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  1. I

    Laptop internal card reader not working - Video -

    Hello, i have a msi gaming laptop, & my realtek internal usb card reader , stop working few days a go and not working again any more, my system is windows 10 and never change the system. in the fistr part on video the SD is not inside then i put inside but the reader appears and disappears and...
  2. Graybush

    The Laptop Enthusiast Gift Guide 2018

    Finding the perfect laptop for the laptop enthusiast in your life is sure to be a challenge. Do you go Mac or Windows? A hybrid? A desktop replacement? Fear not, these laptops and laptop accessories are sure to be a major upgrade for any enthusiast worth their silicon. Dell XPS 13 - 1,699.99...
  3. A

    My camera SD card would reset, after transfering files from it, and disconnecting it from my computer

    Hello: I've a Canon SX150IS camera and a USB card reader, which I using it to transfer the pictures and video, from the SD card of my camera, to my computer. Recently, I've experienced 3-4 times cases that after I disconnecting my card reader with the SD card from my computer, and inserting the...
  4. W

    Solved! Asus not finding files on sdhc using usb card reader

    Hi I have an asus t100 with windows 8 and when trying to view photos and files on memory card using a USB card reader I can't find/it's saying no files to view. The files are definitely on the card as they have been able to upload to a Mac laptop. Any ideas?? Much appreciated
  5. Z

    Canon borrows emptied unformatted card from JVC. All 25 photos disappeared before I could transfer them to computer.

    Read “32GB on JVC” and “32GB on Canon” for the meat of the problem. I have two cameras: the JVC Everio 3ccd, and the Canon EOS Rebel T3i. JVC: It has an automatic filing system that split videos into multiple folders (PRG006, PRG007...). These appear on Windows 10 computer as TOI and MOI files...
  6. F

    How to get data back from protected Micro SD card?

    I have created password for transcend 32 gb Microsd card in my HUAWEI P9 Lite. I formatted that mobile recently and tried to used above sd card with Huawei P6. I cant find microsd card neither in p6 nor in PC. I have important files and images in microsd. How can I make my microsd card to get...
  7. P

    USB not working but power things

    OK I have read through many forums and none apply to me because most are for laptops or another USB works. After waking the PC from sleep mode my wireless mouse and keyboard weren't working (2 different makes so 2 different adaptors and ports in use). The keyboard lights up when batteries are...
  8. M

    hama usb card reader not responding= not being recognised by the computer in devices- any help??

    I have a Toshiba laptop with Windows 8 and when I plug in my hama usb card reader- which worked on my old laptop just fine nothing happens, Any tips? I would really like to be able to download my photos...
  9. K

    undeleting files from cf card

    i have accidentally deleted some pictures from my cf card (via usb card reader from windows 7). i have realized it immediately, and just a few seconds later downloaded and run recuva software (from another disk, of course). however, it was unable to help me: it does see some of the missing...
  10. G

    USB Card Reader and SCSI on same machine

    I recently purchased a SimpleTech USB dual-card reader. On paper it appearst to be a great product: usb connectivity, assigns drive letters to each slot (compact flash & smart media slots), provides dual media capapbilities, yadda yadda. Unfortunately when installing this product on a machine...