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  1. J

    Why does my Panasonic smart tv keep losing internet connection

    What is a thread dont understand what that means
  2. W

    No audio through coaxial cable on old Panasonic Viera

    I have this very old Panasonic Viera I’m trying to hook up for my grandparents to use. When I was using it I only used it with a Roku and HMDI cable and it worked perfectly. Here they only have a coaxial cable for cable tv. I managed to get all the channels etc, but the sound won’t work. Have...
  3. Jttw2

    Do comfortable earbuds for long hours of usage exist? (Under $50)

    Basically the title :) I've been looking for a decent pair of earbuds that are comfortable enough to wear for hours while I either play games or do homework for college, and would like to upgrade from my $8 panasonic ergofit earbuds. Currently the budget is max $50, but preferred around $30...
  4. M

    What does continuous flashing standby light mean ?

    I have a 42 inch Panasonic tv. When switched on the standby light blinks continuously. I have changed the power supply board for a new one and yet the problem is still the same. It attempts to switch on and then goes back to standby mode blinking. Please help me.
  5. J

    Panasonic PV-DC252D Camcorder tape eject help

    I have an old Panasonic miniDV camcorder (PV-DC252D). When I turn it on, the message on the screen says "press the reset button". After I do that, the message on the screen says "needs to be serviced". The entire time this is happening, camcorder is running loudly and I cannot open/eject the...
  6. B

    What version HDMI in my Panasonic TH-42PC77U

    I have a Panasonic TV model TH-42PC77U with 2 HDMI inputs. What version HDMI on this tv? What recommendations for expanding the number of HDMI ports?
  7. Q

    Panasonic lumix dc-fz82

    Is there a way I can Opteka F/8-26 650-1300mm ?
  8. D

    My Panasonic plasma suddenly not displaying the image why so

    Suddenly our Panasonic plasma TV doesn't display any video but the audio is normal. Please suggest a solution
  9. A

    Conversion of Panasonic IC FET 4 Channel Stereo to Bluetooth

    Anyone have any suggestions? I don't have an output here and need some advice on how to get one. Very new to this, and this thing is older than me. :)
  10. P

    Samsung smart tv won’t recognise Panasonic pvr

    Trying to connect Panasonic pvr to Samsung smart tv but keep getting message no signal
  11. D

    Hooking Up an Old Panasonic DVD Home Sound System to Direct TV Box and Sony Smart TV.

    I have a panasonic dvd home sound system (SC-HT640W) with no optic sound or hdmi outputs. I am trying to connect this with my direct tv box (hr54-200) and sony smart tv (XBR55X900E). I'm not sure the flow required and what cords are needed to setup the surround sound for both my dvd's and cable.
  12. P

    Help with this

    Want to connect a Fire stick to a 15yr. old. Panasonic plasma tv with A/V. ports
  13. N

    Solved! How can I turn on a 50-inch Panasonic flat-screen TV no remote no power button

    There's no power button or remote how do I get to bed on
  14. M

    i have a panasonic bluray dvd player/recorder picture only static sound

    bluray dvd recorder/player put dvd in picture but static sound please help.
  15. R

    sound bar and subwoofer used to play fine,then quit playing after a couple mnutes and shuts down--why

    tv Panasonic,vizio sound bar used to work fine. Then sound bar will only work for couple minutes then shuts down. Will start working after short time, but only for couple minutes. There was no schematics with system bought from Sams Club.
  16. M

    Looking for amplifier

    I have a Panasonic 5 cd changer surround sound system but, the cd player is not working but speakers are in very good condition. Please suggest me amplifier for this speakers. 1) two surround speakers 8 ohms, 60 watts (Model: SB-PS70A) 2) two woofer 6 ohms, 160 watts...
  17. D

    Need to locate the hdmi port on the back of a Panasonic tv dated 2013 hanging on wall

    Need to locate the hdmi port on the back of a 2013 Panasonic tv hanging on wall. Need to connect a Firestick.
  18. P

    how to record panasonic camcorder video on pc live

    i have dell inspiron 15R i3 processor model.i purchased panasonic hc v785 camcorder which both option to connect with pc by HDMI cable and wifi but still it does not get connected . what to do
  19. T

    stuck on logo p85 panasonic

    my panasonic p85 phone automatically switched off and then restarted and stuck on the logo for 3-5 hr. please help me out. thank you.
  20. M

    Time to retire my ST60 Plasma?

