Emerson tv vs Sanyo blu-ray player = black screen

Oct 28, 2018
So here's my issue (and if anyone is wanting to ask, yes I have tried searching via google/Bing... I couldn't find any useful info.)

Not too long ago I purchased a Sanyo blu-ray player model FWBP505F-Q.
My tv is an Emerson LC220EM2

When I connect the player to my tv via HDMI (the player's only output) I get nothing but a black screen.

(I recently updated the tv's firmware to version TVNB052_00_FD_XX91_AA hoping it might help... but nothing changed.)

The only other devices connected to the Emerson are a Magnavox VCR+DVD recorder, & a 1st gen xBox360, sharing the tv's only component input via an a/v switch box.
Oct 28, 2018
Unfortunately, the Emerson is my only tv.
(Maybe that's normal for a 40 yr old SWM who lives in a tiny *less than 600 sq. ft.* apartment?)

As for the cable, it was purchased at the same time as the b-d player since it was my first HDMI device.
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