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    Yamaha Receiver & Mbox don't play well

    I have a Panasonic Plasma TV; Yamaha Receiver RX-V381 and an android box - MBOX - H96 Pro. When I hook the box & tv together everything is good & works fine. When I add in the receiver - all I get is picture flashing - no sound, no picture, nothing other than flashing and then signal is lost...
  2. P

    How to connect Panasonic Viera 58DX802B to a NAD amplifier with only analogue (RCA, red, white) input?

    Any suggestions please? Has anyone had success in connecting TV HDMI audio output via a converter to analogue (RCA) amplifier input?
  3. D

    There’s a annoying noise in the back ground

    Panasonic there’s a annoying noise in the back ground
  4. G

    Solved! Is my mainboard OK?

    HI, my 42" led panasonic was on and all of a sudden no picture and sound. after that the red lights blinks up when triggered by the remote. But I cannot put it off with the remote
  5. H

    Solved! No Sound - Samsung KU6300 to Panasonic SC-BTT490 via Digital Optical

    I have a Samsung KU6300 4K TV and I'm trying to get the audio output to my Panasonic SC-BTT490 HTS via Digital Optical Cable, but am not getting sound. I've set the TV to push Audio to Digital Out, instead of speakers, and both set the Panasonic to default TV audio to Digital In and also...
  6. B

    Panasonic viera powers on then back off red blinking light

    Panasonic viera 52 inch powers on but powers back off then red light blinks continuously,anyone know what or why this is happening??
  7. T

    HD Sound Problems

    This is the Panasonic Blu-ray surround sound system. I can get sound from my DVD's, Blu-rays and some tv channels. I can't however get sound from the HD channels. I have tried the optical cable and the HDMI cable and there isn't any sound coming from the HD channels at all.
  8. A

    i have a panasonic tv model no. TH-32SV6D . it is not turning on and makes a strange noise of beep when power is given .

    The t.v. is Panasonic Viera, IPS-LED, SV series. Model no. TH-32SV6D. It is not starting and makes a strange beep sound when power supply is given.
  9. J

    Panasonic TV, no sound from external speakers with HDMI-devices

    I have a 7 year old Panasonic tv (TX-P42G20E) that I've connected to my amplifier with an optical cable. When I set the SPDIF format to PCM it works well with «normal» TV broadcasts (no external device), but I get no sound from external devices (cable box, Playstation etc.) connected via HDMI...
  10. D

    Solved! Removing subwoofer speaker protection cover??

    Hi, I've recently purchased a Panasonic SC-HTB690 soundbar and subwoofer. It looks like it should be straightforward enough to set up, but there's a small note in the instructions which reads "The speaker protection cover is attached to the speaker unit inside the subwoofer. Remove it before...
  11. I

    how to fix a panasonic tv [read description]

    fix a panasonic tv with no light flashing and wont turn on
  12. E

    my panasonic phone touch screen is not working

    touch is not working. so i cant open the lock screen
  13. H

    Canon EOS 77D question

    Hey guys i have a Canon EOS 77D but i can't see how to take pictures in 16:9 except for 3:2 aspect ratio. My Panasonic G7 can take pictures in 16:9 so why Canon can't
  14. H

    Canon 77D and Panasonic G7

    Hey folks, Can i get some help here, i got a Canon 77D last week and Panasonic G7 last month but i want a better lens for both. Which lens should i buy for each or any lens that will work for both. I want 2 lenses with f1.7 or lower but it doesn't have to be zoom, i want them for mostly videos...
  15. M

    I have a 2009 panasonic HDTV model # TC-P42C1 serial # MF91450155 I have basic cable I can't get sound when the little black b

    I need help whith audio on my HMDI connection for 2009 panadonic tv with basic.cable
  16. V

    my sound system is totally ok but not giving the out put

    i brrought my new panasonic blooth speaker with in 1 week is not giving the out put sound
  17. K

    Panasonic TV & Sound System

    I also just developed problems with not getting output sound from individuals speaking on a DVD movie. Sound is there for the intro to the move and background sound is there but there is very little sound for the actors. l guess I pushed a wrong button on the TV remote. I have a Panasonic HDTV...
  18. D

    Can I use my Amazon fire stick with an older Panasonic LCD Tv?

