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  1. Z

    Solved! How to download apps to SD card in Android tablet that is mounted and registered as default writer

    installed Lexar micro SD card which is recognized but does not allow any storage. Do I have to use my computer to download to chip before the app will work in my RCA tablet?
  2. R

    How Do I Increase Memory with a Micro SD Card

    Increasing the memory through a micro SD Card will enable you to access more of the internet streamed video and audios and in a rapid manner. You can also download games to the micro SD card for usage. After the insertion of the micro SD card, you will see faster loading of the channels Some...
  3. S

    MicroSD card problems/weird situation

    So I just bought a MicroSD card today from Canada Computers (So I don't need to worry about the fake card bs) as a replacement for my old one which would apparently get "corrupted" after a few weeks to a few months of it being used as internal shared storage but would last forever as an external...
  4. R

    Can't delete anything from my Android's SD Card! No space!

    Android HTC Desire, Sandisk Micro SD Card After downloading episodes through the Netflix app my phone and SD card ran out of storage. (14/16 GB Phone, 28.9/29.2 SD Card) I tried to delete the downloads through the Netflix app but I could not access my downloads, as the feature isn't available...
  5. J

    Solved! I have a micro sandisk SDHC card and i've looked on how to back it up where people say to plug it into my computer however my

    I have been trying to backup what I have on this micro SD card since it is very important to me, but the ways that people have suggested such as copying it onto my computer just leads to another problem my computer then asks me to format it, and i'm afraid I don't have the phone it was...
  6. S

    Solved! Huawei p8 lite 2017

    I inserted a micro sd card into my huawei p8 lite 2017 phone and it doesn't recognise it. What sd card can it accept?
  7. G

    Moto G4 giving low space when still has loads of space left!

    I've had my Moto G4 for years now without issue. I've always had a 120 Gbt micro SD set up as internal storage to combat the small around 10 gbt stock memory and it's worked great until now. I've googled everything and tried everything and nothing will work ........ So randomly a few days ago I...
  8. S

    Acer Chromebook R13, sound but no picture from my SD card when playing videos.

    why will my Chromebook only play audio from vidoes on my micro SD card with the standard video player? I have tried VLC player but the Chromebook version won't open the files to play them all at. I have since tried at least 10 Apps from the play store with no success, youtube gives me nothing...
  9. D

    micro SD /OTC cable

    Can you use a SD/OTG cable to connect Samsung Galaxy Tab A 6 to a non WI FI printer ? No is the usual answer , how annoying and time wasting is WI fi printing ?, I think manufacturers if they listen to customer feedback will include simple and QUICK back up factory default printing using a...
  10. M

    How can I fix my SD card.

    Hi, I recently bought a 64Gb SD card for my phone because it doesn't have enough capacity for my daily use. But right away it started showing some errors in apps I normally use, I first encountered the issues in Spotify, sometimes my card wouldn't show up when I tried changing the storage...
  11. C

    SD mem issue

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 . I have added a 32 Gig micro SD card. I moved all apps that could be put onto it. If I read the micro SD on my computer all apps I moved to the SD are there and comprise 570 MB with 28.8 GB free. I cannot add more apps due to many not allowing to be on external...
  12. M

    Alcatel one touch pixi 3 tablet won't mount 64GB SanDisk micro SD any answers?

    Need help problem with Above
  13. N

    MyFiles app on Samsung TabE (T377P) android 6.0.1 stopped recognizing micro sd card

    All of a sudden MyFiles app won't access micro sd card. Other apps like WPS or Gallery still access documents or pictures on sd card but My Files app only accesses device files, SD card does not even show up. How to fix?
  14. D

    Adaptable storage can't find files

    I recently purchased a 128 gb micro SD card for my ZTE blaze from MetroPCS. And I formatted it correctly and made it in to adaptable storage (internal). And I then proceeded to migrate my files over but when it finished migrating over I can not find any of my photos, music and videos. But the...
  15. C

    Samsung galaxy Tab E lite 7"

    can you use a 64G micro sd card for SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab E lite 7" ?
  16. L

    how do I transfer pictures from my Kyocera camera to the internal micro SD Card

    I cannot find the book on my Kyocera phone and need to know how to transfer pictures from the phone to the internal micro SD card. can anyone help
  17. J

    Micro SD cards on android ZTE quest N817 phones

    Why does the Android ZTE Quest N817 phone have a place for a micro SD card when you can't move apps or pictures to it, what good is the SD card then???
  18. 7

    how do i send my s7 edge downloads directly to my internal micro sd card?

    how do i make my micro sd card as the default download location
  19. D

    Vivo Y69 10GB missing internal storage

    Hi. Please help me. My Vivo Y69 has supposedly 32 gb internal storage how ever 10 gb was missing and it turned out that the missing 10gb was transferred to my micro sd card w/c before has 4 GB and now has 14 GB. I really don't how it happened but I am hoping that someone can help me. Thankyou.
  20. A

    Solved! Micro sd card problem

    I have a 16 GB micro sd card (Maxell) but when I plug the card into my computer (MacBook Air) it says that my card is only 2 GB
  21. J

    Solved! How do I transfer files from Android voyager 10.1 to Micro SD Card ?

