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  1. L

    Question How do you add a second sub woofer

    My father in law wants to add a second sub woofer to his Sanyo sound bar model # FWSB426F is this possible
  2. V

    Are most sanyo tv's compatible to stream from phone

    I have a sanyo flat screen tv can I stream movies from my android device to the tv and watch the movie on a larger screen as opposed to squinting to watch on my cell phone screen
  3. D

    Blu ray player

    Samsung blu ray connect to sanyo TV via hdmi. Have pic but no sound
  4. V

    Cannot get soundbar to work

    Have ona185sB001 sound bar and Sanyo tv model dp32642 cannot get sound bar to work
  5. 6

    Solved! TV dongle apps

    What hard dongle insert to HDMI of 32" SANYO t.v. will capture PLUTO? The dongle will have memory to store the Android apps to be selected e.g. PLUTO using SANYO remote. No subscription cost, will pay for dongles. Have two HDMI ports.
  6. P

    sanyo tv remote not working correctly with cox

    changed remote batteries as notice of batteries needed replacing. now remote will not do most functions. Using voice control button will change channels but pushing buttons for channel number does not.
  7. R

    Solved! Sanyo TV to Sony Sound System

    Hi, Having trouble to connect Sanyo DP39843 to my Sony STR-K750P stereo. Speaker is NG in TV, connections do not seem to match up from one to another. Any help is super. Thanks.
  8. A

    My sanyo tv has no sound can't watch reg channels only hear sound with firestick

    My tv has no sound when watching regular channels but I have sound when firestick is on what's wrong .want to watch reg channels sometimes but no sound
  9. J

    Solved! How to program channels to a sanyo 42840 tv

    Cant get this tv to auto or manual program channels
  10. B

    Solved! Cannot get my vizio theatre system model SB3251n to connect to my Sanyo Tv Model FW55D25F B

    Currently trying to set up my theatre system with my tv, seems to be working with bluetooth and all but it just wont connect to my TV. Changed settings on my tv aswell but still no sound. Any ideas as to what it may be?
  11. Y

    The Bluetooth on My Sanyo sound bar is messing up, please help

    Every time I use it it starts to sound like its loosing connection even if I’m standing close to it
  12. B

    Solved! Connect Panasonic Sounbar (Optical) to Sanyo TV (CoAx)

    I have a Sanyo DP50843 and I purchased a Panasonic TY-SBX130B soundbar. I bought a coax to optical converter (N3ACVCT) and it
  13. P

    Solved! Can a soundbar be used to replace the speakers on my Sanyo TV

    Can I completely replace the tv speaker sound and use only a sound bar. My speakers on the TV no longer work well. They give out an echo.
  14. T

    Emerson tv vs Sanyo blu-ray player = black screen

    So here's my issue (and if anyone is wanting to ask, yes I have tried searching via google/Bing... I couldn't find any useful info.) Not too long ago I purchased a Sanyo blu-ray player model FWBP505F-Q. My tv is an Emerson LC220EM2 When I connect the player to my tv via HDMI (the player's only...
  15. L

    Solved! How to hook up to Sanyo

    Trying to hook rca sound bar to Sanyo tv
  16. R

    Solved! Connect dvd to old tv

    How do i connect dvd player -ONN - model ONA18DPOO1 to a Sanyo front 2 jacks tv...model-B4210373841182
  17. S

    Solved! I got a DP42740 Sanyo tv can I hook up external speakers

    I would like to know if I can hook up external speakers to my DP4270 Sanyo TV
  18. J

    Solved! i have a sanyo fw5od36fb how do i get to wide screen i have a universal remote

    thread black at the bottom and top
  19. P

    How to connect a Samsung TV UE40MU6100 to an old Sanyo VCR

    The VCR has round ports the TV oblong ports
  20. C

    how to reset a sanyo tv mod # Z7FA

    no remote, buttons on the side don't work, only the power button works
  21. E

    Need help ASAP.

