USB Ports of hybrid HP Split x2 13-r010dx stopped working


May 27, 2014
Hello, the keyboard of my hybrid laptop stopped working.
Everything else works, keyboard, mousepad, sd card reader, even the headphone jack, only the 2 usb in the back are not responding.

I tried updating everything, uninstalling all usb drivers in the device manager, I ran the UEFI and tested both USB and came out with a Failure, the Failure ID is : RUTW6F-740834-XD7V7F-8D4U03.

Can anyone help me or had the same issue?.

If you've already tried uninstalling/reinstalling the USB drivers that will still not work and it already gave you an error in BIOS when you tested the USB that could only mean that it's a hardware problem. Do contact HP support for a repair on the motherboard itself. Once you contacted HP please do tell them the error that you got when you run a test with both the USB ports.