    File transfer from internal storage on viking pro 10.1 to micro SD card ?
  22. I

    Micro SD card randomly stops working

    So I was using my micro SD card on my computer, then turn it off and pulled the SD card out, then put it into another computer. Nothing happened the computer didn't even detect it. So I pulled it out and then a few seconds later the computer crashes. After restarting I try putting it back in...
  23. B

    On a Viking Pro `0.1: tablet should I put music on the SD card first or mount 64Gb card and then transfer?

    Moving Music files to 64Gb SD card
  24. T

    How to get music on a dumphone with a micro sd card

    I would like to get some music on my slider dumphone, an LG Cosmos 2, and can't figure out how to do it. Any ideas? The phone has a micro SD card, but my computer that has the music on it doesn't have a micro SD card reader.
  25. R

    Corrupt SD card - Can't open JPG-MP4 files

    Hi guys, I really hope you can help me through this: I use a 16gb micro sd on my HTC to save my photos and videos. Recently, while taking video, a short message saying "Video stoppet due to error" and the corrupt SD notification started to pop until my phone didn't recognize the SD card...
  26. R

    my sd card not show in pc and android what can i do

    i am using micro sd card my card is not working in pc and android in this situition i don't know what i will do my sd card show in pc and andriod
  27. G

    Solved! Micro SD Card

    Is Micro SD Card Formatted by alcatel does not recover its data even after using recovery software? Help Please i put a 8gb Micro SD card in it that was full my Cell said to format if i want to use it and me like a idiot that i am thought ok format it i will use recovery software later so i...
  28. K

    What if my phone is running on KNOX

    What if my Samsung on5 is running KNOX then how to I make micro sd card part of my internal storage
  29. P

    How tp switch SD cards

    I have an LG treasure and started out with only 8gb micro sd card. I just bought a new 32gb microSDHC card and want to know how to properly switch them. Ty
  30. M

    Solved! lost apps in the microsd

    I have a Samsung galaxy pro 12.2 (2014) and I moved some apps from the device storage to a microsd card .... like the one called " lecture notes" with a lot of "notes" in it for all who are aware of what I am talking about.....Then I took out the microsd out and reset the tablet to factory...
  31. M

    Action Cam SD Card Problem

    I recently bought a cheap action cam on eBay (SJ8000) and it came without a micro sd card. Fortunately, I had a 32gb HC micro sd lying around and put it into the camera and had the camera format it. A minor problem is that, when I plug the camera into my pc, what pops up are two drives, the sd...
  32. F

    ZTE Axon 7 (Build A2017GV1.2.0B09) with 400GB Sandisk MicroSD Compatability

    Hi all, I'm planning to buy 400 GB Sandisk Ultra microSD UHS-I Card for my ZTE 7 Axon 7 (Build A2017GV1.2.0B09 - latest version available officially by ZTE in my country). But the microSD card is expensive :ouch: Putting aside the theoretical part, is there anyone who can confirm that this...
  33. N

    Unsupported Micro SD Card

    I just purchased a RCA Atlas Tablet that doesn't support my micro SD card unless I format the card. By doing so, all data will be erased...pictures and music. Can you tell me how I can transfer those files unto my tablet without erasing data. Or how I can backup those files from SD card onto...
  34. J

    Can't format a micro sd card

    I bought a brand new 8gb micro sd card & adapter. when I try to format it "windows was unable to complete the format" appears. what do I do?
  35. F

    LG G4 micro SD problem

    Well here's my problem: My phone recently got the reknown boot loop problem, so we went ahead and used the warranty to get it fixed. Now everything works just fine but it wont accept my 128gb samsung sd card. They set it back to its Factory state so my 32 internal memory space is gone already :(...
  36. G

    The Best microSD Cards for Nintendo Switch

    Here are the best microSD cards you can use to play your digital downloads on the Nintendo Switch. The Best microSD Cards for Nintendo Switch : Read more
  37. hamzazahid

    USB write-protection error on all USBs

    Hey guys, So i have this 8 year old Sony Vaio Laptop with a core i3-370m and upgraded it to windows 10 last year, however since last couple of months no matter what USB, Micro SD or Phone i connect to it, it gives write protection error whenever i try to copy or paste files onto those storage...
  38. S

    Hi i have samsung galaxy express prime with a micro sd card 32

    Hi i have samsung galaxy express prime with a micro sd card 32 GB i want to put all my phone starage into it. And set it as my default starage but everytime i add a app or update on it says i cant phone is full.
  39. J

    Samsung s5 micro sd problem

    Hi ! I got a micro sd card with 32 GB earlier and I have been trying to move all ma games over to the card because I was running out of space but it dosent seem to be working ? Ma apps tell me it's on the external hardrive but it also doesnt decrease the storage much when I move stuff over ...
  40. F

    Bought a micro sd just today, and there are already music and games on it.. is that normal?

