Laptop's WiFi card shuts itself off every couple of minutes


Oct 9, 2016
Hi, I've been trying to fix my laptop's WiFi since I bought it back in August.
It's an ASUS F555LA, when I bought it I immediately installed an SSD before really using it. I just booted it up to make sure there weren't any obvious problems and then went to work.
Anyways, it's a couple months later and I currently use the laptop every day for school. I have Windows and Kubuntu dual booted.
Both operating systems, no matter what network, power off the wifi card after a couple minutes. It seems to be when I'm "idle" but I'm usually browsing the internet when it does it. It's super annoying because it takes a minute to restart and sometimes, especially in Kubuntu, I need to restart my laptop to get it working again.
I've reinstalled the card's drivers twice. Both times in Windows. Once when I just got it and it didn't work. I tried it again today and it was a little less annoying, only disconnecting when I locked my laptop. But then I went out and now I'm home and it's back to its old ways. I'm going to try and reinstall them again after writing this.
I've also tried changing the adapter's settings in Windows so that it didn't try to save power by turning off. No luck.
I've spent hours Googling this over the time I've owned this laptop and haven't found any solutions.
I put up with it for a while but now it's reeaally pissing me off as it's stopping me from doing my programming homework (kind of like codecademy where I'm writing and submitting code on website... )
Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!


Oct 9, 2016

I only just bought it in August. I replaced the hard drive in it though, do you think that would cause them to deny a repair? Also I need my laptop for school. I can do the repair myself but would they just send me a new adapter? I'm guessing you might not have the answer to these questions lol... I guess I'll try emailing them tonight.
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