Question Hisense ARC connection not working

Oct 5, 2021
Hi, I have a hisense 65a6101eu and a yamaha rx-v385 receiver. I bought the receiver about a year ago and hooked it all up and it worked fine with the hdmi arc access. A couple of months ago we moved. I set everything up the same way but for some reason it no longer recognizes the arc connection. Nothing changed but it does not work. I tried all the recommendations found online including factory reset on both TV and receiver. Firmware is up to date on both. I bought a 4k and 8k hdmi cable. The weird thing is if I connect through the arc ports, I can use the AV remote to control TV, but no sound. I checked that CEC is activated on both. Sound setting is on pass through. When I unplug the cable and plug back in it will switch to arc (from TV sound) for maybe 10 sec, then revert back to to tv sound. ARC is then grayed out again and cannot be selected.

I have sound connected through optical cable but I would like to have it through hdmi to get dolby and atmos. Is it possible that one of the arc ports is broken? How would I know?

Thank you for your help
Nov 18, 2021
Hi, not sure if this will solve your issue but it worked for me.

I purchased a Hisense 75 A6 series tv. Immediately attempted to connect my Samsung hwj7500 soundbar via the Tv's ARC hdmi port. It would not produce sound or image. I connect my Xbox one hdmi to the soundbars hdmi in port and ran another hdmi cable from the soundbars hdmi arc out to the Hisense hdmi 1 ARC input. As per Samsung directions, again did not work.

After repeated online searches, resets, reconnecting Cables, checking CEC and 2 lengthy calls to Hisense tech support no solutions were found.

My Solution:
After researching what ARC (audio RETURN channel) I came to a solution. If it's a return channel then the signal doesn't necessarily have to be sent via the same channel (port 1 hdmi arc). Any audio source will be returned via ARC hdmi 1 port. I connected my Xbox one hdmi cable to Hdmi 2 port on TV. And a hdmi cable via my soundbar's hdmi ARC out port to the Tv's hdmi ARC port 1.

The sound bar works as it should with TV, turns on, turns off and volume. Whenever I use my Xbox the TV is set to hdmi 2 and the sound bar works as it should with a TV ARC displayed on front.

I hope this helps.