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  1. MrRyan2582

    Solved! SD Card reader not working "The configuration registry database is corrupt"

    So for a while now, I've come to notice my SD card reader on my ASUS laptop is not working. I don't think I ever tested it out to see if it ever worked since I got it a couple months ago. I've tried cleaning out the port, tried different cards, but it was no use. I went to Device Manager to see...
  2. M

    Bent metal in sdcard holder

    Accedently bent the metal bracjets for my sd card reader on my samsung grand prime
  3. E

    How do I select SD storage for videos/songs downloaded from websites, using a tablet Samsung SM-T110 ?

    Hello Helpers, My "problem" does not really envolve apps. I mean a mp3 song, or any video, or even a picture that I view using my tablet and wish to download. Once downloaded to device, I know how to move to external SD. What I try to learn is how to select storage to external memory with my...
  4. D

    SD card not working on chromebook

    why do some sd cards work with my chromebook and some don't?
  5. J

    Solved! red triangle exclamation mark sd card

    i have made my external card as internal all my data is saved in sd card now its showing red triangle exclamation mark how to resolve
  6. O

    XD card to SD card possible?

    My Fujifilm S6500 fd uses a XD card. My Panasonic TV has no DVD option, only an SD card reader. After I copy my XD card .jpgs to my PC to store them, can I then copy them to an SD card which I can use in my tv?
  7. M

    SD Card Reader stopped working after internal HDD swap

    Hello, 15 days ago I swapped my internal HDD with a new bigger one. I cloned it and everything seems to work fine except for the Card Reader. I inserted two different cards but they don't show up. Checked under Device Manager but couldn't locate the SD Reader. I read on an older thread here...
  8. P

    my dell Inspiron 14-3452 touchpad stopped working,usb ports and SD card reader also no longer work

    I am at my witts end and really could use some assistance please. My dell Inspiron 14-3452 usb ports stopped working on the left side claiming a power surge in one port despite nothing being plugged in. A further look shows the black plastic part is missing inside the second usb port. The SDcard...
  9. S

    download apps on the zte phone to sd card

    have an sd card and I want to download some apps to an sd card how do I do it
  10. S

    How can u recover music from factory reset

    I got DA music save to my phone. If I factory reset the phone.. Will I be able to have all my music still.
  11. G

    ASUS USB 2.0 ports aren't reading, along with SD Card reader

    Hello! Recently my SD card reader on my ASUS K501 laptop wasn't working, along with my usb 2.0 ports. However, my USB 3.0 ports read just fine. I updated all of my drivers, and installed the RealTek driver for my SD card. I just about gave up, until (for laughs) blew dust out of the SD card...
  12. Z

    Canon borrows emptied unformatted card from JVC. All 25 photos disappeared before I could transfer them to computer.

    Read “32GB on JVC” and “32GB on Canon” for the meat of the problem. I have two cameras: the JVC Everio 3ccd, and the Canon EOS Rebel T3i. JVC: It has an automatic filing system that split videos into multiple folders (PRG006, PRG007...). These appear on Windows 10 computer as TOI and MOI files...
  13. C

    USB Ports of hybrid HP Split x2 13-r010dx stopped working

    Hello, the keyboard of my hybrid laptop stopped working. Everything else works, keyboard, mousepad, sd card reader, even the headphone jack, only the 2 usb in the back are not responding. I tried updating everything, uninstalling all usb drivers in the device manager, I ran the UEFI and tested...
  14. T

    how to use a sony memory stick pro duo high speed 2gb that i use in my sony cybershot dsc-w70 in the sd reader slot for my ace

    how to use a sony memory stick pro duo high speed 2gb that i use in my sony cybershot dsc-w70 in the sd reader slot for my acer aspire timelinex 3830TG?
  15. T

    SD Card Can't Be Found

    So I was wondering what the hell has happened to my SD Card. I have a lot of photos and photoshop documents on it that I need to recover. My laptops SD Card Reader can not even detect the SD Card and my camera says there is an SD Card error. Please help me to get this data off!!!
  16. SpaceGhost92

    What would be the best laptop for the $500>$799 price range?

    I would be using this laptop for nothing more than college work and watching movies. I was looking at the Dell XPS 13 but I am not sure. I would like an SD card reader and an HDMI if I can help it but I don't mind buying an adapter later.
  17. C

    new 3ds xl sdhc card help

    i upgraded to the new 3ds xl from my old 3ds xl, the new 3ds comes with a micro sd card not like the 32gb sdhc card i bought for the old system. Is there some reader i can buy that will plug into my computers usb port that will read the data on my old sd card, so i can then transfer that data...
  18. A

    How to Move Files from One SD Card to Another

    If you have an older SD card that is full and would like to transfer some, or all, of its data to a larger SD card, not to worry. All of the files can be transferred to any number of other storage devices, including another SD card. Follow the steps below to move files from one card to another...
  19. M

    SD card reader not responding

    Hi! I have an Acer Aspire 7551-3650 laptop, and just in the last few days it has stopped recognizing an SDHC card when it is inserted in the SD slot. I went to the Acer website and downloaded the latest card reader, but that did not help. I would have thought it was a problem with this model not...
  20. K

    SD Card Reader says the card is write-protected

  21. K

    SD card reader

    My laptop is not reading SD memory card after I upgrade window 8 pro.
  22. M

    SD Card Reader says the card is write-protected

    how to cancel write-protected
  23. G

    SD Card Reader says the card is write-protected

    plz help me
  24. G

    SD Card Reader says the card is write-protected

    how can i remove write protector from a memory card??
  25. T

    SD Card Reader says the card is write-protected

    MY card says its locked when I have it in the camera and then when I put in computer it says it is write protected how do I fix this
  26. S

    SD Card Reader says the card is write-protected

    my SDcard is written protected and I don't know what to do
  27. P

    Solved! SD Card Reader says the card is write-protected

    many i know the software name for deleting the write -protected
  28. A

    SD Card Reader says the card is write-protected

    I can't access a micro sd card although the slider is on unlock position. I've moved it up and down but all was in vain. pls help soon.
  29. S

    SD Card Reader says the card is write-protected

    pls solve my problem
  30. D

    Solved! SD Card Reader says the card is write-protected

    my little insignia camcorder has a 2 G expanded memory(must have! bought separately) It always worked fine in past. I just now have to use it & now it decides not to work? I went to reformat & says that the disk is protected??? It is also doing nada
  31. F

    Sd card reader

    how to remove the write protection
  32. G

    SD Card Reader says the card is write-protected

    how do i get it off
  33. R

    Activate a S D card in mycell phone

    when i put the card in the phone i see no change anywhere.i cant seem to add my pic that were in the phone to the card so i can put them on my you have to activate this card somehow?
  34. exfileme

    $280 Goggles Play Movies via SD Card Reader

    These cool glasses bring movies to your face via a built-in micro SD reader. $280 Goggles Play Movies via SD Card Reader : Read more