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    Solved! Portable external blu ray writer usb-c

    I'm looking to buy an external writer for my laptop it must be a portable size. I have a HP laptop I'm not sure which one is best I have USB 3 and USB-C connectors please advise and suggest options thanks. I am in UK.
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    Solved! Rip blu-ray to iso file with menu?

    Decided to rip my blu-rays and DVDs and store them on a hard drive and stream them to my TV, via PS4 and Plex. However, some of the blu-rays--such as bonus dics to music concerts--contain many 'separate' menus that are navigated via the menu. I use a Mac computer. When I ripped such a blu-ray...
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    Solved! Hdmi to coaxial converter for Blu-ray recorder?

    Hello community, I have a satellite TV box and I've just bought a Panasonic Blu-Ray recorder. My problem is that the satellite box has an hdmi output and a scart output, but the Panasonic recorder doesn't have an hdmi input, only an antenna coaxial input. Of course I can use the scart connection...
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    Connect to my netgear router

    I’m having problem connecting my lg blue ray bpm 35 to netgear router
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    Solved! Home cinema blu ray sound set up help.

    I have a Panasonic blu ray player (only has hdmi connection) connected to my projector the projector is then sent to my Sony amp through red and white phonos but I get no sound just image. I'm lost at what to do next. I have checked all audio and display functions in all menus. Panasonic...
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    Solved! Connect hifi, chromecast, blu-ray and tv

    Hi everyone I'm looking at buying a chromecast device and at the moment my panasonic blu-ray and sony bravia tv are connected to my LG hifi system. I don't want to keep unplugging Audio RAC CABLE from blu-ray and plugging into tv when i want to watch netfliks through Chromecast..?
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    dvd to proyector pic but not sound

    I have a proyector and dvd blue ray sony connected true hdmi and only 1 dvd works perfectly pic and sound but hall the rest not work only picture not sound at all please i need an answer.
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    Solved! Blue ray player isn't being recognized by tv.

    I recently bought a new blueray player (LG). For some reason the signal from the player isn't being received by the tv (LG also). it states "no signal". I have tried changing HDMI cables. Using different HDMI ports on the TV. All of the ports on the tv work as demonstrated by the Roku box...
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    Solved! i have a samsung smart tv and a soundbar. i would like to hook up a blue ray dvd and a wireless head set do i need a 3way opti

    i have a samsung smart tv with a sound bar i would like to hook up a blue ray dvd and wireess head set. do i need an optical 3 way splitter
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    Solved! Looking for an external blueray drive!

    Basically my setup requires me to have an external blueray drive. However, I need one capable of sending 7.1 channel surround sound for my PC to decode and send it to my speakers like it was intended by the sound engineer making the movie. Are there any in extisence? If so, please recommend...
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    Solved! How connect blu ray home theatre to a Emerson tv show use the hdm1

    I can't connect a blu ray home theatre to a Emerson tv Whit HDMI Don't appear nothing and the screen
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    how do i find the code for my onyx head phone to match with my proscan tv

    cant get my bluray headphones to match up with my proscan hdtv because i cant find the code
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    Blu ray player

    Samsung blu ray connect to sanyo TV via hdmi. Have pic but no sound
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    Solved! Connect blueray to flat screen tv

    How do I connect a sony blueray player to an element flatscreen tv with spectrum cable.
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    Solved! region free blu ray

    I'm looking for a region free device. I had an older one handed off to me by a friend, I have BluRay/DVDs from Britian, USA, and China (my Buffy collection, oddly, came from there). I went through a phase of buying collections from before they became wise to the free shipping...
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    Solved! Sony UBP X700 and Yamaha YAS 108 soundbar power issue.

    Hello, So I have run into a problem I am not sure how to resolve. I upgraded to a Samsung 4K tv recently and decided to buy a 4K Blu Ray Player. I went with the Sony ubp X700. Shortly after I decided to pickup the Yamaha YAS 108 soundbar. I have the soundbar plugged into the TVs ARC input...
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    HDMI (arc) connections help

    I'd like to know the proper diagram (route) To combine Blu-ray player,sound bar, and smart tv using HDMI Cables via ARC ports? please :)
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    How do I get sound from my Samsung blu ray player to my vizio

    I can't get the sound to go thro 2 my vizio TV
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    Looking to build an awesome htpc need help never built a computer

    Want to build a PC that can play DVDs and blue Ray's that I can then stream kinda like netflix to my TV with out internet as I'm in the country and dont want to pay stupid prices for satellite
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    What if you have a flat screen and it doesn't have the green or blue on back. Can you connect this to a DVD blue ray and get

    We have yellow and white on back of tv
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    Solved! No sound from DVD-worked for years [SOLVED]

    It's a Samsung BluRay, but suddenly i get picture, no sound. The TV sound works - for other inputs.
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    Solved! Trying to get audio when connecting blu-ray player to monitor

    Hi all, I want to connect my blu ray player to my monitor, and this was easy to achieve with a HDMI cable. The picture is perfect, and the only issue is that there is no audio since the monitor isn't enabled for sound. This is all pretty 'duh', so my actual question is this - what are my...
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    Solved! adding DVD player to analog TV/DirecTV DVR setup