    I need help hooking up my LG sound bar model# NB3530A to my Sanyo tv model# DP50843. I have an optics cord but the tv doesn’t seem to have a port that I can see
  22. L

    Colorful Vertical Lines

    Hi. I have a Sanyo HDMI TV. There are blue, green, and purple vertical lines blocking half my screen. Can you tell me what to do, please?
  23. L

    Missing remote for menu on Sanyo tv.

    No volume on Sanyo 60 inch! Help
  24. G

    Android to Sanyo

    How do I connect my Android ZTE phone to my Sanyo model number FW32D06F B USING A USB CONNECTION
  25. M

    How to connect a sanyo blue ray player to a dish network receiver via the hdmi cable

    I'm trying to connect my new sanyo blue ray player to my dish network receiver. My TV is old and only has the standard coaxial cable and the standard av cable hook ups please help.
  26. D

    How to hook up A DYNEX CD PLAYER TO A SANYO T V

    Can I send a picture of the thread
  27. N

    Solved! My sanyo flat screen is n no color what so ever in my tv

    My sanyo flat screen is now hooked up to an Xbox 360 only but I have no color what so ever in it... Why? And how do I change it back??
  28. L

    DVD to sanyo tv

    Hooking DVD player to a older sanyo tv do I go through the diolog box how to
  29. D

    Dabasco remote does not work with Sanyo TV

    Dabasco sound bar is connected and works but, remote does not work.
  30. R

    3 tv - 2 inside 1 outside separated by A-B switch

    The one outside only gets 12 channels. When I switch to indoor the other set get 69 channels. Outside antenna. Sanyo-fw32d06f b
  31. M

    Solved! Sanyo TV/Roku Box/Transmitter Issue

    I have just purchased a very cheap Sanyo tv from walmart. I have my cable box in hdmi1 and my roku stick in hdmi2. I also have a Bluetooth transmitter that goes to my hearing aids (Mirale Ear). I cannot hear the Roku box through the hearing aids but can hear the tv through the hearing aids...
  32. L

    55 inch sanyo

    55 in. Sanyo model Dp55D33 wont come screen no sound.....but green power light comes on for maybe ten secs then shuts down. Tried draining power and reset..TIA. LB
  33. M

    Solved! lines on screen

    I have lines on my screen Sanyo DP42841?
  34. A

    LGPHONE to tv

    LGPHONE STYLO to Sanyo tv mo del#Dp32640 manufractured 2011.Can I use mhl to micro usb and hdmi cable?the sanyo tv has the hdmi and usb port.Detail title-Streaming
  35. C

    Hook up Sanyo tv model No.DP50741, to an Roku model No.W16-005N1A with composite cable adaptor

    Hook up Roku box model No. W16-005N1A. to a Sanyo flatscreen tv model No. DP50741. With composite cable adaptor. How to ?
  36. S

    Solved! I have a 32-inch Sanyo 32 inch Roku Smart TV can I use the screen out of the 32 Sanyo to fix the 32 inch Roku will it match up

    I have a 32-inch Sanyo 32 inch Roku Smart TV will the screen at a 32in Sanyo work to fix the 32 inch Roku
  37. H

    Sanyo TV fades darker on one side

    I recently got a new home and it came with what looks to be a 55 inch Sanyo TV in the living room. I turned it on and it is great on the left side but it fades darker right in the middle and the color gets darker as it progresses to the right side. Still can see the picture just darker. Almost...
  38. L

    TV & DVD/VCR combo

    I Have a Sanyo Model DP46848 TV & a Funai model ZV427FX4-A DVD Recorder/VCR. How do I hook them up, set up both the DVD & VCR so they will both work? The DVD part works but the VCR doesn't.
  39. Y

    Connecting Sanyo VCR to Smart Tv

    Hi I'm trying to connect my Sanyo vcr to my smart tv to watch a few tapes to see what is on them. I've tried a couple different things now to get it to work and the vcr plays but nothing shows up on the screen. I've done the red white and yellow cord to the tv since it also has it. I switch...
  40. M

    Sanyo DC-TS3900 Home Theater System

    Hello Guys, First of all, I am happy to be here with you guys.. and I am looking for help here, I am being offered a Sanyo DC-TS3900 Home Theater System Sealed never been open up from the BOX and everything in great condition for 200$ American. Is that a fair price for this device? I got...
  41. E

    Connect dvd player

    How to connect a sanyo dvd player to a magnavox tv
  42. D

    How to hook up RCA Sound Bar to 50 inch Sanyo TV.

