Headset Sound Not So Swell


Jul 20, 2015
Hey, I made an account here to ask this question and if there's a solution. I have a SoundBlaster Fury headset that I had for about 6 months now. Sound quality has been amazing until today. Whilst listening to music, the sound just became pretty awful. I'm not expert on this stuff so I don't know how to describe it but it just sounded like a whole layer of sound went missing (If that makes sense). I can barely (If not, not at all) hear lyrics in songs or people talking in videos. When I take the headset out of the USB adapter that comes with it and place it into my computer's audio jack, it sounds ok, proving that it is possibly not the speaker's fault but maybe the USB adapter. If anyone could help out that'd be just fine-diddly! Thank you

Edit: On the headphones, there is a little box for adjusting the sound and switching the mic on and off. When I hold it and the wire branching off of it towards my headphones a certain way, I can hear sound normally, but the position seems to keep changing for the normal sound.


Jul 16, 2015
The USB device -- and I quote their promo: "Use the Dual Mode™ USB adapter with the Sound Blaster Tactic3D Control Panel to customize SBX Pro Studio technologies and get amazing Digital 3D Surround Sound. Or use the included smart phone cable to use with your mobile devices,"-- might sound wacky if it's trying to play music and not some game's surround sound effects.

Just an idea. I have played around with audio stuff for decades, not saying I'm any kind of expert, however.
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