Question Polk Magnifi Mini Soundbar to PC.


Jun 4, 2017

I own a Polk Magnifi Mini soundbar , which is connected to my PC,
when i connected the speakers to my Motherboard via Toslink port, i found that audio was very low, and it could not play dolby or dts,
So i purchased a Asus Xonar DX card, and used the modded drivers as the normal drivers could not deteact my soundbar. The dolby enabled light is visible on my soundbar now, but i am not happy with the sound as therea are lots of noise and static issues.
What are the best options to connect soundbar to pc with dolby and dts support without sound card .

Specs ..
LG 4k Monitor
Magnifi Mini soundbar with only hdmi arc port
Asus B450 motherboard
Sapphire R9 390 gfx card


Extra noise when using optical is often the connection, try with another cable and make sure it's in properly. Could be the modded drivers causing the issue also. Audio being low on the optical out on the motherboard could be due to the soundbard, the optical out is just a straight line output, the audio level would be controlled by whatever is connected to it.
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