Panasonic G85 Vs Canon T7i


Aug 20, 2017
Hey folks i am a tech YouTuber and i record on a tripod most of the times, i know camcorders are better for videos and i do have Sony FDR-AX53 but it's bad in a low light with a really small sensor. I want a bigger sensor that's better in low light, by low light i mean a camera that don't need so much light to make the video look bright enough. Should i get Panasonic G85 or Canon T7i?


Jun 21, 2016
its not really true that camcorder better for video task nowadays, most consumer camcorders have tiny sensors and have limited use. take g85 if you want camera that is lighter and can record 4k, but keep in mind that native lumix lens were pretty limited compared to canon, but you can always use lens adapter if you want to use lens from canon or other brand with different lens mount, lumix camera have kinda slow focus, but its not terrible however. canon have bunch of lenses option, and some were really affordable, the dual pixel af is such a nice feature for video, but canon lack 4k and it is heavy because its a dslr, but sensor is bigger so its a bit of a plus, but dont always see something just by sensor sizes, because features also important. bunch of lumix lenses were made by leica so the quality might be better compared to some low end canon lenses, but it may coma at a price. i would personally take lumix because its lighter which would be handy for travelling, also its kinda famous for video(canon also famous), the 4k is kinda a big feature for me, even if you wont upload in 4k, you can just record in 4k and then downscale it to lower resolution, which benefits in crisper video
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