    I have a Panansonic PT-50LC13 TV. Is there any way I can use my Amazon Fire Stick with it, even though the TV lacks an HDMI port?
  19. N

    how to connect panasonic tv to blu ray via cox cable

    blu ray panasonic sc-btt490 and tv panasonc tc-p 425t30
  20. K

    Use of laptop monitor as camera monitor.

    I have a Panasonic PV100 HD Camera with HDM1 port and my laptop has also HDM1 port. Can I see the camera view in my laptop? If so, please guide me in this regard.
  21. 6

    How do we stream live to YouTube from AG-HMC150P Panasonic Camera-recorder?

    How do we stream live to YouTube from AG-HMC150P Panasonic Camera-recorder? What is the best way to connect from Camera to Laptop To YouTube Live streaming. We are recording an event but it takes so long to condense (via handbrake) and then load to YouTube - over 3+ hours for a 20-30 min...
  22. F

    Tv to digital audio system

    How do I connect my Panasonic tv to my Panasonic SA-PMX7DB audio system ?
  23. H

    Panasonic G85 Vs Canon T7i

    Hey folks i am a tech YouTuber and i record on a tripod most of the times, i know camcorders are better for videos and i do have Sony FDR-AX53 but it's bad in a low light with a really small sensor. I want a bigger sensor that's better in low light, by low light i mean a camera that don't need...
  24. P

    Mobile not turning on

    My Panasonic eluga I 3g mobile suddenly shut down before some days and when I tried to turn it on it was just the "powered by Android" logo
  25. C

    Sa-pt470 no centre channel

    I have a Panasonic sa-pt470 home theatre system, and a Panasonic tx-40c300b TV. I tested all the speakers and they're fine but there's no audio coming through the centre channel of the speakers. Audio does come through all the others though
  26. M

    Can I use this soundbar with my PC?

    Panasonic SC-HTB488 This is the soundbar I've got my eye on. Looking at the connections, I'm unsure as to whether it actually has the correct ones for my needs. Sabertooth Z77 The motherboard I'm using, I have had a look to see if there's the right connections on here too.. but I have no idea...
  27. M

    how do I connect digital audio out to my panasonic TV

    I have a panasonic TV Model# TH-L37S10A . My children tried to plug their phone into the back of the computer to recharge phone and also accidentally pushed the digital audio out button at the back and the power went off. How can I fix this any suggestions please we have no other TV
  28. B

    Hi i hav a viera 50 inch panasonic tv it wont turn on any suggsetions

    I turnd off by wall an it wont turn bak on
  29. B

    I’m hooking my Panasonic SA-BT 235 blue ray up to my Vizio E700i-B3. I have picture, music, but no speaking/voice? Help.

    I am trying to hook up a Panasonic Blu Ray SA-BT235 to a Vizio E700i-B3 tv. I get picture but no sound. I have a new HDMI cable as well as the 3 coaxial cable. I also have a optical cable as well?
  30. DzOnIxD

    I want to use HT system as an amplifier for my pc

    I have a Panasonic sa-pt160. It has 4 regular speakers, 1 center speaker and 1 subwoofer for a 5.1 setup. The problem is that it only has one stereo and one scart input. Can anyone tell me if it is possible for me to use more than 2 speakers from that system? I don't want 5.1, but I do want to...
  31. A

    Connect panasonic viera tv to panasonic viera DVD to technics eh750 surround sound system

    Trying to connect panasonic viera tv th-42pz80a and panasonic dvd recorder dmr-xw385 to old technics SC-eh750 surround sound system
  32. J

    Panasonic SU-HTB20 subwoofer to PC hookup.

