Panasonic Surround reciever, volume not working.


Jan 3, 2018
I have an older (circa 2005-2006 or so) Panasonic reciever and surround sound system. For some reason, we woke up new years day, and the volume no longer works on it. Turning the nob on the receiver itself, nor the volume remote button works. The remote functions as normal in every other way, but the volume buttons do nothing. The remote volume button does work on another receiver I use for the record player, so between that, and the nob on the receiver itself also not working, I know that it has nothing to do with the remote itself. Nothing was changed or moved around or anything of the such, and the volume was working fine the previous night.

Let me know if you guys have any bright ideas, I love my old system, and am not all that excited about replacing it with a new one.