Sanyo DC-TS3900 Home Theater System

Feb 11, 2018
Hello Guys,

First of all, I am happy to be here with you guys.. and I am looking for help here,

I am being offered a Sanyo DC-TS3900 Home Theater System Sealed never been open up from the BOX and everything in great condition for 200$ American.
Is that a fair price for this device?

I got the Device and open it up to test it,

First when i plugged the Sub-woofer to the Receiver i got a bad noise, when i just plugging only the Sub-woofer, so i unplugged the sub-woofer and plugged on speaker there was no Noise but now it's full of noise all sub-woofer and speakers and this noise only when i turn it on VCR mood because this unit doesn't have HDMI port and My TV doesn't support RF port, so i connect it through AUX to my TV using AV3 ( Video/ Audio ) from front Panel,but in the same channel VCR if i switch to TV the noise goes, but if i went back to VCR mood the noise there.

Does anyone have explain why this noise happening and How to fix it, is there any way to fix it please ??

Sanyo DC-TS3900 Home Theater System
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