HyperX Cloud II Problem anyone experiencing the same?


Jun 17, 2013
Today i got the HyperX Cloud II and i plugged it all in working fine, but i realised that there are little ticks in each headphone side when listening to music, it sounds like audio crackling (it is only a small tick though), its hard to explain and i notice it when listening to quiet parts of music, this only happens when im using the USB adapter part of the headset when i just use the 3.5mm cable it doesn't do this, im sure it is probably the usb adapter part. it isn't really bad but it just bugs me.


Sep 1, 2015
I can totally feel you. I got mine Cloud II yesterday. I think the USB adapter is the problem. Without it, I have no complaints. So I may send it back and buy just the Cloud, not this upgraded II.


Apr 1, 2017
I found the solution !

Apparently Plugging your NEWLY Headset for the first time is the problem
but by doing this :
1. Go to Device Management
2. Click Audio
3. Right click the Driver of where the Headset is using right now
4. Click Uninstall
5. After that , don't restart it yet
6. Just go to the Bottom Left were you can see the Sound Symbol
7. Right click and then press "Troubleshoot Sound Problem"
8.Once it's done, restart it now
9. ??????? PROFIT !!!!
10. Replug it if you wanted to bmake sure of it !
There you have it !

P.S - I have a Siberia V2 headset , doesn't have any problem because it is a USB , and has a Program which Stats the headset and updates it everyday
but the hyperx cloud core and 1 doesn't have, it usually acts like a normal Headset , no program to manage it, just like the other earphones or some non-gmaing headset to do it.