Solved! Help connecting TV, Soundbar, Gaming Console, Blu ray

Oct 14, 2020
Hello, new to tom's guide.
I recently bought a Blu ray player (LG UBK90) and I have a question about connecting it to my TV (LG OLEDB9), Soundbar (LG SN9YG), and gaming console (Xbox One). I currently have the TV and soundbar connected via the HDMI ARC and the Xbox connected via HDMI to the soundbar. How should I add the Blu ray player? The soundbar as HDMI in and out, optical in, and USB connections. Since the Blu ray player has an HDMI video and HDMI and optical audio connections, I would think I would connect to the TV and the soundbar. So I'm confused on how to add the Xbox into the mix.
I appreciate the assistance!
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