Solved! Hdmi to coaxial converter for Blu-ray recorder?

Feb 4, 2019
Hello community,
I have a satellite TV box and I've just bought a Panasonic Blu-Ray recorder. My problem is that the satellite box has an hdmi output and a scart output, but the Panasonic recorder doesn't have an hdmi input, only an antenna coaxial input. Of course I can use the scart connection but that won't make it HD quality and so I can't use the Blu-Ray feature on the recorder. Is it possible to "convert" the HD-signal from hdmi to coaxial via an adapter, using the coax-input of the recorder and at the same time making it remain HD quality?
I wager that recorder is made to record OTA. Cable/Sat vendors don't want to allow you to record directly off their HDMI, anti-piracy they say, they will allow you to record off their analog output from set-top box if available. Vendors will allow and often will sell/rent you a DVR box