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  1. M

    Solved! Soundbar reco for Panasonic Viera Plasma

    I am looking for a Black Friday type deal on a decent Soundbar (Budget $400) that is compatible with both my older 2007 Panasonic Viera Plasma (model TH-58PZ700U) and will still work seemlessly with a newer Samsung QLED 80T (QN75Q80TAFXZA) when I plan to upgrade in the spring. Have been told by...
  2. Bdubb11

    Question Which camera to buy in 2020

    Hey everyone! I’m new to the camera game but just like everyone else, I’m creating more online content than ever right now and I am wanting this to carry on after quarantine. I’m trying to figure out which camera would be best to get! The three I’m looking at are 1.) canon EOS 90D 2.) canon...
  3. C

    Solved! Panasonic Viera to Toslink to Bluetooth Headphones

    Hello, I have a Panasonic TC-L37U22 TV. I bought a Toslink bluetooth transmitter to work with the digital audio out jack on the TV (the only audio out available). I can pair the headphones to the transmitter, but the sound isn't transmitting. Any thoughts? Many thanks.
  4. wanki

    Solved! Buy a 2015 camera in 2019

    Hi! I wanted to buy a camera with limited budget, use only for travel photos. Recently saw that they are selling Panasonic Lumix SZ10 here in Russia for around 100USD, which is affordable for me. However, since it's published 4 years ago, is it still worth to buy? or my iPhone 6 is good for...
  5. P

    Solved! Hdmi to coaxial converter for Blu-ray recorder?

    Hello community, I have a satellite TV box and I've just bought a Panasonic Blu-Ray recorder. My problem is that the satellite box has an hdmi output and a scart output, but the Panasonic recorder doesn't have an hdmi input, only an antenna coaxial input. Of course I can use the scart connection...
  6. J

    Solved! Home cinema blu ray sound set up help.

    I have a Panasonic blu ray player (only has hdmi connection) connected to my projector the projector is then sent to my Sony amp through red and white phonos but I get no sound just image. I'm lost at what to do next. I have checked all audio and display functions in all menus. Panasonic...
  7. S

    Hi hi hi

    I am buy Panasonic smart led then How do install Google play store apps
  8. B

    Solved! How to move

    How to move photos in SD card Panasonic eluga l2
  9. D

    why does my lg smart tv not go back to live tv after watching a dvd on my panasonic recorder when i swith the recorder off, it

    I have a new LG smart tv I have connected my Panasonic HDD/DVD recorder to the tv via a hdmi cable , which works fine, but when I want to go back to live tv I go back to settings select live tv but it does not want to work. With my old tv as soon as I turn off the Panasonic recorder it...
  10. G

    Panasonic GZ2000 OLED TV Teased - And It's Got Hollywood's Seal of Approval

    Panasonic offers a brief but brilliant glimpse of its latest OLED. Panasonic GZ2000 OLED TV Teased - And It's Got Hollywood's Seal of Approval : Read more
  11. B

    Panasonic speakers from the ghetto blaster I have a gray black blue and a red wire which wires go together to the app

    Panasonic speakers for wires red black blue and a gray which ones go together
  12. M

    Solved! Problems connecting an LG oled with a panasonic home theatre system

    I have connected my new LG oled tv to my old Panasonic HTS using HDMI, it includes a HD recorder box in the loop with an optic lead from HTS to HD recorder. I used the "Device Connector" on the TV but sill cant get sound through the HTS. Am I missing something?, or am I naïve thinking just...
  13. L

    How do I download itv hub on my tv

    I’m looking to download itv hub on my Panasonic smart tv but it’s not given me an option to search for new apps ?
  14. A

    Solved! Connect old TV to sound bar

    Panasonic 2007 model TH37PX70BA connecting to a modern sound bar Panasonic which has HDMI and coax input . The TV only has a RCA connectors output. How to use the sound bar .?
  15. G

    Solved! Tried everything ,,DVD surround sound ok ,,tv surround sound nil

    Panasonic smart tv tx 50 as 540b,,has no guidance to set up arc ,,has optical connection ,,my Samsung home centre has no optical connection ,I use rca adapter ,my DVD surround sound is fine ,,unable to get surround sound from my TV, surround setting goes back to stereo every time I try set...
  16. S

    Solved! With a digital dvd video combi do I have to use hdmi?

