Want to play music wirelessly from desktop/pc


Aug 31, 2014
hi ! I want to play music wirelessly from desktop/pc.

i want to play from desktop to any Bluetooth music receiver or adapter or like Bluetooth speaker. same like a smartphone or a tablet can play.i don't know weather a normal bluetooth usb dongle can play or i have to go bluetooth v4.0 &

i have recently bought a new bluetooth sound-bar, that is bluetooth enabled. But i want to play it from my desktop but my desktop doesn't have any bluetooth. advise ?
It's you again.

This is the first hit on Amazon for "Bluetooth USB Adapter". Get one of these, plug it into your PC, pair it with the sound bar. Right-click "Volume" icon in the tray, "Playback devices", select the BT adaptor. Done - all your sounds will be router to the sound bar.
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