connect Sony MDR-ZX22OBT Wireless HeadPhones to Vizio TV using Netgear USB WiFi Adapter

    Hello - I purchased Sony MDR-ZX22OBT Wireless Headphones and a Netgear N300 WiFi USB Adapter from Target so my father could watch TV with the wireless headphones. The Target employee told me I would need the USB Adapter in order for the headphones to work. They have a Vizio TV and an Apple TV...
  8. T

    Best USB-C hub for Macbook Pro 2016?

    Ideally would have a USB-C passthrough for power, a DP port (or another USB-C port), a 3.5mm audio out, and at least one USB-A port. Thanks!
  9. C

    Will a USB adapter connect Samsung keyboard to Samsung smart tv

    I bought a Samsung wireless keyboard (VG- KBD2500) for my Samsung SmartTV (UN60J620D) not knowing that the TV was not bluetooth capable. Will a USB adapter resolve this issue?
  10. S

    Razer Kraken Pro V2 or Kraken 7.1 V2 USB ? Is surround sound worth it?

    So I'm gonna buy one of those 2 and the price is pretty much the same (7.1 V2 costs 7 euros more). Unfortunately the 7.1 V2 USB doesn't have a mute button on the cable (a small problem which I can deal with) and also I'm afraid that the USB plug might brake or bend easier which has happened to...
  11. M

    Is there any way to connect the wifi usb adapter if i am connceted another network

    Is there any way to connect the usb wireless adapter if i have already wifi system in my laptop
  12. tarmiricmi

    Connect USB WIFI adapter antenna to laptop internal antenna

    Hello, because of the failure of my laptop's internal wifi, I want to connect WIFI USB adapter with antenna output to internal antenna in the laptop. This should be RP SMA Plug to something smaller male connector, as on the attached pictures. I don't know exactly the name of this smaller...
  13. B

    can i achieve 7.1 virtual surround sound with my setup?

    can I plug in my virtual 7.1 surround sound headset with out the usb adapter straight into the digital audio out port (not optical audio) and still get 7.1 surround sound?
  14. A

    Solved! External Graphics card for utlrabook

    Hi, I know you are thinking of all the possible ways to do this when you read the title but this time is different. I have a helix Intel Core i7-3667U. I've read up on trying to run a graphics card via 3.0 but from what I read you don't get the connection speed you need. I was going to try a usb...
  15. S

    laptop with multiple monitors

    hey I have a new laptop and i would like to run 2 or maybe 3 monitors on it at the same time. my laptop has one hdmi port and 3 USB slots and one of them is USB 3.0. but the monitors all have VGA and DVI connections. there are so many ways to make a connection. i thought of an active hdmi to...
  16. V

    Would something like TRRS into splitter into adapter to USB work?

    The laptop I am currently using (Dell Inspiron 15) has only one jack for audio, being a combo jack for mic / headphones. This is proving problematic, as several of the headsets I was after back in the day had only been accessible through plugging both TRS jacks for mic & sound. Given the fact I...
  17. B

    USB ports trippin'

    I have a 6 year old Toshiba satellite C655 running Win7 and my USB ports x2 aren't functioning. I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers as well as updated with drivers off Toshiba website. Turned off the power settings for Windows and just about every other practical solution I've come across...
  18. capybara

    Looking for multi-USB cable for charging AND data

    I'm looking for a multi-headed USB charging cable with data transfer capabilities. Does such a cable exist? This is a great example of what I need, minus the data sync...
  19. S

    My Microphone port doesn't work

    OK so this has been an ongoing problem ever since i bought a pair of "gaming headphones" which included two plugs one for sound and the other for microphone and the microphone doesn't work! Now i haven't tried any other headsets but i recently bought a USB adapter that acts like the two ports...
  20. Z

    External Mic Adapter...will it work?

    So I bought an external microphone for a YouTube channel I am making. It has a 3.5mm plug and my HP Windows 10 laptop has a 3.5mm input, but the computer doesn't pick up any sound or even acknowledge that their is a mic their. So I was hoping to get a usb mic adapter hoping it would work, but...
  21. S

    Trying to get a laptop onto a TV

    I work at a hotel and was helping a guest get our conference room setup for tomorrow morning for an all day meeting. The guest has a presentation to put up and wants his laptop on the TV. However, it is an older laptop and has no HDMI. We do have a USB to HDMI converter but the guest is unable...
  22. I

    How to I fix a broken ribbon connector that does not go into a locking clip?

    This was held to a usb header adapter, I wanted to take the whole computer apart to clean up the very gunky sides of the touchpad but I lost my handing trying to pry it out and the ribbon here ripped off, I could do without using that adapter but I probably should have it fixed if I want to give...
  23. J

    Would like an AMP for my headset.

    So I have the Logitech G430 gaming headset, and I love the surround sound, however I need to use the dual 3.5mm to USB adapter to get the surround sound. The problem is that this adapter has some sort of volume limiter which makes it impossible for me to get the loudness I sometimes want (with...
  24. Z

    Kingston Hyperx cloud 2 usb adapter stopped working

    Kingston Hyperx cloud 2 usb adapter stopped working during use tonight. Started getting fuzz and feedback while my computer no longer recognized it as an option. Headset worked on its own however usb adapter lost on/off light for 7.1 and no audio in or out. Tried on multiple computers to no...
  25. J

    Logitech G430 usb adapter problem!