    Is there any other connection I can use? I used to have a digital Panasonic that didn’t have hdmi but I can’t remember the model
  17. C

    Solved! How can I connect my LG super uhd tv to my Panasonic headphones

    I have Panasonic headphones which worked fine on my Sony tv but I can't find a jack to my new LG UHD TV to plug them I assume there is another connecting point some where
  18. D

    Panasonic 5.1 Home Theatre’s subwoofer making rattling/cracking and popping sounds

    I recently bought Panasonic SC-XH166 5.1 Home Theatre as it was on sale. It has a subwoofer (model no. SB-HW3010) connected to it which makes rattling/cracking noise intermittently on...
  19. H

    Solved! my panasonic eluga ce0700 mobile phone have shut down before 2 days its not back on I have tried many times to turn on it bt

    my panasonic ce0700 mobile phone have shut down before 2 days its not back on I have tried many times to turn on it bt it just show android panasonic again and again and wont back on charging shold be done properly bt no effect of that
  20. R

    Panasonic 32” Tv picture going crazy

    Suddenly the picture has started shaking, difficult to see but sound is fine. Tried watching a recorded programme which plays but is superimposed on last programme watching. The sound is still fine. Any tips please or has my tv given up on me!! Rita
  21. H

    Solved! Smudge inside EVF, help please!

    Does anyone know if this can be fixed DIY? I took it to PhotoTech in NYC but they want $200 fo fix it. I have an extra viewfinder in great condition but they won't use it. Any advice? This smudge does not affect the photos, thanks. I'm using an LX100 Panasonic. [/img]
  22. S

    Txl37e3b Panasonic tv won’t work

    Please help. Our tv is connected to power but it won’t turn on. We’ve tried the usual unplug and leave it to no avail. Thanks
  23. H

    Smudge inside EVF, help please!

    I have a pink smudge on the left side of EVF. I was in wet weather yesterday so maybe something short circuited if that's the right term. Any advice appreciated. Attaching photo, this is a photo I found online but it looks the same as the one on my camera. I have a Panasonic Lumix LX100. Thank...
  24. A

    Stream from desktop PC to non smart TV

    Hello, I have a non-smart Panasonic Viera tv and I want to stream movies and other media to the tv (Netflix, music, downloaded movies in vlc, etc.) from my desktop pc. The tv has a USB port and HDMI port, it does not have wifi. How would I go about doing this? Any help is greatly appreciated...
  25. P

    Solved! Optical output on a Panasonic TV

    I have a panasonic tx-p65vt30b. I recently bought a soundbar (Yamaha YAS 207), but cannot figure out how to connect the optical cable to the soundbar. Am I being completely stupid? I believe I could do it with HDMI ARC but ideally would use the TV volume to control both. EDIT: The Panasonic TV...
  26. G

    Solved! Enable Amazon Cookies

    How do I enable cookies in my browser of Panasonic Viera ST50? Amazon is asking for them so I can sign into the web site
  27. T

    Solved! No audio from tv

    Can't get sound from new samsung tv when connected to Panasonic blu ray by hdmi arc
  28. M

    Panasonic hdtv 1080i screen is dark as if no light. Showing what seems like shadows

    Panasonic hdtv 1080i screen is dark. Was told that a bulb needs to be replaced. Do you know which bulb?
  29. B

    Solved! Connect Panasonic Sounbar (Optical) to Sanyo TV (CoAx)

    I have a Sanyo DP50843 and I purchased a Panasonic TY-SBX130B soundbar. I bought a coax to optical converter (N3ACVCT) and it
  30. C

