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  1. B

    Solved! Connect tivo roku

    How to connect tivo and roku
  2. C

    Slow switching pioneer vsx s520

    I have a Tivo bolt connected to the pioneer vsx 520 slim connected to a Samsung led tv from 2012 all using hdmi. It seems that the receiver is slow at switching, the TV gives up and says there is no signal. This is an intermittent problem. Sometimes the TV complains about hdcp but most of the...
  3. A

    To connect a wireless transmitter to a tivo bolt

    How do I connect wireless transmitter to a tivo bolt
  4. K

    Firestick audio issue with HTMI PORT 2 which works fine with tivo

    Hello - bought myself an Amazon firestick - I am in UK and have a fairly old Phillips HD flatscreen - model - 26PF7521D/10 with 2 x HDMI ports Port #1 has my VirginMedia tivo connected - great picture and great audio. The firestick is in number #2 and the picture is fab, but there is no...
  5. G

    Smart Home Integration Could Keep TiVo Alive

    TiVo believes it can play a central role in your smart home setup. Smart Home Integration Could Keep TiVo Alive : Read more
  6. T

    tivo will not control my visio soundbar

    Purchased a visio soundbar SB3820-C6 and have Tivo on Samsung UHD TV. can't get the tivo remote to control the sound. Can't find a code to work.
  7. T

    Need help hooking up DVD to an older Celera tv. With a TiVo mini cable box and a Sony DVD

    I need assistance with hooking up my Sony DVD model DVP SR5-10H to my older Celera tv that has a grande comm. TiVo mini cable box hooked up to it.
  8. PhilipMichaels

    New TiVo Bolt Vox Lets You Skip Commercials with Your Voice

    The latest DVR from TiVo now adds voice controls via a new remote that lets you use your voice to search for programs and jump past ads. New TiVo Bolt Vox Lets You Skip Commercials with Your Voice : Read more
  9. K

    Split cable signal without boxes

    Have cable with one TiVo box(HDMI) would like to split signal to man cave downstairs have 6 tvs can I do this without having to rent little black converter boxes from cable company help it's almost football season
  10. B

    How to connect Panasonic SA BT- 100 to my Samsung UE40JU7000 TV Virgin tivo box to be included

    How to connect Panasonic SA BT- 100 to my Samsung UE40JU7000 TV Virgin tivo box to be included
  11. C

    surround sound help

    i have a 15 yr old bose system that I am trying to hook to tivo box, newer tv and firestick, right now it is connected to tivo and works but when i connect to tv it does not?
  12. G

    How can I reinstall the OS on a TiVO Series 2 DVR?

    Hello all, I am aware that the TiVO DVRs are quite ancient and fairly worthless in 2017, however, I saw one at my local electronics store that was about to be recycled, so I brought it home. When I plugged it in, the TiVO booted to a screen that said, "Welcome! Starting Up..." I was actually...
  13. B

    HDMI issues, long run, signal drops, multiple factors?

    Hi guys I have an issue with my HDMI run! the current set up TV- -90deg Adapter -5m HDMI in plaster (good quality Cableson) -HDMI joiner Female-Female -10m HDMI (thin cable only approx. 4mm for easy fitment) -Anker Powered HDMI switch -20cm HDMI runs to Xbox 360/one/TiVo 20cm I previously...
  14. S

    TiVo to coax output

    I have just had a new TiVo box and want to use the hdmi output to supply my tv and also a TVs booster to distribute it around the house ...... Is this possible ?
  15. F

    Samsung Tv won't connect to android box

    I have a new Samsung curved 4k tv. Bought an android box but on plugging in hdmi lead I get error message and it doesn't recognise it and can't access box. Tried it on other tv and it works fine. Any ideas?
  16. M

    Upscaling Quality On New Samsung HDTV

    I have a TiVo DVR through my local cable company but the quality between it and my chromecast is quite noticeable to me. I'm not surprised because they're using an off brand that doesn't upscale as well I'm sure. However, the tv itself doesn't upscale as well as chromecast either... is there...
  17. G

    how do I connect bluray, tivo, and surround sound to my new lg tv?

    either get sound or vidio on bluray, not both. using 3 hmdi cables.
  18. J

    Sendig TiVo HDMI to SVideo Through A DVR Recorder to TV

    Could I run a HDMI out from a Tivo Roamio OTA 1TB DVR using a Tmvel PETHCSP HDMI To S-video Converter Scaler 720p 1080p with Adapter into a Funai S Video input and then out from the Funai's HDMI out to my television without significant signal loss? The purpose would be to dump recorded OTA DVR...
  19. V

    Tivo to Cinema sound to tv

    At the moment I have Tivo box connected to LG LHB745 sound system and then to LG60PK250 TV. I cannot get TV sound through sound system. I have HDMI from Tivo to sound system HDMI 1. I have HDMI from Sound system to TV VIA arc port. I have optical from sound system to TV and also red & white...
  20. A

    cannot connect tivo to tv

    I have a new Proscan TV but when connecting my tivo box using HDMI it says 'no signa' - help!!
  21. M

    connect 2 TV to Tivo box

    I need to connect two Televisions to one Tivo box is this Possible and how?
  22. A

