Canon borrows emptied unformatted card from JVC. All 25 photos disappeared before I could transfer them to computer.


Sep 23, 2016
Read “32GB on JVC” and “32GB on Canon” for the meat of the problem.

I have two cameras: the JVC Everio 3ccd, and the Canon EOS Rebel T3i.

JVC: It has an automatic filing system that split videos into multiple folders (PRG006, PRG007...). These appear on Windows 10 computer as TOI and MOI files (requires file conversion to see video instead of audio-only.) Most of the video files, however, were the length of one POP! sound, not legit videos. Even so, I saved all of them on an external memory storage via computer in multiple ways (usb to camera, SD card slot, card reader). The JVC fits a micro SD, and the SD card adapter I used to access the camera files on computer was never locked. As for photos, they can be accessed by switching from video to photo mode on camera, and they can only be seen on computer if I use a camera-to-usb connection. I recently learned that the camera had an internal memory where the photos were stored, though no such thing is included in the menus (no release shutter without card, no format internal memory, no clipboard). All videos and photos have been moved to the external storage multiple times by now.

Canon: Though “release shutter without card” was enabled, the Canon does not have internal memory. In fact, the computer doesn’t even see it as a drive (when I hook the camera on via usb, it names the camera, but it doesn’t say “Removable device E:” or anything similar. Since one minute of lowest-quality video eats up all 32GB memory on this camera, and any better card is too expensive, I avoid using it for video. I do not have a RAW reader, so my photos aren’t RAW.

32GB on JVC: I did not format the micro SD card because the JVC tends to hide files on me, and I’ve shared cards between cameras often before without this problem. But by now, I’ve saved all JVC files onto an external memory storage via camera-to-usb, card reader, and SD adapter slot (not locked), and I have cleared the JVC’s internal memory without a card in slot. I transferred all photos and video off the JVC and onto computer, and deleted files from the card before moving said card to Canon. So checking files on the JVC is out of the question now, though the cards retained its filing method somehow (again, I never formatted the card to do that).

32GB on Canon: When I transferred the micro SD card to the Canon (with SD adapter), I was on medium-fine quality, which gave me only 25 photos total. There’s one warning sign that may have affected the card from JVC. The 25 photos did playback on the LCD display after being taken. But when I tried to find them on computer (again, multiple ways), they disappeared. The JVC could not locate any of the photos, and the Canon can’t show them on LCD display either. I’ve downloaded and used freeware PhotoRec from testdisc-7.0 to retrieve lost data (via memory card and SD adapter slot. It only noticed files taken with the JVC. The Canon doesn’t show as a drive, so hooking a usb is no good.) I know I’ve been able to get files off the Canon before, and I’ve shared between cameras then too. But only now, the entire card went from full to “no image” without any formatting nor deletion.

How do I retrieve the disappeared 25 photos for transfer onto computer, and how do I retrieve them on the card in general?
The pics may never have been properly saved to the card at all, if the recovery software only found the files from the other camera, there is no way to find the other pictures.


Feb 21, 2017
As far as the storage capabilities of the 32gb in the Canon T3i, something is WAY OFF. I have the same camera. Using a 32gig card, it can hold in excess of 3000 still images. I have quality settings at the highest possible. Apparently there's more on that card you're not seeing. And if it's full with data from different sources who knows what can happen. I've always found it best to format a card for its use. And get another card for your other camera. For other data than jpegs, get a flash drive. Digital storage devices have dropped in price big time lately. If you're like me and highly value your images, why chance anything happening to them like storing misc data from your PC that could easily overwrite your pics. $35 to $50 could prevent any future problems.
Good luck.