Question How do i use external microphone on a Canon APSC DSLR?

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Aug 20, 2017
Hey i just saw a video on YouTube for Canon 80D and wanted to know if that's the problem i been having with my Rode VideoMicro on the Canon 77D. I have a Canon 77D but they are similar people said, my problem is some people said i should get a better mic or stop using the onboard mic but i use Rode VideoMicro. In the video i just saw he said always put the mic level to 0 in the camera settings or you'll still be using it not the external mic. All the other videos i saw always said to keep the camera mic level to the middle to pick up less background noise which i always do, should the camera mic level set to 0 to use the Rode VideoMicro only or should it stay in the middle? The video i saw said if the camera mic level not on 0 you still using the onboard mic not the external mic. Does anybody know anything about that?
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