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  1. Spandan151299

    Question Will 5-6 drops of water damage my camera lens

    I was photographing from my balcony and then suddenly 5-6 drops of water came and hit my camera I'm generally very concerned now
  2. Bdubb11

    Question Which camera to buy in 2020

    Hey everyone! I’m new to the camera game but just like everyone else, I’m creating more online content than ever right now and I am wanting this to carry on after quarantine. I’m trying to figure out which camera would be best to get! The three I’m looking at are 1.) canon EOS 90D 2.) canon...
  3. V

    canon toner , maby a fake one

    hello everyone i got a canon 6030 3 month ago and last week i ran out of toner or whatever that is!! i got a new one and now my printer do wierd noise like jiiiiliiiz while printing! i am almost sure its a fake but its fine and do its job just as the original one also, start up time is slower...
  4. V

    Solved! odd and even number print

    hey i have canon 6030 printer as u know this printer cant print dual layer of a paper so i wonder if i want to print like 100 pages is there anyway to specify printing odd page numbers , later u take those print then use back side and tell the app to print even numbers??
  5. M

    How to get the more button on "notes"

    Aim is to scan a document from my canon mg3600 printer and access the document on my iPad
  6. R

    Solved! Picture playback issue

    Canon T7i camera is getting red squares on pic playback on camera, picture has green focus when taking picture. What setting do i change to eliminate this issue.
  7. P

    Solved! Canon 400d Firmware

    hi, i want to upgrade my Canon 400d Firmware.. i checked a lot of videos and webs i found more options in other canon 400d cameras which my canon d400 dont have. my camera only have 4 Menu Options. in setting2 option camera dont have Firmware option.
  8. G

    Cannot Print Photos

    I recently installed a Canon TS3122 printer wirelessly. I can print a test page and also word documents. But when I open a jpg photo from a Photo subfolder and try to print, nothing happens. The printer is accessed and everything looks normal with a proper menu box. But nothing is even sent to...
  9. G

    Canon EOS 6D Mark II: Functional Full-Frame DSLR

    You can get this very capable full-frame DSLR for less than $1,500. Canon EOS 6D Mark II: Functional Full-Frame DSLR : Read more
  10. A

    Pictures taken with camera i can't see them

    Take pictures with Canon Rebel t6.when i go to look at it and it's not there. I can see all my older shots taken but not the new ones.
  11. B

    A tough decision

    I have the RED Raven 4.5k camera and I have been very happy with it. I have been looking at the Canon C300 MkII and I prefer the build quality and feel of the C300 MkII. I have been wondering if I should stick with the RED or sell it for the Canon C300 MkII. We bought the Raven from RED for...
  12. F

    Solved! Looking for an adapter for nikon lens to canon body

    Hi. I own a canon eos 700D camera and my father previously owned a slr nikon F-801s. I was wondering what type of “adapter lens” (if that’s what you call those) I would need to use his lenses. I do not know which information are useful but: Nikon F-108s (these labels are present in front of the...
  13. S

    No power Canon t4i (650d)

    Yes, no power at all. I was one day on a shoot indoors and all was going great. There was no substantial humidity to worry about, and we were no shooting anywhere near any liquids, including coffee. The next day I went to plug in the battery into the camera and waited a bit, but there was no...
  14. S

    colored shapes randomly showing up

    I have a Canon EOS Rebel. Recently when I'm taking pictures gold, green & red hexagon shapes show up randomly in the pictures. Can anyone help to let me know how to fix this? Thanks.
  15. S

    does the Canon 3620 fax?

    Does the Canon 3620 have a Fax feature?
  16. kalern123

    Solved! Canon EF mount a smart buy?

    Hello. I've been doing photography for quite a while now. And I'm thinking about buying a new canon EF mount lens. Is this a smart buy in late 2018 early 2019? It seems like mirrorless cameras are coming more and more and i'm afraid i'm doing a bad purchase if the Canon DSLR cameras and DSLR...
  17. jensenthemediocre

    Canon Built-In Data Recovery

    My roommate's university issues these Canon Vixia HF R42 cameras to record lessons that they teach for the courses they're in, and he accidentally deleted one of those lessons from this camera that he REALLY needs. I offered to recover it for him, but the problem is that he wasn't using an SD...
  18. L

    Solved! Sd card problems

    I have formatted a new 8gb sd to my canon 1500d, some of the photos show up and some of them say cannot playback image. I have not used a different camera with the sd, nor have a I taken it out to upload images to the laptop. Anyone know why its doing this?
  19. A

    Solved! Canon EOS 200D - Grid

    Can someone tell me if it is possible to place the grid on the Canon EOS 200D?
  20. L

    Solved! Canon rebel xt autofocus

    I'm still using a canon rebel xt and am having trouble with the autofocus. May e because it's such an old camera? Is there a way to fix this?
  21. W

