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  1. K

    I have a Panasonic surrond sound system and a Phillips HDMI TV. I can't seem to get surround sound from my TV to go into surro

    I want to get my Phillips TV in surround sound thru my Panasonic surrond sound system and I've tried everything and nothing seems to work.
  2. bryanthemercman

    Is it possible to connect my DVD Player to my surround sound amp as the connections differ.

    Need some advice I have a Sherwood Tuner Amplifier with phono connections and I want to use the sound HDMI connection to connect to the amplifier. The DVD Player is a Panasonic DMP-UB400EBK the Sherwood does also have an optical connector but I use that to connect my twin cassette recorder at...
  3. W

    Difficulty in getting a Fire Stick to work

    Difficulty in getting a Fire Stick to work on a 5+ year old Panasonic Plasma tv. Somehow, my cable set-top box input was deleted and now unable to get it restored.
  4. K

    How to connect my Panasonic RP-WF70 HEADPHONE to my Sumsung TV?

    The user's guide is in Japanese, which was not helpful