Solved! Sony STR-D715, building a garage stereo...


Jan 23, 2018
Building a garage stereo from an old Sony STR-D715 Receiver. I had an old pair of Panasonic 2 way speakers that I pulled from a mini stereo system, and hooked them up to the A Speakers and had the Sony satellite speakers that came with the receiver hooked up to the B Speakers. Obviously I'm not an audiophile! But even to me this setup was lacking. Pulled the Panasonic speakers and hooked up a pair of Yamaha NS-A638 to the A Speakers. I was expecting a big difference as the Yamaha's are 3 way with an 8" woofer, and the Panasonic are two way with a 4.25" woofer, and I just was not impressed at all. In fact I had to turn up the bass on the receiver after the switch.

So the Yamaha's are crap!

Next I am going to hookup a pair of Polk Audio Monitor 40 Series 2 for the A speakers and remove the Sony Satellites. What "tight budget" speakers can I pair with the Polk 40's to give me some bass. I have not yet listened to the Polk's as I don't have them yet, so I don't know how they will sound, but I've read they are adequate for mid-base for a low end garage system but lacking in low end bass.

More info: All Speakers are mounted on one side of the garage on a shelf that's 6.5 feet in height. Garage is 20 feet by 22 feet. Walls and ceiling are insulated and ceiling is 8 feet. Most likely the speakers will be two each end of the wall, but can go to four corners if necessary.

As said before I'm not super picky when it comes to a garage stereo, but I'm picky enough to hate the Yamaha NS-A638's, and on a tight budget, and a subwoofer is not an option.

Any help is appreciated.