Accidentally snapped off this capacitor, now laptop wont work on battery


Apr 9, 2012
I was replacing the wireless adapter and accidentally snapped off this capacitor, i soldered it back but i reckon it snapped again, the 330uF 6.3v,

Its in a HP Omen 15", any idea what the purpose of this?, laptop works fine on power plug, just not on battery, im planning on buying a new capacitor tomorrow of 330uF 15v (smallest i can find), would this hopefully fix it?


Mind showing how you soldered it back on? You will need to make sure that the capacitors alignment is the same as it was prior to snapping off. I'm also wondering what the quality of your soldering work is like. Might need to go and solder it professionally.


Apr 9, 2012

im 100% sure it snapped off, why battery dont work anymore, i'll get a new one tomorrow, it was hard to solder it back on because the legs was very short, i'll be able to solder easily one with long legs.
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