Solved! pc tv and soundbar only give me the option of 2 channel and nothing but

Nov 1, 2021
hey all so i have an older samsung smart tv with hdmi inputs, optical inputs
a pc with hdmi and display port with a display port to hdmi adapter cponnected, there is a spdif port but i believe it is broken, and i also have 6 rca inputs at the back of my pc which have never been used/ soundbar is a vizio 5.1 i believe as it has a wireless subwoofer, 2 small surropund speakers and a center channel

soundbar is the only device with an hdmi arc output soundbar also has, hdmi in, optical in, digital inuts.

my goal is to have video from pc to my tv, and have my soundbar outputting 5.1.

hwhen i try to confiugure devices, iit only supports 2 channel and is very limited, ive tried updating drivers, rolling them back, i dont know what else to do.

to be honest it sounds like the soundbar is oujtputting 5.1

but i dont understand why it is telling me otherwise and not allowing me to select 5.1 or anything

current set up
from sound or graphics card - display port to hbdmi adapter into tv hdmi input
opoptical from tv to vizio sound bar optical
hdmi from pc video card, or sound card(not sure will attach photos) conected to soundbar
What is not allowing you to select 5.1, the PC software? That is normal since the 5.1 setup is actually for those 6 outputs on the computer specifically for the different audio channels. Don't worry about it if everything sounds normal.