    Trying to connect my TiVo and Home Theatre to new TV

    I have just bought a new Panasonic Viera TV TX-48AS640, I am trying to connect my Virgin TV TiVo Box and Sony DAV-TZ140 to it. I have high speed HDMI from TiVo to TV (port 1) and high speed HDMI from Sony to TV (port 2, ARC). I cannot get any audio through home theatre speakers when watching TV...
  23. D

    Digital TV problems with 7 of 8 channels

    Large attic digital antenna, great HD TV/Tivo local reception for four years, until this year. Currently no signal (Tivo V52 or V53 error codes) for Ch. 7.1, 7.2, and 36; Ch. 18.1, 18.2, 18.3, and 42 are pixilated at random times, and thus unwatchable, leaving only Ch. 23 consistently available...
  24. K

    Which is superior? Using a TOSLINK out or COAX copnnected tio a 'hi fi' receiver

    Have an ONKYO 7.2 receiver; Using an LG blu ray and TiVo for TV source; is the TOSLINK or COAX out preferred?
  25. Marshall Honorof

    TiVo Roamio OTA Review - Pricey Cord-Cutting DVR

    The Roamio OTA is OK at what it does, but it's tough to set up and, considering fees, much more expensive than its $50 price tag lets on. TiVo Roamio OTA Review - Pricey Cord-Cutting DVR : Read more
  26. H

    Connect non HDMI DVD player to HD TV

    Just bought HD tv and have the Tivo connected thought RCA cables (no hdmi on Tivo box) to tv-works fine. My DVD Player does not have an HDMI output-I bought a RGB component cable with an HDMI connector at the end-connected it-when I switched the input on the TV to that HDMI connection, I got a...
  27. K

    Can't do Tivo: Please Suggest Alternatives

    I live in an apartment complex for graduate students, where cable and internet are provided for us through CenturyLink. Because our services are handled by a 3rd party (campusconnect), they don't do Cable Cards, which Tivo requires to function (at least, that's what Tivo Support tells me). So I...
  28. G

    TiVo Roamio Review: Intuitive DVR for Cord Cutters

    TiVo's Roamio is a great DVR for live TV, but lacks the app variety that many cord cutters want. A limited-edition $50 model debuts Sept. 14. TiVo Roamio Review: Intuitive DVR for Cord Cutters : Read more
  29. P

    Two antennas connected to a TiVo

    I'd like to receive HD transmissions from two broadcast stations located in different directions. Can I use two antennas , each pointing to one station, and connect one to the antenna input and the other to the cable input, on a TiVo . And, let TiVo scan both inputs for stations. Will TiVo even...
  30. P

    Tivo Box coax to hdmi cable

    I have and older tivo which coax out of tivo to the tv. I have a hdtv now and I am wondering if there is such a cable that allows you to go from tivo coax out on one end and the other end will be and HDMI connector to the tv.
  31. J

    Hacks to turn TiVo Series 2 output to digital

    It is my understanding that my Series 2 takes the digital signal from my cable and converts it to analog to feed to TV. Now that I have a digital TV, is there a way to bypass the conversion to analog?
  32. J

    Soundbar, TV and TiVo box

    Hi there, I've bought by mother in law a goodmans sound bar. It's pretty basic but all she needs. It only has an analog output (red and white cables). She has a Tivo box that is connected to the TV through an HDMI cable, but the Tivo hasn't got an analog in/output... The TV does have the usual...
  33. T

    Help please...... video editing and frame size stuff....

    Here is my issue...... There is an old TV show that I record using with my Tivo Premiere DVR. The show is standard def. When it comes on the television it fills up my entire screen. I record this show with my Tivo Premiere. Then I use software from VideoRedo(TV suite) to edit these files and...
  34. P

    Are there DVR boxes for satellite you can buy w/o monthly fees?

    Ok say you were getting directtv or dish network(havent decided which one yet). Is there a DVR box you can buy instead of paying the monthly fee. I think the monthly fee is retarded, you end up paying $1000+ for a box (depending how many years you keep the service, and I know people who have...
  35. D

    Audio driver pbm

    Hello, i format and installed xp os but i lost my mother board cd . i downloaded a audio driver from net ,i successfull installed and the player playing but sound is not coming out i dont know what the problem
  36. N

    How do i make my tivo dvr be used as a digital tv reciever

    how do i make my tivo premeire box recieve digital television
  37. C

    Where can i buy main circuit board for akai home theater ss 803

    hi i have a akai ss803 home theater system...quite a vintage as u may call it...but it performs very well till i had a surge to cause the mcb to roast....i cannot get the original mcb in my location...i'm in indian state of gujrat..... would this be available in india??? are there any other...
  38. JMcEntegart

    Microsoft Patent Hints at Possible DVR in Xbox 720

    Watch your back, Tivo. Microsoft Patent Hints at Possible DVR in Xbox 720 : Read more
  39. R