    Solved! Need help extracting HDMI audio from receiver/TV connection

    Hello, I have a Yamaha RX-V371 receiver (manual) that currently connected to receive input from my cable provider (HDMI2 input) and HDMI from my Blu-ray/DVD player (HDMI1 input). The HDMI OUT of my receiver is connected to my Panasonic TC-P50S60 TV (manual). Both my receiver and TV are capable...
  31. I

    Solved! Turn off soundbar when tv comes on

    Dear Tom, I have a Panasonic tv TX-55EZ952B, and a Panasonic soundbar SC-HTB498, and when I turn the tv on the soundbar automatically comes on. How can I get it where I turn the tv on and have tv sound rather than the soundbar ?. Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you. Ian
  32. 2

    Solved! Sony STR-D715, building a garage stereo...

    Building a garage stereo from an old Sony STR-D715 Receiver. I had an old pair of Panasonic 2 way speakers that I pulled from a mini stereo system, and hooked them up to the A Speakers and had the Sony satellite speakers that came with the receiver hooked up to the B Speakers. Obviously I'm not...
  33. B

    I am getting no sound from my dvd player ...its a Phillips and my tv is Panasonic

    No sound coming from my dvd player My dvd player is a Phillips and my tv is Panasonic
  34. E

    Solved! TV problem - signal issues, artifacts, etc

    Started doing that few days back. When you turn TV on, everything is fine. Then after some time it starts glitching. Sometimes signal is lost, sometimes there are some strange artifacts. Panasonic TC-P50GT30 is the model number. See video of a problem here Sorry for poor quality not too sure...
  35. U

    Solved! TV has no 'TV speakers off' function

    Have an LCD Panasonic Viera which is a few years old and want to add a sound bar, however there is no way to switch offf the TV speakers, will the sound bar or other external speaker system work if I just reduce the TV volume to zero?? Reason I ask is that I read somewhere that you shouldn't...
  36. S

    ARC not working on Hisense TV

    I have a DENON sound bar which I have been using with my LG and Panasonic 4K TVs. The system was working well until I bought a new Hisense 49" class 4K TV (6 series). All efforts to make the sound bar work have thus far failed. This includes changing the TV speaker system to ARC and turning the...
  37. T

    Panasonic tv streaming

    My 2010 37" Panasonic is wifi connected to pc. Although the album cover, track and track time appears it will not play. Any ideas would be appreciated. Tim.
  38. Y

    Solved! Panasonic TV smart TV apps dint show up

    I have a Panasonic smart TV.after connecting it to the internet .the apps on the tv dint display.
  39. J

    When the Shaw technician left the remote was working fine. Now i cannot change the channels. Any suggestions?

    I am on Shaw direct and my tv is a Panasonic Viera.on / off buttons work but I cannot change channels
  40. T

    Solved! VGA to HDMI Converter not working (Panasonic LB78V to Lenovo Y40-70)

    Hello. So a friend of mine bought a projector (Panasonic LB78V) for us to use to project stuff for our church services. This brand of projector is pretty old-school and does not come with a HDMI port (does have VGA). Our laptop of use, Lenovo Y40-70, however, does have HDMI port but not VGA. SO...
  41. D

    Solved! Possible ARC channel problem

    I have a Panasonic TH-65FX600A (3 weeks old) connected to an LG SG9 sound bar via an HDMI 2 high speed cable thru the ARC HDMI 2 port. A Pioneer bluray player is connected to HDMI 1 and a Panasonic bluray player/recorder is connected to the sound bar's passthru port. This setup was working...
  42. N

    Have a sonic Tv model -L42V12aA-au, trying to connect with a Panasonic home theatre sound bar model no - SC-HTB688, Via a o

    Sound bar connection with Sonia tv and Panasonic sound bar
  43. V

    Solved! My Panasonic plasma to-50ps14 needs a new energy recovery circuit. Can I repair mys of

