Question Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II (QC35 II) Headphone Questions


Feb 2, 2021
I have a pair of Bose Quiet Comfort 35 II headphones. I am a little old fashioned in my music listening since I prefer a wired headphone connection while listening to music. I am not a big expert on headphones either. I have not used the Bose App for the headphones and do not have the app loaded on my smartphone. Out of curiosity, with the headphones switched on without the audio cable attached, I pressed the buttons and switches on the headphones to see what happens. Most of the time I got a voice message saying to download the Bose App.

My questions are:

1. Did I in anyway or form change the settings on my headphones even though I have not used the app or used any other Bluetooth device with it? If yes, does it impact the audio quality?

2. In relation to question one, if any settings were changed on my headphones accidentally, would they in any way or form impact the sound quality or settings of the headphones when listening to audio in wired mode using an audio cable?

3. Even if I used the Bose App or other Bluetooth methods to wirelessly connect my headphones to a Bluetooth capable device, would the audio or any other settings on my headphones be altered in wired mode as a result of the settings in the Bluetooth mode?

Like I said, I am not an expert on headphones.

Thanks in advance.
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No way to know what you did since we have no way of knowing exactly what buttons you hit. Did you check in the manual to see what the buttons do that you were pushing?

Do you hear any difference in the sound? If not then you did not change anything.

Bluetooth connection uses a totally separate signal chain and audio card than the wired connection, which uses the device audio chip. Bluetooth uses the bluetooth chip. Again for the setting changes, do they sound different now?