    Hello! Recently my usb adapter for g430 stopped working.. Headset works fine just tried connecting mic and audio cables. I think the sound card is broken. Is it okay if i replace it with another usb sound card? Will it work just fine?
  26. W

    Trond AC2 USB Audio adapter troubles

    So I just purchased a USB adapter, the Trond AC2 model, I also have a Turtle Beach X12. The computer has only one jack for audio output. I purchased the AC2 and it recognizes the playback device but doesn't get the audio from the turtle beaches. Any help?
  27. K

    Help on reducing static hiss in recordings?

    Hello, As a bit of a preface to this, I have not done much in the way of high quality audio recording before, and am looking to improve my audio setup for recording commentary for gaming and tutorial videos. I recently purchased the Neewer NW-700 studio kit on Amazon since it looked like an...
  28. D

    I have a sharp aquos 52" ethernet, can I use a usb adapter to connect to my home wifi?

    USB wifi adapter?
  29. D

    logitech g430 vs g230 - Is virtual 7.1 surround by the usb adapter worth it ?

    Hi All, I am planning to buy a headset and am kind of leaning toward either g430 or g230 Thing is after going through the detail specs, it seems the color and the extra usb sound card adapter is only difference between the two. I was thinking that since the 7.1 is simulated anyway, is g430...
  30. EarnSomeRespect

    Logitech G430 and G230 virtual 7.1 surround

    Alright so I recently got the G430 which has a a USB adapter. It gives you virtual 7.1 surround and lets you connect to the Logitech drivers. I was also looking at the G230 for my other PC which has a red theme to it. They look exactly the same except for the fact that the G230 has no external...
  31. C

    Capturing HDMI signal into a Mac

    I want to capture a live video feed split off on HDMI. What is the best workflow (hardware+software) to convert the HDMI to USB and then effect the capture (about 1 hour program)? I imagine I need some sort of converter box or adaptor and then the software to turn the feed into a Quicktime...
  32. R

    2RCA to USB Adapter?

    I need to connect the two audio OUT LINES from Tascam US-122 mixer to my new Dell Inspiron which has only USB connectors, not the RCA that come OUT of Tascam and used to get plugged into back of Dell tower PC. I see adapters with 3 RCA jacks but I need just 2. Help? Thanks.
  33. B

    Headset Sound Not So Swell

    Hey, I made an account here to ask this question and if there's a solution. I have a SoundBlaster Fury headset that I had for about 6 months now. Sound quality has been amazing until today. Whilst listening to music, the sound just became pretty awful. I'm not expert on this stuff so I don't...
  34. D

    Virtual Surround USB adapter

    I have a 7.1 virtual surround usb adapter. If i use it on a stereo headphones, can i hear "Virtual" 7.1 surround.
  35. V

    3.5mm to usb adapter?

    Hello! Is there some good adapter/amp that would take 3.5mm and make it to usb? Because now if you have a headset with 3,5mm and connects it all sound comes thrue the headset but if you want to just use the mic and hear other people speak thrue the headset but have all other music/sound thrue...
  36. BidoofDoge

    Is it possible to use a G430 as headphones, and a Blue Snowball as a mic?

    I have a G430, but the USB adapter doesn't work, so I just use the 3.5mm audio thingy (I am new to audio/headphones, sorry if I don't know the names) I am planning on buying a Blue Snowball in about a week or so. I was wondering if it's possible to use the G430 as headphones, and the Snowball as...
  37. rahulmamtani

    Want to play music wirelessly from desktop/pc

    hi ! I want to play music wirelessly from desktop/pc. i want to play from desktop to any Bluetooth music receiver or adapter or like Bluetooth speaker. same like a smartphone or a tablet can play.i don't know weather a normal bluetooth usb dongle can play or i have to go bluetooth v4.0 & i...
  38. U

    Logitech G230 Analog 3.5 mm jacks to USB

    I just purchased this Logitech G230 headset and I didn't realize it was analog... I was wondering if anyone knows a way to by pass this to make a computer recognize it as a USB headset rather than analog. The reason for this is because I use Avaya One-X communicator on my computer and it only...
  39. mike789

    Gaming Headset question

    I have an old logitech g330 headset and I decided it's time for a new one because I just started using them more frequently so I need better ones for a reasonable price. After my research I concluded that Kingston HyperX cloud or Steelseries siberia v2 are the best for me (Not their newest...
  40. C

    usb to coaxial help??

    Can someone tell me how I can connect a Gateway NV53 laptop to a coaxial tv splitter? I need to extend my laptop screen to 3 other screens at one time in a bar/ restaurant and my only access point is a tv splitter. Thanks in advance
  41. P

    HDMI to USB Adapter to connect 2 laptops together

    Hello everybody, I am currently on a laptop that has a VGA out and HDMI out port. Now the thing is that I still have my old laptop laying around I all of a sudden I thought why I wouldn't connect them to have 2 screens. The problem is that it does have VGA out and HDMI out but nothing "in". By...
  42. M

    How to I connect my desktop to internet by using USB adapter

    I'm trying to connect my desktop to internet by USB but it doesn't work.
  43. I

    HyperX Cloud II Problem anyone experiencing the same?