    Replace Panasonic ST60 with TCL 6 series or wait? The ST60 still has great picture with deep blacks but it’s 2014 technology.
  21. J

    Get my Firestick work through my Panasonic home theatre model #SA-HT640

    Have blue,red, and green coax cables running from surround sound to tv but Firestick does not play through surround sound
  22. G

    Recording on to Panasonic DMR-EX88 dvd recorder from New Panasonic 4K tv that doesn't have scart connections.only HDMI

    Hello everybody, I am new on here and wondered how I could Record on to Panasonic DMR-EX88 dvd recorder from New Panasonic 4K tv that doesn't have scart connections.only HDMI. I have just changed my TV and the old tv had scart coccections so when I connected DVD to TV via scart Through AV1, as...
  23. B

    my panasonic eluga a not showing anything

    i got a call and that time my phone got hanged not working .and try to restart but it not working then i remove the battery after that my phone not working
  24. M

    Panasonic Viera tv

    The t.v. blinks 10 times but never turns on.
  25. V

    Hi, I have a Panasonic plasma, model th-p 42S ~t 30D , it's not switching on, red light blinks, when it's green, then swit

    Panasonic plasma switching off
  26. S

    I have an old Panasonic tv and bought a A/V converter but it doesn’t play sound and it’s black and white

    So we connected that converter to our Xbox one and it doesn’t play sound and it’s in black and white, I read some where maybe we should change the setting to composite but it only gives me component and rbg as an option, rbg just turns it green and no sound, what should I do?
  27. R

    Looking to buy a firestick to my tv

    I have a Panasonic viera TV which is buyed before 2015 and it has HDMI port can my TV support Amazon firestick ???
  28. O

    Black and white display

    I have a panasonic tx40cx400b tv,hdmi ports and every other features seems ok.but i tried connecting the dvd player to component y/pb/pr ..its a 3 display port..only one of it displays black and white,the others dont.the audio output plays out...I've tried different player all displays...
  29. P

    clicking noise after fifteen minutes and electric static passes through T.V when touched.What is the problem? This is a Panaso

    clicking noise after fifteen minutes and electric static passes through T.V when touched. Screen goes on an off & there is flickering noise.What is the problem? The model is a Panasonic Vierra 42" LCD Plasma....................................
  30. R

    How can I hook up my Panasonic TV 2011 series to my Kenwood receiver

    I have a Panasonic 47 inch plasma I'm trying to hook up my surround sound but my receiver which is a Kenwood do not have a HDMI it only has the RCA jacks and the optical what can I do
  31. G

    Panasonic Lumix ZS200 Bridge Camera Review: The Traveler's Choice

    Panasonic's advanced bridge camera is relatively pricey but offers a powerful 15x optical zoom and a large 1-inch image sensor in a compact body, which makes it great for traveling. Panasonic Lumix ZS200 Bridge Camera Review: The Traveler's Choice : Read more
  32. K

    Can' connect toshiba to panasonic TV

    Hey I have been browsing the forums for ages and tried everything but nothing seems to work to display my pc on TV. Facts: -Plugging toshiba through hdmi on a LG TV, instantly displays the image -Plugging a compaq laptop (win.8) with hdmi to panasonic TV instantly displays the image...
  33. curoius

    How many of you are still watching SD signal on HDTV ?

    Hi, I have purchased a Panasonic 40" HDTV. Where I live HD set top is very costly and so is the monthly charges. How many of you are still watching SD signal on HDTV ?
  34. J

    Amp projector soundbar

    So... I have a Optoma projector....a pioneer VSX-LX51 receiver and a Panasonic SC-HTB448... and the beginnings of a migraine trying to connect and get any sound! The projector speaker works fine.. I’ve bought every cable curry’s can offer... in need of some guidance!! And help greatly...
  35. M

    Tv channels 1,2,9,19 and 81 missing

    Can anyone help with this problem please. I am currently unable to get the following TV channels. 1,2 9, 19,81 and probably others that I don’t watch. This is from the Caradon Hill tx on Bodmin moor. This started last weekend after I did a rescan because of poor reception on 1 and 2. The Tx has...
  36. P

    How to watch free to air tv with no optical point

    I have a Panasonic plasma tv and want to watch free to air tv but it does not have a optical point
  37. W

    Solved! 200 Kilo Panasonic Plasma Wall Mount

    Hi all, After years of owning my plasma I've finally decided to mount it on the wall. However, there's a slight problem; it's 200 kilograms (440 pounds). 320 kilos with the stand! How exactly would you mount it? Are there any reinforcements that should be added to the wall or something like...
  38. E

    How much should I ask for my TV?