    Bought a micro sd just today in a store inside SM Rosales, and when i opened it and put it in my phone, found out that there are already music and games on it created April, is that normal?
  41. M

    Can't install or move apps to micro-sd.

    so.. yesterday i got my micro-sd to my phone.. i tryed to install apps to in.. it wont work.. my phone said: insufficient storage remaining.. (setted up before i installed apps to the sd to automatically install apps to sd) i tryed to MOVE apps to sd. i gave out the sd from the phone.. i wanted...
  42. G

    Where can I purchase a micro SD adapter??

    Looking for a micro SD adapter to get files off of my Samsung phone that was broken in hajf
  43. F

    Device Storage problem

    Please how do i get my internal device storage as default back? I tried making my micro sd the default storage and all my app that vame with the phone are no longer accessible. HELP how can I undo this?
  44. J

    Solved! My smart mini not reading my micro SD card

    Can someone advise me please
  45. M

    Micro sd card won't work in LG volt

    How do I format micro sd card to work in LG volt
  46. J

    sd card doesn't read in luedio t2+

    Used an old micro sd from a defunct phone, phones played audio files. Deleted all files and reloaded when the drive showed red in pc , win 8.1 when on usb,( not seen that before)- what did I lose that is necessary for the device to read the card?
  47. T

    ZTE N817 SD Card not loading properly

    I put a 32GB SanDisk micro SD card into my ZTE N817 phone and switched my storage location to the card but my apps are still downloading to the local storage. The phone sees the card and the location settings are showing a default download position into the SD Card but nothing is actually going...
  48. B

    extend memory of Hipstreet Pilot tablet

    Hipstreet Pilot tablet with 8 gb memory -- Google Earth program has filled it up it would seem - How do you extend it? It has a slot for micro SD card but I read somewhere that it still does not work - you can't write to the SD card so is it worth adding one - and some are an incredible price...
  49. K

    samsung evo 64gb micro sd protected how to unlock

    My name is chiragbhai joshi from gondal gujarat i have purchase for samsung evo 64gb memory sd micro card but this is lock and protected not formatted please helped
  50. L

    Galaxy S7 micro SD card disappeared

    I'm not sure when it happened but all of the sudden my Transcend micro SD card can't be read by my phone or my computer. It doesn't even come up at all in either location. I have checked drivers to make sure they were up to date, no updates came through. I even did a full factory reset on my...
  51. S

    samsung galaxy S7 sd card options [SOLVED]

    Hello, buying an sd card for my Samsung Galaxy S7 is extremely confusing to me. Can someone please tell me if this card I have linked below work with my phone. Thanks everyone 128MB Micro SD Card TF card Memory Card Flash Card Full Capacity http://
  52. K

    Xperia xz SIM not detected

    On my xperia xz when using a sim card and a micro SD card together the sim card is not detected by the phone, but the phone will detect the SD card. When I take the micro SD card out the phone will detect the sim card fine .Any suggestions?
  53. S

    SD card formatting

    I have an SD card that I use for my Wii U. When I insert this SD card into my computer, I can only access it by formatting my SD card. Will it delete my game/saved data on it? P.S. I have a Lexar SD card.
  54. C

    Micro sd card not working

    I moved my music onto a new sd card and now it says the music isnt in a format that my phone can play. The songs worked before. The files are still on the sd card
  55. S

    Solved! Cant format Micro SD card

    So. 64gb sandisk class 10 sd card cant write to it and cant delete files vut i can copy themTried formatting with the SD brand. The computer management aplication on windows. I tried the default formating tool and it says unable to format. Says write protected even though i have no write...
  56. N

    I'm having an issue with the micro SD card it says 'NO MICRO SD ' when i put it in my blackberry 9320 i hv been using it for

    I'm having an issue with the micro SD card it says 'NO MICRO SD ' when i put it in my blackberry 9320 i hv been using it for the past 3 years not sure what the problem is now?
  57. S

    Solved! download movie sdcard?

    how do I download a streaming movie from my lenovo idea pad 110 to a external micro sd card?
  58. K

    Micro SD card not detected by phone

    so i have this micro SD card (32gb) and it was from my old phone but it broke, tough the card was intact. I bought a new phone and tried to use it but it seems my phone doesnt recognize it at all and i need help. PS.: I dont have anything to connect it to my PC. Sorry for my English and thanks...