    SPECS, Windows 10 Asus Z270E motherboard. Panasonic SU-HTB20 Edifier 980t. I have my edifier 980t bookshelf speakers hooked up to my PC via a 3.5mm jack on the back IO of the motherboard in the speakers output port. I was given a subwoofer from a home theater system. The Brand and model are...
  33. P

    Can’t get earphone to work?

    I have a Panasonic TX-32LXD85. Due to my budget I got it second hand. It all works lovely except the earphone socet. When I plug the connector in nothing happens. Is there something I can do to fix this.
  34. sorryboi

    Looking for a TV with Antenna Coax cable in

    I am looking to replace my 8 year old Panasonic TV. I have recieved $500 credit from Costco today so ive been looking into getting a ~4K TV that is 48-52 inches. The problem is I can't find ones that have a coax cable in for my antenna. Keep in mind I can only buy from costco. Looking for big...
  35. M


    my phone panasonic p55 novo automatically restarted and sim where not working. i formated the phone but still the sim was not working.. Please help me out.. I am not also able to click on network setting.
  36. R

    Connect Samsung 6 series smart t.v. to Panasonic hifi system

    I just bought a panasonic hifi system hoping to be able to connect it to my smart tv, all connection are in place but no Sound, any ideas? I have an rca cable going from the hifi to the back of the tv These are the models of what I have: Panasonic 400W 2Ch Wireless Megasound Mini Hi-Fi System...
  37. Y

    How to find my stolen Panasonic phone only and only using iemi number

    My Panasonic mobile was not operate with my email id after stolen. So l find it only using iemi number
  38. M

    Connect Samsung Smart tv with sound bar to Panasonic wireless headphones - 4 years old

    I have a new Samsung smart tv, with sound bar, and some 3-4 year old panasonic wireless headphones that I don't think are Bluetooth. the tv doesn't have audio out point, the sound bar just has an Aux point - I don't know what that is. our old Panasonic tv had headphone point to plug the...
  39. J

    No volume control with remote, all other functions work remotely

    I have a Panasonic Home Theater System which has not been used for some time...the remote functions in every way as it should except for volume control. I can manually adjust volume on the unit itself, but the remote will not adjust volume. Any ideas? Seems odd that all other functions work...
  40. J

    Need help with WD Elements Hard drive

    I have a WD Elements hard drive & it was working fine on all tvs, my Panasonic tv & LG. Just comes up with no storage unit. Was working fine 2mins Ago & now nothing .
  41. E

    Wiring speakers directly to a TV monitor.

    I have a Panasonic TH-42PWD8UK monitor from 2006 that I use with a cable box. The monitor does not have a tuner; the cable box serves that function. For sound, I run cables from the cable box to an A/V receiver, and then out to the speakers. I want to add a Roku Express. That bypasses the cable...
  42. S

    Clean inside of 65" plasma front glass?

    I got my Panasonic TC-P65VT60 plasma tv wet during transportation. No water got in the back, and it powered on with perfect picture for the few seconds it was on for testing. However, a tiny bit of water got behind the front plate glass because this model has the front glass over the top of the...
  43. T

    How do I connect Panasonic Veria TV - Model TC-P60U50, Panasonic Blu-Ray home Theater System Model SC-BTT196 and Dish Network

    I am looking at all the owners manuals for these products and not being tech savvy at all, it is like a foreign language to me. I need someone to explain the simple version to connect all of these items together. We have never been able to get the home theater system to work right, it sounds...
  44. J

    Panasonic camera help

    Hiya I bought a Lumix DMC-FT5 a week ago and since then the flash has gone and it keeps rejecting my SD card also after I take a photo it makes a high pitched sound and the screen just looks like a bar code please help
  45. J

    Yamaha ysp 2200

    Hello to everyone. I’m having huge problems with setting this up correctly :-( Would someone be able to tell me what ideally should plug in where. I’ve got a Panasonic tx-pa2ut30b TV, the yammy. Sony Blu-ray player, an Xbox 360, a lap top, and google chromecast. I think there is a...
  46. U

    Solved! UHD: Panasonic GH5 and Panasonic HC-X1: which of them gives a better image quality?

