Logitech G430 and G230 virtual 7.1 surround


Sep 3, 2013
Alright so I recently got the G430 which has a a USB adapter. It gives you virtual 7.1 surround and lets you connect to the Logitech drivers. I was also looking at the G230 for my other PC which has a red theme to it. They look exactly the same except for the fact that the G230 has no external USB sound card (just analog) and no virtual 7.1 surround sound. I also assume that I cannot use Logitech drivers in that case.

So my question is that if I bought the external USB adapter for 10 dollars and the G230 could I connect to the Logitech drivers and get virtual 7.1 surround just like I'm getting right now on my G430?

Thank you!
1) There's no need for it ("7.1"), most speakers have virtualization. You have two ears, you only hear in stereo anyway!
2) That's not how it works, so no, you can't use the logitech drivers with anything other than logitech usb devices.


Nov 24, 2015
I've been researching this, and apparently, the only real difference between the headsets is color. So yes, you should be able to use the red headset with the USB dongle Logitech provides. A better solution, however, is to use Razer Surround - a free surround virtualization software that works with your current sound card (not the one Logitech provides in a USB dongle) and therefore works with any headphones.