No DTS output from soundbar (LG HS7) with PS4 pro

Apr 25, 2018
Hi Guys,

I bought a new TV (Panasonic EX750T) which supports 4K and HDR then i connected it to the soundbar (LG HS7) and PS4 pro via HDMI cables as below.

PS4 <-> Soundbar (HDMI In)
Soundbar <-> TV (HDMI ARC)

But the picture showed only 2K so i reconnected them to have 4K picture as below.

PS4 <-> TV (HDMI 1)
Soundbar <-> TV (HDMI ARC)

Now i got the 4K picture but i cannot change the audio to be DTS. It remains Dolby Digital even i setup the PS4 to Bitstream (DTS) and HDMI sound option on TV to Bitstream as well. The info on the soundbar shows DD.

Is there anyway i can get the audio as DTS?

Thanks in advance.
Could you get DTS when you connected the PS4 directly to the soundbar?
If not then the soundbar doesn't support DTS (they have to pay to license that and chose not to) and you can't get DTS regardless of how you connect it..
If it did then the problem is the TV won't pass DTS. You could try using an HDMI 4k distribution amp to split the PS4 HDMI output and connect that to both the TV and soundbar. You could also try using an HDMI input selector with audio extraction and connect that to the soundbar with an optical cable. That can carry DTS.
Apr 25, 2018

Now i know why...
The soundbar cannot pass 4K from PS4 to the TV and TV can send the audio output only as DD (that's why it cannot be DTS).
So i bought the optical cable and plugged into the PS4 and soundbar and it works.
DTS can send from PS4 to the soundbar with mode "OPTICAL" while the picture is in 4K with below connection.

1. HDMI1 : TV <-> PS4
2. Optical : Soundbar <-> PS4

Anyway, Thanks for your suggestion.

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