Question Canon 77D videos look different

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Aug 20, 2017
Hey people,

I have a Canon 77D but when i record videos or take pictures of anything they always look different, they never look the same as what i actually see with my eyes. The videos look perfect in the live view finder but when the camera done recording they always darker or just look different, i did saw a video comparison and the person said Panasonic Lumix G7 record exactly what he saw with his eyes and Canon 77D don't. Why is that and is there another Canon camera that record exactly what you see with your eyes or they all the same, i make tech videos and it's annoying because all the videos look darker after i record them. What about Canon 90D and Canon EOS R?


Keep in mind that not only are you looking at the recording, you are also looking at the screen. The whole process from recording to viewing has to be calibrated for the colors you expect to see. It also depends on the lens you use, the camera settings, the lighting, many many different things. You can't just look at something, point a camera at it and expect to see what your eyes see. Cameras and screens don't work that way. Funny thing about that, those idiots that think the moon landing and other space exploration is fake use this exact same flaw as an argument, the picture does not show what a human eye shows, so it must be fake. The issue is not the pictures, it's the lack of understanding of the difference between a camera and an eye.
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