Jan 21, 2016
OK I have read through many forums and none apply to me because most are for laptops or another USB works.

After waking the PC from sleep mode my wireless mouse and keyboard weren't working (2 different makes so 2 different adaptors and ports in use). The keyboard lights up when batteries are place into it but won't light up when not connected but the mouse when turned on still lights up and detects movement.

I then turned off the Pc, disconnected all USBs and then booted. I then plugged in my external HDD which lit up and ran and USB extention which lit up. I thought the problem was solved but then the mouse and keyboard still wouldn't connect.

I then plugged my phone in via USB and the phone buzzed but wouldnt charge or connect even though in the phone settings it recognised it was connected to a USB.

It seems to connect to things but not recognise anything. I have tried the front and back USBs and the front ones are part of a new case I got a few months back so different from the back ones.

Because the mouse and keyboard won't work I can't get into anything to see what the issue is. I think the drivers may of gone but again I can't check. The Pc boots fine and loads start up program and it flags up and update that I can't click on.

I have ordered a USB to ps2 adapter to see if I can get anywhere, however, it will be a few days before this arrives.

I am running Windows 10 in an acer aspire.

Sorry for a long post and thank you for reading, hope someone can help.
You did not mention it explicitly - have you tried new, fresh batteries in the mouse and keyboard?

Will the mouse and keyboard work on another computer?

Did you check Device Manager for each device?

Do you see any error messages or codes in the Event Viewer logs?