    Hi, I'm studying these two cameras for UHD videos: Panasonic GH5 and Panasonic HC-X1. I watched many clips on Internet but I still don't understand well. If the both cameras have good settings, which of them gives better results with regard to image quality in open air? I mean better definition...
  47. N

    How can i selwct ok without a remote for panasonic tv

    Lost my remote but need to select ok on my tv i can only use the side buttons which are only volume. Tv and demo
  48. J

    My Panasonic power button blinks 4 times, pause, 4 times, pause..... What board is bad and where do I order it from?

    Tv made a pop sound and now the Panasonic power button blinks 4 times, pause, 4 times, will not turn on
  49. H

    Trying to get sound to play from my Samsung smart TV to play through my Panasonic home theater system

    I'm having issues getting sound From my playstation 4 through my Panasonic model number SAHT740 need suggestion
  50. C

    I need to connect up a Panasonic 40" tv to a Panasonic dvd player and a denon amplifier/ tuner

    My Panasonic TV is new with HDMI connections only. My Panasonic dvd player has one HDMI connection plus obsolete scart connections. My Denon is connected to my dvd via my dvd HDMI on the Denon. How do I connect my new Panasonic TV to one or the other ?Thank you. Colin
  51. O

    Solved! PC > DisplayPort to HDMI adapter out > Yamaha 1070 Receiver > Panasonic OLED TV = only works at 1024x768

    Hi all, Hopefully someone can help with this issue. I'm attempting to output my PC to a Panasonic TV via a Yamaha Receiver but I can only get an image when I set the PC output resolution to 1024x768. Any other resolution, up to 1080p causes the Receiver HDMI signal image on the front of the...
  52. A

    i have panasonic th-l42u30m tv and Lg lhd657 home theater , i connect all wire with HDMI arc

    Hi , i have panasonic th-l42u30m tv and Lg lhd657 home theater , i connect all wire with HDMI arc but i didn’t know how to make the sound come from the home theater , also the HDMI setting doesn’t appear in my tv . i didn’t try the opticale cable because i have the HDMI , do you recommend that...
  53. C

    No audio from home theater system when watching TV but sound with videos and radio

    I have an HDMI cable connecting my Panasonic Home Theater surround sound system, model # SC-PT650. Link to manual: There is no sound coming from the home theater when watching TV, which is hooked up to a cable box. There is sound when a...
  54. G

    Can't output sound from Samsung TV to Panasonic home theater

    I have Samsung TV MU6100, and i want output sound from TV to my home theater Panasonic SC-DP1(old man). Theater doesn't support HDMI, i have tried both optical connection and RCA, but get no sound, regardless that i connected Panasonic to TV from settings and it recognize it, so i can control it...
  55. U

    Solved! track lost my Panasonic eluga arc cell phone IMEI number 358090070000764

  56. M

    Panasonic viera TH-P50VT20A

    Yesterday my Panasonic viera Tv started switching off on it’s own after 30secs of being on. Red light flashes 11 times after it turns off. Appears to be a known fault with these tv’s but can’t find solution to fix. Panasonic themselves are no help what so ever. Have tried resetting and plugging...
  57. B

    Panasonic Surround reciever, volume not working.

    I have an older (circa 2005-2006 or so) Panasonic reciever and surround sound system. For some reason, we woke up new years day, and the volume no longer works on it. Turning the nob on the receiver itself, nor the volume remote button works. The remote functions as normal in every other way...
  58. M

    Solved! Panasonic HDTV 1080i red power button on steady my TV will not turn on unplugged for 1 minute and plugged in again still red p

    Panasonic HDTV 1080i red power button on steady will not turn on for blue light unplug power cord for 1 minute plug back in red light on and steady screen will not come on when on button pushed
  59. L

    rca sound bar no sound

    panasonic tv no output options for speakers digital cable hooked up sound bar set on digital green light on no sound