    Solved! How to use two camcorders and one mic

    I have two GL20 Canon camcorders. How do I use both at one time from different angles while recording off one mic?
  22. Dice Rollen

    Solved! My Canon EOS Rebel T6i keeps disconnecting & re-connecting when I plug it into my computer

    I've had this camera for over a year & lately when I use the cable to connect it to the usb port of my computer it'll open the EOS Utility software & a second later it'll close it saying it's either stopped responding or has been disconnected. It just keeps re-connecting & disconnecting.
  23. S

    Dslr canon 1300d

    Hi,i bought canon 1300d two years ago with a kit lens.Now want to buy another lens.Which lens will be good for me to captured photos like wild life,landscape and protrait.My budget is low btw.Again i want to buy zoom lens called 75-300mm lens of canon.
  24. L

    Solved! FF Camera for Hobbyist?

    Hi folks, I've been looking to upgrade my old T1i for some time now. A relative owns a 6D (my first full-frame digital experience) and I loved the improvement in dynamic range, the overall presentation of light, the DOF, etc. I have tried the t5i and t6i for comparison, and wasn't impressed at...
  25. G

    Canon EOS M50 Review: A Surefire Mirrorless Camera

    Canon's step-up mirrorless is powerful and versatile, but it falls short of the competition in some ways. Canon EOS M50 Review: A Surefire Mirrorless Camera : Read more
  26. C

    Solved! Which prime lens to purchase?

    Hi, I recently purchased a Canon 77D with a Canon 70-200mm f4. I am looking to buy a prime lens but i'm unsure of which one to purchase. My options are the Canon 50mm f1.4 or the Tamron 35mm f1.8 and i dont know which to get. I would be using the lens mainly for photographs of dogs, portraits...
  27. H

    Canon Cameras with Digital Problems

    The only camera which has not failed and is the slr and the new Rebel which I purchased last year for Christmas. The video camera, first eos rebel and the G9 have completely malfunctioned and quit operating. I have contacted the company and was told that they would be happy to replace the G9...
  28. U

    Canon 70D problems in video taking

    Hi has anyone experienced ? My Canon 70D camera is ca 3years old and has unexpected sudden close down while shooting video also sudden out of focus episodes. I am using the kit lens 18-55 on AP
  29. mprospero

    Canon EOS R vs. Nikon Z6 and Z7: What Should You Buy?

    How does Canon's first full-frame mirrorless camera compare to Nikon's? Canon EOS R vs. Nikon Z6 and Z7: What Should You Buy? : Read more
  30. H

    Canon card not accessible problem

    Hello, I have a Canon 600D, and i think that the SD card slot is damaged. I can see a little piece of plastic inside that is torned I think but as I don't know about it I prefer asking before creating permanent damages. When I put any SD card in i the camera shows the " Card cannot be...
  31. J

    eos for win 18

    Have an old Canon ds 6041 dsl rebel but everything is about win7 are there any updated eos programs that will work
  32. K

    Looking for free T7i shutter count utility (Windows)

    Got a used Canon t7i off Ebay. I am looking for a shutter count utility. I've tried EOSinfo, EOSmsg and CanonEOSDigitalInfo to no avail. They do not recognize the camera. I used EOSinfo with my xsi. So I know that works.
  33. M

    How do I format the card with my camera

    I bought a new card for my Canon 70 D and my G7X. I unlocked the card with the slider. Still, the message is Card cannot be accessed. Reinsert or change the card. Help!
  34. T

    Upgrade Camera for Landscape Photos

    Hey everyone, I'm currently looking to upgrade my camera, I mostly use my current one for landscape photography, using the Canon EOS Rebel T6. Have had it for close to two years now and its been my first and only DSLR. Any recommendations are welcome! Budget would be maybe $800-1000?
  35. H

    Home printer purchaser

    Hi, re Canon TS-9160, when a cartridge needs to be replaced, is that individual cartridge replaced, or do all cartridges need to be replaced? Prospective purchaser
  36. S

    My canon camera is poping up with memory card locked when it's not.

    My canon camera has been popping up with memory card locked when I've checked it several times and nothing works. I've tried a different memory card doesn't work either.
  37. K

    Best camera for photographing sports with a budget

    Hey guys I am looking to buy a camera to photograph sports (mainly AFL). I am pretty new to buying cameras ect but not new at all in functionality ect as I have done a course. I am just torn however on what would be my best purchase or road to take for under $2000 if possible, or even under...
  38. T

    Canon EOS Rebel T6 RAW Files not Opening on Photoshop

    As the title says, I can't open any RAW files on Photoshop, they're saved in CR2. Photoshop tells me to update the software and I go to their website and download what it tells me but then it still shows that I have the same version. Still fairly new to photography been doing it for around a...
  39. Y

    Hello I have a Canon EOS 400D. Anything to shoot video?

