Trying to get a laptop onto a TV


Sep 20, 2016
I work at a hotel and was helping a guest get our conference room setup for tomorrow morning for an all day meeting. The guest has a presentation to put up and wants his laptop on the TV. However, it is an older laptop and has no HDMI. We do have a USB to HDMI converter but the guest is unable to get the driver for it installed on his laptop for some reason (works fine on mine). I no longer have the guest's laptop. We have tried a Chrome Cast but that was of no help. Is there anyway for me to get the driver installed on a USB Flash Drive so that all he has to do is have that flash drive plugged in to his laptop? The converter we are using is a J5 USB 3.0 Adapter Version JUH450. Any other solutions too would be great, just trying to get this all set up by tomorrow morning.