Question Asus stuck on logo

Aug 29, 2023
So all this started roughly a week ago. I was halfway thru a update when Asus vivobook went black. Turned it back on..nothing. Force Restarted and still nothing! Let it sit a day tried again. Unfortunately my gfs cat had knocked laptop off table playing with the pitbulls so screen has been cracked awhile but with hdmi I've been using it with no problem. But now the screen lit up but hdmi wouldn't connect. Pulled the bottom off and disconnected screen and checked components for damage. Everything looked fine and upon restart hdmi connects. Now we're at today! I've gone thru every "stuck on restart" and "reboot loop" thread and video out there and also all scans have come back "no issues. I've managed to get it to load safe mode. In safe mode everything looks and acts normally but upon restart or shutdown we're right back to logo screen with annoying spinning thing. What is going on and what else can I do? Ra