Question Logitech Z906 + Xgimi horizon pro = no surround?

Jun 12, 2022
As the title states I have a Xgimi horizon pro projector and a Logitech Z906 sound system that I've connected using an optical toslink cable.

In the projector sound options I can choose SPDIF or ARC as output and PCM or auto as output format.
I've set these to SPDIF and auto.

But I can't get true surround to work.
Is this an incompatibility issue or is something not working as it's supposed to?

I downloaded some test files and the way I have things set up right now allows surround when it's dts, dts-hd and dolby digital. But not dolby trueHD.
I've got some files that (afaik) are AAC-LC which don't play with surround. And the apps on the projector (amazon prime, netflix) won't play surround either.
Hope this info helps anyone with more knowledge on the subject.
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