    What extra equipment do I need to put the DVD player in the mix and take advantage of the player's smart functions? DirecTV did the connection between the old TV and their equipment, and I don't want to disturb that until I have some idea what I'm doing. I changed the modem out myself a month...
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    Solved! What blueray player to but to stream kodi

    Trying to buy a blueray player to stream kodi to watch 3d movies
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    music but no dialogue

    Have a Vizio 4k tv and a Vizio 2 channel sound bar and a Sony 4k Blu-ray player and get music but no dialogue when I play a movie. Have tried just about everything. Any idea what it might be?
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    Solved! DOLBY ATMOS sound

    HI ,I tried playing my new Blue-ray copy of the new Mission Impossible movie ,but there is no Centre channel sound. The voices are in Stereo mode. I have a Sony blue ray, plus Denon processor.I have since sent the copy back to Amazon.Any ideas ?
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    Solved! I’m trying to connect my LG Blu Ray to the internet, I have a followed the steps to connect but when I click connection sett

    I’m trying to connect my LG Blu Ray DVD player to the WiFi, I have followed all steps to connect but when I click connection setting it says “check the network connection cable” and I don’t know what to do cuz I can’t watch Netflix or update without internet. If you guys can help I would be...
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    Solved! Samsung bluray disk player bd-h5900

    Is there a way to select the language in initial settings screen with no remote? Im so frustrated trying to download apps that dont even work let alone load... Please help...!
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    Solved! Video set up

    I am trying to hook a LG blue ray dvd to a smart Tv. I have a picture but no sound. What do I need to do.
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    Solved! Is there any advantage to connect cable box to soundbar?

    I have a setup with 4k Samsung tv, Sony soundbar, blu ray player, PS4. I'm upgrading the blu ray player to a 4k player and will also redo the existing connections so that I can take advantage of lossless audio. TV has 4 HDMI ports (1 ARC). Soundbar has 3 HDMI In and one HDMI out. However...
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    Solved! Blu-ray player not recognized as HDMI input by television (both LG)

    I'm trying to setup a dvd/blu ray player for my grandma, but when I connect it to the television the tv keeps saying "no signal". When I use the same HDMI cable to connect to my MacBook it does give a signal. The player used to work perfectly fine with the previous owner's television. Are the...
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    Solved! How can I hook up Sony Blue Ray to a media com cable box and a smart Tv

    I have a Sony Blu-ray w/HDMI out and RCA Audio In. I have a media com cable box w/HDMI going to Tv and a audio out. And a Sanyo tv with 2 HDMI
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    Solved! Looking for device to connect

    I have a jvc tv connected to my blu ray disc i have direct tv. I just bought lg surround-sound with the woofer. I have the surround-sound connected to the direct tv. What device can i buy so i can stop taking optal device from bluray to direct tv?
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    Solved! Soundbar and 5:1 connected together

    Hi, I have a Harmon Kardon soundbar connected to Munj samsung 4K TV. I also have a samsung blu Ray Player cum receiver connected to 5:1 speakers. Recently I have bought a Marantz N1509. Would I be able to connect my HK soundbar and 5:1 system together to make it 6:2 system? Thanks.
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    i have a toshiba smart tv and a sony blue ray/dvd player i have a picture but no sound any help would be appreciated thanks jo

    i have a toshiba smart tv and a sony blue ray/dvd player i have visual but no sound any help would be appreciated
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    Solved! Can you play a 4K Blu-ray on a normal Blu-ray player?

    I just want to know if I insert a 4K Blu-ray movie into a normal Blu-ray player, will it play? I know it won't be in 4K, but will it at least still work? Specifically trying to use a PS3 (because of the built-in Blu-ray player) to play a 4K Blu-ray movie.
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    How can I hook up DVD to Surround Sound

    How can I hook up an LB BP350 Blu Ray Player to an RCA RT 2870 Receiver and my Samsung 4K TV at the same time.
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    Solved! Bluray hooked up to sharp roku with HDMI cord

    Bluray previews all have sound, even before hitting play I have sound once movie starts no sound. Help. I don't know what else to do
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    Marantz reciever not alowing Blu-ray signal from Sony Blu-ray player through to tv (dvd's work fine)

    Sony Blu-Ray to Marantz receiver to TCL tv. DVD's work fine, video goes black after initial Blu-ray logo spins for a moment with one Blu-ray disk, and just goes straight to black with another. Equipment: Marantz NR1403 Slim Line 5.1 channel home theater AV receiver TCL LE55FHDF3300ZTA 55-Inch...
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    Can’t get a channel on rca

    RCA keeps saying please run channel scan, I keep scanning for channels but nothing. I want to watch a movie with my LG blue ray HDMI everything is plugged in and can’t get a picture or channel. Help very frustrating.
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    Sony bluray player shows cd or usb and won't play movie

    I'm just trying to watch a dvd. I am clueless. I don't watch tv often lol Normally you switch the input, put the DVD in and then the movie comes on. But the screen just shows my option as usb or cd. Any ideas, please advise. Thanks, Cheryl
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    Emerson tv vs Sanyo blu-ray player = black screen