    I don’t know how to use. And I wanted for blogging
  40. P

    Canon HF R700 vs R800

    Hi! I’m looking to upgrade my camcorder, and I am wondering what the differences are between the Canon HF R700 and the R800. I am looking for a microphone input, and would like to have long battery life. I am able to get the, for the same price. Thanks in advance!
  41. H

    I have an ASUS notebook and a Canon powershot camera i have no problems uploaded pictures but when it comes to videos it doesn

    Cannot upload videos from camera onto ASUS notebook
  42. M

    Can't view pictures on camera off of a SD card

    I am able to download pictures from our SD card to the computer, but when wanting to view them on our Canon SX 150 IS it shows "No Image". Why
  43. N

    Canon or nikon

    Hi Please can you advise which is better between Canon sx430 and Nikom B500 Thanks
  44. T

    I can't read or format 3 of my SD cards

    I use Canon 5D Mark2 and 5D Mark3, today, both cameras could not read or format these cards, however, both cameras were able to do it 3 days ago. Is there a way to format them?
  45. M

    Solved! canon a540 only records a minute at a time

    i have a canon a540 and when i try to take a video it will record for a minute then its says busy and stops recording,if you press the record button again does same thing again, fresh batteries and a new 2g sd card it records perfect picture sound when I load it onto my laptop but only a minute...
  46. K

    My large SD card won't format on my 10 year old Canon DSLR

    I cannot format my 128 GB SD card to my 10 year old Canon Rebel XSI. I downloaded the SD formatting app- it took 14 hours on my mac, but my camera still won't take it.
  47. S

    Solved! Is 80 MB/s write speed and 90 MB/s read speed memory card enough for my Canon 80D for 1080p @ 60fps video shooting?

    I have a memory card but i am confused that is 80mb/s write speed enough or not?
  48. G

    The Best Time to Buy a Camera (Plus, How to Score a Deal Any Time)

    Get the best camera deals any time of the year. The Best Time to Buy a Camera (Plus, How to Score a Deal Any Time) : Read more
  49. P

    which dslr is best for food photography canon 200d vs nikon 5300?

    I want to buy a camera for food photography and video but I am confused with NIKON 5300 and CANON 200D.Can you please tell me which will be better.
  50. J

    can i use my canon fs200 video camrea as a webcam

    i have been trying for weeks to get this working i would like to stream through my laptop
  51. H

    Canon EOS 77D question

    Hey guys i have a Canon EOS 77D but i can't see how to take pictures in 16:9 except for 3:2 aspect ratio. My Panasonic G7 can take pictures in 16:9 so why Canon can't
  52. G

    Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III Review: A Powerful But Pricey Point-and-Shoot for Travelers

    For an advanced bridge camera, the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III has a gentle learning curve but provides plenty of power for expanding your skills and creativity. Still, it could have more extras for the high price. Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III Review: A Powerful But Pricey Point-and-Shoot...
  53. D

    night photography is blurry

    I am trying to take picts at a high school baseball game and my canon t6 takes blurry photos at night . a friend has the same camera and same problem
  54. G

    Canon Pixma TS9120 Review: Excellent Printing from Top to Bottom

    The TS9120 delivers excellent performance, high image quality and CD/DVD disc printing capabilities, with average ink costs. Canon Pixma TS9120 Review: Excellent Printing from Top to Bottom : Read more
  55. H

    Canon 77D and Panasonic G7

    Hey folks, Can i get some help here, i got a Canon 77D last week and Panasonic G7 last month but i want a better lens for both. Which lens should i buy for each or any lens that will work for both. I want 2 lenses with f1.7 or lower but it doesn't have to be zoom, i want them for mostly videos...
  56. H

    Panasonic G85 Vs Canon T7i

    Hey folks i am a tech YouTuber and i record on a tripod most of the times, i know camcorders are better for videos and i do have Sony FDR-AX53 but it's bad in a low light with a really small sensor. I want a bigger sensor that's better in low light, by low light i mean a camera that don't need...
  57. darklense

    The Camera Flash Got Smart?

    Apparently Canon rolled their sleeves and made a camera flash smart. The flash turns depending on the direction point.
  58. X

    Canon 5D mark IV filming in 4k doesn’t work ...?

    Hi there! I purchased the new Canon 5D mark IV recently and the one thing I was most excited about was the filming in 4K. I’ve been trying and trying, but for some reason when I just start filming, after 5 seconds it stops and says ‘automatically stopped filming’. I have no idea what I’m...
  59. R

    Have tried 4 different SD cards, screen comes up "No Card"

    Can't get camera to read a SD card (Canon EOS Rebel)