    I'm looking to sell a Panasonic 50 inch Plasma TC-P50S2. It's a 2010 model unit in excellent condition with no issues. Any feedback is appreciated.
  39. G

    Solved! How to hook a panasonic sa-pt660 home theater to a 50 magnavox smart tv with amazon firebox tv

    I have a magnavox 50" smart tv, model# 50mv336x/f7. I dont use a cable box, but amazon firebox. I want to hook my old panasonic sa-pt660 home theater to it. Have tried the RCA jacks, but only get static and no yellow port on tv. Any help would be great, so I dont go buy a new theater setup
  40. F

    Microphone for Panasonic Home theater BTT785

    What do I need to set up a microphone for my Panasonic Home Theater BTT785?
  41. W

    Panasonic EZ28 dvd recorder acting erratic

    My old reliable 2009 Panasonic DMR-EZ38 DVD recorder has started acting erratically. Sometimes with turn-on, it plays and records OK. Sometimes it plays but won’t record.(no it is not a disk problem, already checked it out). Other times it records OK. Almost always plays OK, but usually get the...
  42. K

    My 50 in panasonic plasma will not pick up any channels when is can it says no signal what can I do

    My 50 in panasonic plasma keeps saying no signal after doing channel scan what can I check
  43. A

    panasonic power going to tv but screen no coming on red light flashinh slowly

    Panasonic power going to the tv but screen not coming on red light flashing slowly
  44. V

    TV stuck on screen

    I have a Panasonic 50" Vierra Link Plasma TV, model TC-50G10. I have not used it for about 3 years. I just hooked it up and the audio is working but the video is stuck on the hd/sd selection screen. The remote will not let me hit okay or use the side arrows. I can do everything else with the...
  45. J

    Solved! My panasonic tc-l32c3 it was 2 weeks old n we came back from vacation n it didnt work is it fixable

    32 " panasonic tc-l32c3 was 2 weeks old n we came home n hasnt worked since
  46. E

    Solved! I have a Blu-ray Panasonic sound surround system and a Samsung smart tv. I have Directtv Now system. How do I hook up my sound

    How to get the sound system hooked up to tv
  47. S

    Stuck on checking connection

    HI, I have Panasonic eluga L2 phone. I did factory data reset on this phone. After factory data reset, startup as new fresh one. Then I connect a phone to wifi network as suggested wifi network to proceed. But on next screen, I stuck on "checking the connection, this can take a while..' I cant...
  48. R

    How do i get to my Panasonic TH-42PD50U MENU WIRHOUT A REMOTE

    Don't have remote
  49. D

    droped a screw

    ive got the Panasonic SB-WA870 and i accidentally droped a screw in it and im scared that its going to explode but is it?
  50. B

    How do I adjust the volume on my DVD player without sound buttons on remote?

    How do I adjust the volume on my DVD player? I've got both picture and sound, but the sound is way too low. I did hook up: Screen – Samsung SyncMaster 226BW DVD player – Panasonic DVD-S58 I can't find any sound buttons on the DVD player itself, the remote or the screen.
  51. V

    Not switching on

    My Panasonic eluga tapp is not switching on... I kept it on charging 10% and then after 3 hr it was still the same no progress so I left it as it is and slept after 6 hrs I woke up and it did not respond and since then it's switch he'd off, not even charging not switching on What do I do now...
  52. G

    Panasonic SA-HE70 AV Receiver

    Hello I have a Panasonic SA-HE70 AV Receiver...that friend gave me...that does not have hdmi in or out ports..that i want to use as my home can someone tell me what i need to hook up these items to this receiver...hdmi tv, hdmi roku, hdmi blu ray player and my ps4...Thanks
  53. M

    My phone is not start its blinking how to swithon

    When mobile is on Panasonic lobo displaying blinking its not open properly what to do
  54. J

    How to ad ad Samsung J355 Sound Bar to a Panasonic TH42PD60U TV

    Connect a Samsung sound bar to a Panasonic TV.
  55. T

    I need a Panasonic tx-50a4008b screen

    How much is a screen for a TX-50A4008B Panasonic
  56. J

    How can I connect my honey bear film box to my Panasonic surround sound system??

    I can get the TV to work both but I can't get the three to work together please help
  57. M

    Connecting PS4 to a non HDMI panasonic plasma tv th-50 pv 30 using HDMI to Scart converter

    I Connect PS4 to my panasonic plasma tv th-50 pv 30 using this scala converter I only have sound. No images. What can I do? Thanks Miguel
  58. N

    I have an old Panasonic Viera plasma TV 58" with no HDMI ARC and Pioneer AVR model VSX 1325K, which has HDMI ARC. I connected

    I also have Panasonic BD55 bluray player that I connected to Pioneer AVR via HDMI cable. I connected Pre-out of Pioneer AVR to the external tube amplifier Fatman Carbon, to which I connected PSB Image B4 speakers. When I spin a CD in the bluray player, I get the sound on the PSB speakers. But...
  59. I

    No DTS output from soundbar (LG HS7) with PS4 pro

    Hi Guys, I bought a new TV (Panasonic EX750T) which supports 4K and HDR then i connected it to the soundbar (LG HS7) and PS4 pro via HDMI cables as below. PS4 <-> Soundbar (HDMI In) Soundbar <-> TV (HDMI ARC) But the picture showed only 2K so i reconnected them to have 4K picture as below...