    So here's my issue (and if anyone is wanting to ask, yes I have tried searching via google/Bing... I couldn't find any useful info.) Not too long ago I purchased a Sanyo blu-ray player model FWBP505F-Q. My tv is an Emerson LC220EM2 When I connect the player to my tv via HDMI (the player's only...
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    Gamut: SMPTE, Standard or REC. 709

    When do I use REC. 709 color gamut for DVDs? What color gamut should I use when I watch a DVD upconverted with a blu-ray player for an HDTV? Standard, SMPTE, and REC. 709? What does LG mean by Standard? Is SMPTE the same SMPTE-C?
  44. N

    Solved! Connecting Smart TV to Surround Sound

    I have been given a Sony Blu Ray player/home theatre system (BDV-E870 / E370) and i'm wondering if it's possible to connect it to my Smart TV (JVC LT-40C880 40" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV) to use as surround sound speakers when i'm watching Netflix etc (I realise there are already a few posts...
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    Solved! Philips hts5540 rear and central speakers do not work on AUX, but they work with DVD/BLURAY. How can I get TV sound? Thanks

    Philips hts5540 rear and central speakers do not work on AUX, but they work with DVD/BLURAY. How can I get TV sound from all speakers? Thanks.
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    Do I get better upconversion of DVDs with Blu-ray players with 4k upconversion or with UHD Blu-ray players?

    I want to get the best possible picture from DVDs. I will not upgrade any of them to HD Blu-ray discs or UHD blu-ray disks anytime soon. Do DVDs look better if played in UHD Blu-ray players than when played in regular HD Blu-ray players with 4k upconversion? I will be using an HD and not a 4k...
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    Solved! I have a harmon kardon avr146 receiver, sony bravia smart tv, toshba bdk33 smart bluray player and spectrum hdmi dvr cable box

    best way to hook multiple components to surround sound receiver (see above)
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    Solved! Why buy an expensive 4K Blu-Ray Player?

    I have a Samsung UN65KS8000FXZA It's 65 inches, 4K, HDR 10, smart TV (has Amazon Prime, HBO GO, Netflix) I was about to write a whole story but I'll quickly sum up my question... -Why buy an expensive 4K player? -Does it produce better image quality? (I stream 4k HDR on Netflix on my TV, and...
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    Solved! No signal error on my blueray to tv

    My smart jvc 3D tv displays no signal error after connecting to Sony blueray player through hdmi, but funny! Same connection worked with my other none-smart-tv. I observed the blueray player when connected to my smart jvc 3D tv it did not display menu like other tv, & when the option to play...
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    4k UHD blu ray?

    Sorry if this is a bad place for this post but I was unsure of where to post it So my question is I want to buy this version of the Avengers from best buy. It is a 4K UHD Blu ray. It comes with the disc and a digital copy. So my...
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    Steps for emements remote to work Phillips Blu ray

    Needs steps for programming elements remote to Phillips Blu Ray
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    Outputting stereo from a Sony BDP-S3700 Blu-Ray Player

    Hi everyone, I have a Sony BDP-S3700 Blu-Ray player hooked up to an old analogue stereo receiver by using a DAC (coaxial cable from player to DAC, RCA from DAC to receiver). Since this is a stereo receiver, naturally any 5.1 audio tracks have to be downmixed to stereo before it can play them...
  53. ievi

    Thinking of switching sound bar for a Dolby atmos sound bar

    I recently purchased the Samsung HW-MS550 sound bar and was thinking about returning it and changing it for the SAMSUNG HW-K950. Is this sound bar worth the price and will I be able to utilize the Dolby atoms feature with my setup? soundbar connects to computer via optical cable. soundbar...
  54. ievi

    Will a 4k blu ray player upscale dvds on a 2k monitor

    I have a 2k monitor and was wondering if the blu player will still upscale and try and get rid of artifacts. The blu ray player is: Samsung UBDM9500 in the features it does say it offers, UHD Up-Scale, Video Up-Scale (DVD) I did contact samsung live chat, but it was not helpful.
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    Sound from blue ray player not working.

    I just bought a new tv and set up my blue ray player and Yamaha receiver the same way I had on my old tv. When the tv initially detects the blue ray through the receiver picture and sound work. But if I switch to my cable box and back the sound on the blue ray is gone. And the only way to get it...
  56. K

    Trying to get a Samsung TV ,hooked up to a Samsung 3D blue ray ,seurround sound back speckers are Bluetooth and can't get it t

    Help with hook up Samsung TV ,to samsung 3D blue ray surrounded sound,have HDMI and Digital Optical hooked up back specker don't come on and are Bluetooth, front middle specker don't work when on TV setting,but does on DVD ..
  57. S

    How do I Sound out my Samsung smart t v though my Samsung blue ray d v d player

    I have a Samsung smart t v and trying to get the sound to come of t v speakers thought the d v d play but tryed and nothing working
  58. A

    sony blu ray dvd players

    how to add apps on a sony blu ray dvd bdp s3700 player
  59. M

    i have a panasonic bluray dvd player/recorder picture only static sound

    bluray dvd recorder/player put dvd in picture but static sound please help.