Question Overlay video stuttering

Dec 31, 2022
I have a few different overlay apps that make me able to watch videos while doing other stuff, a motnh or two ago they worked perfectly fine, but for some reason now (i can't remember if i changed ant settings) they stutter. When i use the apps and do something else the videos start but jumps (stutters) and when i open them and watch in-app they work fine. I thought it could be wifi, ram or storage problems but i have 15% storage available, 20 Mbps internet, and 1-3 gb of ram always free. I also removed the app data, cleared cache and reinstalled non of the above worked. Now i've had the problem for a month or two, so i thought asking hwre would be a good idea. So does anyone have any ideas?

I also linked a example, where i used one of the overlays, with a family guy clip in the top right corner. On it can it be seen where the video randomly begins to stutter.

may be hard to notice the stutter without sound on.
Jan 3, 2023
Ok, what model of device is this, you speak of? about the storage, put in the SD Card, and migrate the data into the SD Card. Clearing the force closing app and/or cleaning data/cache might be the reason it is stuttering OR it perhaps might be your current spec.


In a high possibility, its the cause of FORCE CLOSE. DO NOT CLEAN APP DATA/CACHE UNLESS IT IS NECCESSARY, also do not force close your app, it causes it to misbehave.
  1. Connect to the WIFI with excellent connection signal.
  2. Reboot your device.
  3. (if none of the above worked...) Factory reset your device in order to revert the device back to how it was. (only recommended if this is a very problematic or old device)
I would suggest cleaning app data and cache than disabling apps that has been discontinued or shut down, so it will not take spaces where there is no use for it.