    Today i got the HyperX Cloud II and i plugged it all in working fine, but i realised that there are little ticks in each headphone side when listening to music, it sounds like audio crackling (it is only a small tick though), its hard to explain and i notice it when listening to quiet parts of...
  44. L

    New phone not charging???

    Hi everyone! I bought the Motorola G Generation2 recently. It arrived yesterday and everything with it is good. But when I tried to charge it last night but after 30 seconds of charging it stopped. I tried using a wall plug, my PC and a USB to charge it but the same situation happened. Every...
  45. M

    connect android phone to USB jack headphone

    hi i was wondering if there is a way i could use my SADES SA-902 on my gs4. thank you for your time
  46. B

    Logitech G430 Low Volume with USB Adapter. PS4 and PC

    Hi all. I just bought a Logitech G430 and I am having some volume issues. I tend to use the headset without the USB adapter while on my PC just because of the volume difference but when I use it on my PS4 I need the mic so I need to use the adapter. If there anyway I can increase the volume...
  47. G

    non bluetooth speaker

    i bought a new bluetooth usb adapter and i've 2.1 speakers which support usb stick i connected my usb adapter to speakers so that i can play music wirelessly.but unfortunately my usb bluetooth not showing in my mobile phone to play audio through bluetooth audio device
  48. T

    Why is there a crackling sound when I listen to anything with sound?

    Whenever I listen to anything with my usb to headphone jack adapter(audio technica ATR2USB) there is a crackling sound. I tried disabling all microphones, cleaning it, re installing the drivers, using different headphones but it is still there please help my thanks.
  49. R

    Best budget usb headphones

    My daughter is looking for a set of headphones with microphone and 3.5mm to usb adapter to use with her laptop and phone. Any help would be appreciated.
  50. sarahragan2014

    5s Car Charger?

    Can someone please recommend a good working car charger for my 5s? I'm reading reviews on Amazon with many claiming that the chargers are not working with their 5s.
  51. B

    Trying to use Ear Force Tango headset on PC with Windows 7 but microphone will not work no matter what.

    So I thought I'd get a Bluetooth adapter (Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0) so I could go 100% wireless by using my headset I use on my xbox and it works on my old HP laptop also using Bluetooth 4.0 but for some reason I can't get the microphone to work no matter what settings I change and what I try...
  52. B

    Firewire to usb

    Can anyone recommend a firewire to usb adapter compatible with windows 7?
  53. C

    Samsung Galaxy S3 - charging problem

    So I had this problem for a while now and I can't seem to find the solution for it. My phone only charges when connected to PC and I was charging it like that for a couple of weeks now (before it worked fine). When I connect the USB cabel to the adapter for charging it starts charging for ~10...
  54. E

    I have an Asus eepad transformer model tf1101.. anyway the 40 pin chargingn connector can only be ordered on amazon. And it w

    . anyway the 40 pin chargingn connector can only be ordered on amazon. And it worked once. is there an adaptor to convert the slightly bigger apple dock stations. or .. is there a dock station that is known to work with Asus and can charge in someway.
  55. R

    Using 2 bluetooth controllers with only one usb adapter?

    Is it possible? the other usb adapter broke and now I only have one adapter and 2 controllers, is there anyway to make both controllers work on the same pc?
  56. S

    Looking for 3.5mm Mic to usb adapter?

    Okay, hey guys. My microphone is a USB logitech one. Now, ive just gotten a sound card (Soundblaster z) Which has crystal voice, but only recognizes a 3.5mm jack input, not a usb input. SO... im looking for an adapter where i can plug the usb mic into, which then turns into a 3.5mm microphone...
  57. H

    Headphones usb adapter for laptop (Need help)

    I'm looking for a good usb adapter for a pair of headphones to the laptop I'm buying. I need help figuring out if the headphones will plug into the laptop, and if not what type of usb adapter will I need. Would welcome a link to a recommended adapter. Please use NewEgg. The laptop is the...
  58. R

    USB car charger for Android

    I need a USB adapter for my car (that I will mainly use for my Android GSIII). I have been doing some research on it and this one was rated the best by a few sources: Link It does not give a full speed charge to android devices unless you have a charge only cable. I am OK with buying one as...
  59. W

    Wireless problems help

    Today i finished building my computer and everything worked fine. I bought a wireless usb adapter since my router is on another computer. When i put the wireless usb in my new pc, it said the device was not installed right when i inserted it. What do i do now?
  60. S

    USB Ports not providing enough power, need a solution?

    Hey guys, I'll start from the beginning; I was asked to fix a friend's eMachines laptop because the Three pay as you go internet dongle wasn't working, after taking a look I noticed it was in a bit of a mess (he had no antivirus and I could tell it was full of adware and other viruses because...