    It has the port for it but the cable does not fit.
  43. S

    Sanyo GXT717 Stereo Music System from 1950s

    Hello, I have this system (from my parents), and it still has the two original speakers Sanyo AD717. I could attach a powerpoint with pictures if you advise me how to do that. Record player, two cassette tapes (including one for recording) and AM/FM radio. One speaker is not delivering any...
  44. C

    how to connect the samsung laptop sound to sanyo tv

    you cant hear the sound from the laptop to tv
  45. nwgamelover

    Solved! Headphones for TV, will these work?

    I know now thanks to Toms Guide, what I need to hook headphone to my Sanyo TV. But now I am wondering about a pair I found rated very highly here ( http:// ), if these will work with my TV. The video on these is showing the headphones with a laptop, so not being smart about these things, I...
  46. A

    Sanyo TV, Sony BluRay Home Theatre System, Fire Stick

    I need to be able to play my firestick audio through the home theatre system while obviously watching it on my television. Please help me understand how to do this, as I am usually smart with this and I can't seem to figure it out lol.
  47. D

    Solved! No sound on Sanyo tv I have fire stick, but sounding regular tv, no cable but WiFi

    How do I get sound on Sanyo tv with a fire stick, don’t have cable, but local tv and WiFi
  48. J

    I'm not getting my tv to play my DVD

    I have a 32" Sanyo tv and I have a Sony DVD player I connected all cords but not getting anything
  49. N

    How do I hook up an old Durabrand model HT-395 HTS with no hdmi to a vizio DVD player and Sanyo tv.

    How do I hook up an old Durabrand model HT-395 HTS with no hdmi to a newer Visio DVD player and Sanyo tv. I cannot get sound when watching tv. I also have satellite.
  50. nwgamelover

    Will Soundbar (see attachments) work with my Television?

    I have a Sanyo, 32" TV (pics attached) and I am wanting to purchase the RCA Soundbar (pics attached including manual) but I am lost as to whether or not these would actually work together. I was told the soundbar comes with all I need to attach it to my tv, but the salesman don't always know...
  51. G

    i am trying to connect magnavox vcr/ dvd combo to sanyo tv

    how connect magavox vcr/ dvd combo player to sanyo tv
  52. E

    Please help me

    Trying to hook up my sanyo dvd player up to my rca flat screen and all it will do is play in black and white. Can someone help me?
  53. C

    I have a element remote will it work with a sanyo dvd player?

    My element tv and remote work fine am i able to use my element tv remote for a sanyo dvd player
  54. J

    What do i do if my old sanyo tv doesnt have a place for a red cable?

    I have an old sanyo tv and it has a yellow and a white plugin but no red plugin and I want to put an adapter on to it but all adaptors have a red cablr... How would I fix this?
  55. R

    I have a Sanyo Tv & RCA surround can I get them paired for sound?

    I have the AVR cords but no sound is coming out of the speakers
  56. H

    Will a vizio and Sanyo screen interchange

    Will a vizio and Sanyo screen interchange?
  57. H

    How to hook up a Bose SoundTouch 300 Sound Bar to a Sanyo tv with no HDMI acr or optic outputs

    Need and answer
  58. D

    Samsung sound bar

    I just a Samsung soundbar with digital audio but my Sanyo 2009 doesn't have it. What can I do?
  59. J

    I need a soundbar that uses coaxial cable hook up to tv. Does anyone know of any?

    I have a sanyo 50 inch hd plasma tv model DP50741. It only has coaxial cable hook up for a soundbar. Does any one know of a soundbar that is compatible with this tv?