    Panasonic plasma TC-50PS14 suddenly won't turn on and red standby led blinks 6 times , indicating the Driver SOS1 (SC/SSEnergy Recovery Circuit) needs to be replaced. I don't want to purchase a new tv. Can this be repaired, and how much?
  44. J

    Solved! "DVD recorder setup to Direct TV to tv"

    I need help to figure this out. How do I connect my DVD recorder to my Direct TV box to my 2016 Samsung Smart TV so that I can record my favorite tv shows on Direct TV? The tv has composite and 2 HDMI ports.
  45. D

    Solved! how do I connect my AirPods to my Panasonic tv?

    I need to be able to listen to the TV without disturbing others in the room. I cannot connect the AirPods...and maybe they cannot be connected!! Any help here please?
  46. J

    My Panasonic 3d 50" tv will take a few mins to come on then when it do finally come on, it's fine for 2/30mins then switches i

    Panasonic 50" or 55" model number TX-P50ST31B Full 3d tv
  47. C

    Solved! using my tv without remote

    I have a 2011 panasonic tv and I lost remote. The buttons on side will not work. How can I get them working to change channels?
  48. C

    Solved! tv input help

    I have panasonic tv(probably 8-10 yrs old.) I do not have the original remote but have a cox cable remote that is paired with it. It works for volume, changing channels and changing input. But it will not work for changing it to the TV input. I'm wanting to watch tv via a new digital antenna I...
  49. P

    Solved! Camera to PC

    I have a Panasonic TZ200 It has previously downloaded video files to my PC Win10 but will not do it now. They show up on the camera but only the JPEG transfer to the PC.
  50. H

    Sigma 16mm F1.4 lens

    How much better is the Sigma 16mm F1.4 lens compared to the 14-42mm kit lens. I'm talking about in terms of quality sharpness because the kit lens sucks on Panasonic Lumix G7
  51. R

    Panasonic tv turns on then turns off

    panasonic lcd tv model TC-65CX420U turns on to the load screen and light stay red then shuts off after about 30 second
  52. S

    DisplayPort on Panasonic TV can't go full-screen on smaller resolutions

    I have a 58' Panasonic Viera that I game on, connected to my PC via DisplayPort. If I need to play a game at a lower resolution, it will display in a smaller format on the screen - I can't seem to force full screen. Anyone know how to force this? I can't find a setting in the TV's menus, nor am...
  53. G

    how to hook up android box(mxq pro) to panasonic (sa-he100)

    I want to hook up my android box to a Panasonic receiver to receive surround sound.The box has a usb outlet.
  54. R

    How do i connect my speakers to my receiver

    I need help connecting my 4 panasonic sb-hf770 speakers to my yamaha rx-v367 receiver.
  55. D

    I have an older Panasonic 60" tv with only one hdmi port. My firestick had sound at first and not doesn't. How can I get the

    Lost sound when trying to watch with my firestick. Worked fine at first using same port
  56. T

    surround no hdmi

    I have a Panasonic surround sound system with no HDMI connector. I'm trying to connect it to a 2012 model Samsung Smart TV. I have not been able to get sound through my surround sound system. What can I do? Some people tell me I have to get a new surround sound system with HDMI. Is this my only...
  57. L

    i have a older panasonic plasma tv, i tried put a an outdoor antenna connecting to my tv but Im still not receiving any signal

    outdoor antenna not giving me signal
  58. N

    PC Audio to RCA 5.1 Surround Sound System

    Hello. I've recently purchased an HP Omen pre-built desktop PC and would like to plug it into my old surround sound system. The system is a Panasonic SC-DM3 (the guide for which can be found here), and only takes red and white RCA inputs. The problem is, my PC only has HDMI, optical, 3.5mm...
  59. M

    How do I Hook up my amazon firestick to my panasonic hdtv viva 1080I tvSecurity Master protects your privacy

    How do I setup my amazon firestick on my panasonic hdtv viva 1080i