    No disc reading on dvd

    monitor ok on portable dvd player but loading after few minutes reads no disc. also does not play audio cd this is a portable monitor/dvd player by Insignia
  40. B

    Solved! Tivo HDMI/HDCP and component video problems

    Hello, Two questions. First, I am getting a "HDMI Not Permitted" error from my Tivo because "TV is not compatible with HDCP digital rights management". I have tried other HDMI cables and checked all menu options with no success. My Samsung DLP TV HL-R5668W is supposed to be HDCP compliant and...
  41. T

    Tivo Series 2 TCD240080A

    Hello, I recently discovered there are places that will rebuild, add drive space, physical drives, all sorts of parts but an 80 dollar Tivo can end up costing more than the newest Tivo out there. Why not just buy an old, but still new, to me, in the box, Tivo Series 2 TCD240080A, for next to...
  42. N

    Solved! Receiver with audio delay feature ?

    i am looking for the best home receiver with lot of delay effect or eco effects pls help me out . im using yamaha rxa 3000 receiver but need to add some delay effect thanks
  43. L

    How can get my media access key for my tivo

    help me please
  44. G

    TiVo On the Auction Block

    The Internet rumor mill suggests that TiVo could be sold soon. TiVo On the Auction Block : Read more
  45. kumarsett

    About 4d Audio

    tell every thing About 4d Audio System.
  46. D

    Tivo 2 without service can i record

    Hello, can i hook up tivo 2 without service
  47. G

    Microsoft Files Suit Against TiVo

    The argument between Microsoft and TiVo continues. Microsoft Files Suit Against TiVo : Read more
  48. S

    Solved! What is TiVo's Max Hz

    Hello, I'm in Australia, and have a TiVo and Samsung 3D TV UA40C7000WF When I get the TiVo Info to shows my HD shows as (HD, 1080i) but No Idea of the Hz. the Tv Info shows 1920x1080i@50hz should I be able to get to 100hz for a Smoother view in Sport Shows?
  49. K

    Power failure tivo now not working says power up

    Hello, we had a power failure last night, power came on but my tivo is stuck on the powering up screen, it spins and the fan is on, help
  50. C

    Solved! 600 hz vs 60 hz

    Is 600 hz better than 60 hz? Are they both available in lcd & plasma?
  51. G

    Solved! No sound when receiver is on tuner,fm stereo

    i have no sound from my bose speakers when receiver is switched to tuner so i can listen to fm stereo.i am using hdmi cables everywhere as i have hooked up the tv,blue ray player,satellite receiver and all of these plugged into my denon receiver.ive tried plugging speakers to the receiver.it...
  52. J

    Solved! Can i use more than one antenna to get broadcast signals?

    Hello, I recently bought an indoor antenna and a small digital converter box. I pulled in about 15 channels good and 4 or 5 that break up. I am looking to put a larger antenna in the attic and run the coaxial to the tv. I only have one input on the converter box so how do i hook up a second...
  53. gidgiddonihah

    Totally lost on DVR and the whole thing :P

    OK.... So ive been wondering since we JUST got Charter cable in our new house that we bought if i wanted a DVR. So i decided I wanted one. Now me being the idiot, searched DVR into Newegg, i got a bunch of 1000$$ stuff and a bunch of PC internals. Then i happened to notice that TiVo was...
  54. exfileme

    Google Buys Startup With Apple, TiVo Employees

    Google's purchase of start-up company Agnilux may be related to the Android-based tablet and Google TV. Google Buys Startup With Apple, TiVo Employees : Read more
  55. R

    Playing TIVO files on Win Media Player 11.0

    I have transferred Tivo files to my desktop and tried to play them on WMP 11.0. WM 11.0 will play the video portion of the Tivo file but without sound. Is there a way to fix, recover from or purchase a solution for this problem? My system: Win XP Service Pak 2
  56. exfileme

    Microsoft Suing TiVo Over Patent Infringement

    Microsoft is taking AT&T's side in a patent infringement claim made by TiVo. Microsoft Suing TiVo Over Patent Infringement : Read more
  57. C

    Not sure what digital video recorder to buy?

    I currently have a tivo series 2. I'm looking at upgrading to another tivo or something else out there. I've read alot of bad things with Tivo now days and would like to know my alternatives. Tivo is very easy to use. Is there something else?
  58. JMcEntegart

    Google, Tivo Team Up to Track Ad Viewing Habits

    Google and TiVo have announced a partnership that will see the DVR company provide Google with specific user data to help the search giant's advertising business. Google, Tivo Team Up to Track Ad Viewing Habits : Read more
  59. T

    Will an NTSC and ATSC tuner card work with Comcast Digital Cable?

    Since Comcast switched over to digital, our old TIVO series 2 doesn't pick up half the stations, so we had to get a cable box from Comcast. Right now, I have it set up so that the TIVO talks to the Cable Box with the IR emitter that came with the TIVO, but its performance is very lackluster, it...